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How to Ship Priority Items with International Air Cargo Services?

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

April 9, 2024

9 min read

Shipping things on priority was very expensive a couple of years ago. International shipping has become extremely easy with air shipping in the mix. Today, several different types of international shipping methods are available to small businesses to meet their deadlines and keep their customers satisfied. Small businesses and eCommerce sellers can opt for international priority shipping because of the reduced prices and faster shipping rates.

In case you are an eCommerce seller looking for different methods to ship your parcel more quickly, this blog is for you. This blog details everything you need to know about international priority shipping like its merits, how it differs from other shipping methods, its challenges, and more.

Ship Priority Items with International Air Cargo

What is International Priority Shipping?

The quickest and most dependable method of international shipping that is streamlined and offers shorter transit times from your location to the designated foreign location is called international priority shipping. It is the most suitable option for international shipments that are time-sensitive or high-value. 

International shipping is no longer dominated by major shippers like FedEx or DHL; there are several players in the market offering competitive prices. The best part of international priority shipping is that they do not have any stops during transit, which improves the speed of the delivery. However, even shipments sent via priority shipping undergo the whole shipping process that other parcels are subjected to. 

Advantages of International Priority Shipping?

International priority shipping offers eCommerce businesses several advantages. They are more secure and reliable as the transit times are shorter and hence the chances of damage are largely minimised. Growing your online business is easier with international priority shipping. Here are the benefits that it provides:

  • Quicker delivery times: International priority shipping ensures shorter transit times and prioritised handling of parcels during loading and unloading. It reduces the time taken for items to reach their destinations, making it easier to keep up with timelines and enhance consumer satisfaction.
  • Better tracking options: International priority shipping is advanced and equipped with the finest technology to ensure real-time tracking. They enable the consumer, shipper, and merchant to track where the parcel is at all times. It promotes transparency and hassle-free communication.
  • Higher customer satisfaction rates: Enhanced reliability, security, and quicker delivery times enhance customer experience. It improves the chance of re-purchases. It can help you easily establish an organic clientele.
  • A greater competitive edge: eCommerce sellers can establish their brands and create a dependable and swift reputation. Using priority shipping will ensure that they never fail to meet their schedules, thus giving them a competitive edge in the global marketplace. 
  • Effective operations: Enhanced shipping procedures and shorter delivery times surge online sellers’ operational efficiency. It allows them to handle a larger number of orders and bigger quantities to promptly meet their customers’ demands. 

International Priority Shipping Vs International Standard Shipping

The table below highlights the key differences between international priority shipping and standard shipping.

International Priority ShippingInternational Standard Shipping
Quicker delivery times that expedite shipment transit while minimising the transit time.Slower delivery times and longer delivery dates, but are largely faster than ocean freight and road freight.
More expensive than other methods of shipping.Less expensive than international priority shipping but more expensive than ocean and road shipping.
When priority shipping is chosen by the consumer, they demand quick service and are willing to pay the added charges for a better experience.Customers are more conscious about the charges levied for shipping and are willing to wait for longer periods for their shipments.
Best suited for time-sensitive, perishable, and high-value goods.It can be used for all types of shipments except perishable goods.

Difficulties With International Priority Shipping

Despite all the benefits, international priority shipping offers its own challenges. You might encounter the following challenges when you decide on priority shipping:

  • Rigorous customer procedure: Customs processes are tricky to navigate during international shipping and priority shipping. All parcels, irrespective of the type of shipping, are subjected to customs checks that need to follow all relevant regulations. The necessary duties and taxes must also be paid along with the right paperwork. 

Customs processes can be extremely tedious and can result in additional fees and delays. The paperwork must be precise and correct with complete descriptions along with their value. They must comply with the regulations of the shipping and destination countries.

Proper organising and planning are needed to navigate the complex path of customs and you must possess good knowledge of international laws. You can save on additional costs and delays when you know what must be done correctly.

  • Unforeseen circumstances and delays: Several complications can arise during international priority shipping. This can hinder the smooth flow of shipments and cause unexpected delays.

Weather, transportation, fuel charges, etc., can hinder your deliveries. Unfortunately, these issues can result in a domino effect causing frustration and unfulfillment. Proper planning, precautions, proactive communication, and the ability to overcome these issues are important to keep up with your timeframes.

  • High-value shipments and fragile packing: Meeting the need for packing fragile products and high-value items can be tedious. It requires proper research and every product will have different requirements. The inability to provide adequate protection can cause financial loss, damage, and dissatisfaction among customers. 

