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Shiprocket Sell-e-Bration Time! Join The Party for the Seller Family

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

January 12, 2024

5 min read

In December 2023, Shiprocket launched an amazing way to celebrate its sellers’ contributions and success. After all, sellers are the backbone of this collective growth Shiprocket has achieved with its sellers. These sellers have trusted Shiprocket for all their logistics requirements. Now, it’s Shiprocket’s turn to award sellers for their trust, dedication, and hard work.

Shiprocket sell-e-brations

Why is Shiprocket Organising a Thank You Party for the Seller Family?

We at Shiprocket believe that our success is directly tied to the success of our sellers, and this Shiprocket Sell-e-Bration is a token of appreciation for the love and support our sellers have shown us through the years.

Sellers have to face a lot of challenges while running their eCommerce business, and they need someone they can trust to overcome these challenges. This is a way for us to appreciate and be grateful for the trust our partners have placed in us. This is a reaffirmation to all our sellers that we will continue to offer exceptional services and customer support in the future. 

More than anything else, we want to give sellers a chance to celebrate their own milestones and achievements, no matter how small or big they are. 

The Surprise Gifts Prepared for Sellers: Eagerly Wait for It!

Here are some surprise gifts we have planned for our sellers as a part of the Shiprocket Sell-e-Bration.

1. Free Earnings

We are offering special ‘Brand Boost’ and ‘Delivery Boost’ programmes that give eligible sellers an opportunity to earn more without paying anything upfront. It will benefit both the sellers and their customers. 

2. Freebies

Free shipping plans and credits to the sellers are a part of this Shiprocket Sell-e-Bration. You can also benefit from the zero return to origin (RTO) charges. This means that as a seller, you won’t have to incur any cost if a customer returns their order.

3. Cashbacks

Everyone loves a little cashback! Shiprocket Sell-e-Bration brings exciting cashback and promotion offers for its sellers. This will help sellers save more, and when they save more, they get one more reason to celebrate.

4. Complimentary WhatsApp Messages

Running any successful business is impossible without proper communication. Sellers can maximise communication efforts and will be able to communicate better with their customers with these complimentary WhatsApp messages. This will lead to improved engagement and increased customer retention.

5. Free Collaboration with Influencers

We have come up with a special offer that enables sellers to collaborate with influencers in their industry for free. This can help businesses increase their reach.

6. Free COD Remittance

As part of this celebration, we are offering a 2-day COD remittance for free. Sellers will receive their COD payments and won’t have to pay any additional charges.

Welcome Gift for New Sellers Entering the Family

We at Shiprocket don’t want to celebrate just our existing sellers. We also want our new sellers to know that we are happy to have them onboard. If you are one of our new partners, please follow these steps to claim this exclusive welcome offer:

  • Go to your Shiprocket account and recharge your wallet with just Rs. 500/-
  • Make sure you use the code ‘SELLEBRATE500’ while recharging your wallet.
  • You’ll instantly receive Rs. 1,000/- in your wallet once the recharge is done.

How to Join the Sell-e-Bration?

Joining the Shiprocket Sell-e-Bration is very easy. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Visit the Shiprocket Sell-e-Bration page.
  • Click ‘Get Started’ to access the offer form.
  • Scroll to the middle of the page.
  • Enter your details to unbox a special offer crafted just for you.
  • Click the ‘Reveal’ button.
  • It will display the special surprise offer and prompt you to claim it.
  • You will then be redirected to another page, where logging into your Shiprocket account is required.

That’s it, you’re all set to join the celebration party!

How Sellers Can Benefit From Sell-e-Bration?

Here are some of the biggest benefits of becoming a part of this Shiprocket Sell-e-Bration.

  • One of the most important reasons you should be a part of this celebration is that you can earn more. You also don’t have to worry about any hidden or additional charges.
  • We are also offering the lowest shipping rates. It will help you deliver products to your customers at lower costs, which means more profits for you.
  • Now, with Shiprocket’s zero RTO charges policy, you wouldn’t have to pay any additional charges when a customer returns their order.
  • You can also increase customer engagement by sending personalised messages to your customers on WhatsApp.
  • Don’t forget about free collaborations with influencers. Shiprocket Sell-e-Bration brings you a great opportunity to reach a wider audience and amplify your e-commerce business. 


We want to extend heartfelt thanks to all sellers who have put their trust in us for all their logistical activities. Shiprocket also wants all its sellers to realise that it is not just a logistics partner for their eCommerce business. It’s a community where you can break eCommerce barriers and redefine success your way.

Is there a time limit for joining the Shiprocket Sell-e-bration?

Shiprocket Sell-e-Brations started in December 2023. The party’s ending on January 31, 2023. The sooner you join, the better. Join now to take advantage of the exclusive offers and benefits hand-picked just for you.

How do I know I’m eligible to join the Shiprocket Sell-e-Bration?

Whether you’re eligible for special offers under Shiprocket Sell-e-Bration will depend on tier, channel connections, wallet status, order volume, and shipping history.

Will new sellers be able to enjoy cashback offers?

You can enjoy cashback offers even if you’re a new seller, but you’ll have to recharge your wallet for a specified amount. You may also have to submit additional information if you want to be eligible for special offers.

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