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Boost eCommerce Shipping Profits with Recommendation Engine

Puneet Bhalla

Associate Director - Marketing @ Shiprocket

November 29, 2017

3 min read

Similar to other businesses, eCommerce also requires providing the maximum satisfaction to customers. As the crux of an online business depends on timely delivery to the customer, finding the right ways of doing so is very important. While you sell products or items on your website, you need to get the right delivery and courier channels through which you will be able to deliver them to the customers. This ranks among the most basic rules for you to succeed in an eCommerce business. This is where the work of a recommendation engine comes into play.

In simple terms, a recommendation engine is a tool that provides you with the suggestions of choosing from some of the best and most trusted courier partners. The tactic of paying for performance is perhaps one of the best and most secure marketing strategies that an eCommerce business can apply, and recommendation engine helps you to do so.

The advanced recommendation engine by ShipRocket makes a detailed comparison of some of the most significant factors when it comes to suggesting the courier partners. A comprehensive analysis is perfumed on the relevant courier agencies and accordingly, the best and most suitable ones are recommended to you as per your needs, preferences, and budget. Some of the important metrics that are considered in the comparison analysis include:

  • COD Remittance: The time that the courier agency normally takes to transfer the amount received from Cash-On-Delivery to the merchant’s bank account.
  • Return to Origin (RTO): The percentage of orders that are returned as ‘Undelivered’ by the courier agency.
  • Pick-up Performance: The average time that the courier agency takes to pick up the order from the warehouse of the merchant and the level of service offered.
  • Delivery Performance: The average or maximum amount of time it takes for the courier company to successfully deliver the shipment to the customer.

So what are the benefits that you will enjoy by availing the recommendation engine? By offering timely and effective delivery to customers and also streamlining the whole delivery process, you will be able to manage your eCommerce business better and also earn good revenue. Here are some benefits that an effective recommendation engine provides you with:

1. Choosing the relevant delivery partner: By getting to know the best courier and delivery partners, you can easily choose as per your preferences and requirements.
2. Prioritizing orders: As per the recommendation engine ratings, you can set your preferences in the form of:

  • Best Rated: It will provide you results of the courier partners that have the best ratings across all parameters for the particular destination.
  • Cheapest: This will provide you results of the courier partners that have the cheapest rates for a particular destination.
  • Fastest: This will give you results of the carrier partners that have fastest delivery time for that destination.
  • Custom: This gives you the option to customize your preferences according to the consignments that you wish to deliver.

3. Save Costs: You will be able to save significant expenditure by getting to choose from low-cost courier partners.
4. Reduce Delivery Time: Last but not the least; you will be able to choose delivery partners with fastest delivery services and significantly cut down on your delivery times.

In a nutshell, finding the right courier partner through the effective recommendation engine is one of the most effective and safe marketing strategies that eCommerce businessmen can use.

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