Securely shipping delicate valuables needs careful consideration and attention to detail. Proper cushioning and protection to withstand international shipping are necessary to ensure that the goods are not damaged. Bubble wrap, foam, proper boxes, envelopes, etc., are needed. 

  • Building trust amongst your customers about international shipping: Resolving customer queries in international priority shipping needs a combination of efficient operations and transparency. You must commit to giving them the right answers regarding their queries to build trust in your brand. 

Customers tend to have high expectations and any delays can upset them. Being transparent and always keeping them in the loop about delays will keep them at ease. Language barriers, time zones, and cultural values are always challenging to manage.

Giving accurate and timely information about the packages that you ship from your home location to the customer’s destination by addressing all the inquiries and giving them the right solutions needs a proactive and customer-centered approach. 

How to Experience a Smooth International Priority Shipping? 

Although there is no perfect roadmap to ensure that your shipping will be smooth, here are different practices that will ensure easy shipping processes:

  • Ensure you choose the right shipping partners:  Making the right choice while picking your shipping company is crucial. They must be reliable and ensure a smooth and successful shipping process.

They must be trustworthy and have a good track record in international shipping. They must have excellent partnerships with carriers across nations. It must give your customers security right from the moment of pick-up until delivery. They should be capable of optimising the procedure and minimising the risk of probable difficulties along the process.

The company must also be efficient with customs paperwork. Good communication, transparency, customer service, and transit times are things to consider when choosing a shipping partner.

  • Leveraging the advantage of fulfillment centers: Fulfillment centers give several benefits, especially for small businesses looking to enhance their global sales rates. These centers act as strategic distribution hubs located in specific locations and major cities around the world. 

Several fulfillment centers provide value-added services like inventory and warehouse that enable businesses with operational issues.

  • Use real-time tracking: With advanced technology, tracking has significantly improved, giving businesses and clients last-minute status into the whereabouts of their shipments. They provide several advantages such as transparency, proactive communication, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Real-time tracking enables you and your customer to monitor the progress of shipments from pickup to last-mile delivery, giving precise and timely updates to both shippers and customers. It also helps you identify issues and delays, thereby allowing you to take precautionary measures.

  • Choose the appropriate shipping option: Choosing the most appropriate shipping option can have a significant impact on the efficiency, affordability, and speed with which items are delivered across borders. It is important to check out aspects like urgency, the type of shipments being delivered, and budgetary constraints. 

Looking at alternative solutions can help you make informed decisions. Remember that by choosing the correct shipping method, you will be able to ensure that your priority shipments are swiftly and securely delivered. 

  • Looking at cost-effective solutions: Choosing cost-friendly shipping solutions can be the best practice to adopt. It helps you optimise all costs and maximise gains. Balancing budgets and the necessary level of service is crucial to make the most out of your sales. You can compare different prices offered by different carriers by taking into account delivery times, package size, volumetric weight, delivery location, and more. It will help you choose the most efficient shipping method without hindering the quality of service. 

By cleverly choosing cheaper rates and the right level of service, businesses can streamline their shipping princess and also maintain competitiveness in international marketplaces.

CargoX: Your Ally for International Air Cargo Shipping

Shiprocket CargoX is designed for seamless and efficient international air cargo shipping. It offers swift services including prompt quotations, 24-hour pickups, and digitised workflows that simplify the complexities of global logistics. Transparency is a key feature, providing complete shipment visibility, clear invoicing, easy documentation, and no hidden charges. CargoX also ensures no weight restrictions, an extensive courier network, and dispute management. Moreover, it also offers high SLA (Service Level Agreement) compliance, a worldwide network covering over 100 countries, and flexible, budget-friendly shipping plans. 


Time-sensitive shipments can be sent quickly through international priority express shipping. This method is equipped with the latest technology enabling last-minute updates through real-time tracking. They follow delivery schedules strictly to ensure that your shipment is handled with the utmost care and arrives in good condition. International priority shipping helps eCommerce businesses expand their business at a quicker pace as it enables you to reach different markets in a shorter period. International priority shipping is one of the most expensive methods of shipping and hence making informed decisions is crucial. It also has its challenges as it is also subjected to the same customs procedures that every other shipment is. Clearing customs is a challenge and being prepared is crucial. International priority shipping gives you an edge over your competitors and guarantees maximum consumer satisfaction.

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