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Tips To Get Your Brand Ready For Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sales


Sumana Sarmah

Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

November 15, 2022

4 min read

Considered as the start of the holiday season every year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday falls right after Thanksgiving is over. These two sale events are probably the best opportunity to maximise your brand’s sales and expand your business to countries across the world. 

Did you know? In 2021, a leather goods manufacturer called Estalon made a 40% escalation in sales compared to the previous year (2020), during the five days of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. 

Checklist To Prepare For Black Friday & Cyber Monday 

If you’re a seller looking to drive more revenue during the black friday sales, here are a few ways you can prep your business: 

Ensure Detailed Product Descriptions

This is the time when your business would receive orders from people scouting for products online for the very first time. Since online shopping is new for them, they would entirely depend on the product’s features outlined on your brand’s site, and grade their shopping experience based on whether the product received matches the description. Hence it is important to submit a detailed, authentic description of your products on the website, especially if you’re selling across borders. 

Offer Steep Discounts

While starting early on with sales is really important to stay ahead of the competition in international order deliveries, the incentive to make your global customers buy comes when you have comparatively more exciting discounts to offer than your competitors. According to a survey, it was found that 43% of buyers grab a coupon if they receive at least 25% off on the offer. 

Optimise Cross-selling 

Make sure you offer related items to the products being purchased during this period. This is because most buyers express interest in categories less navigated in usual shopping days, but do so during festive seasons due to the ongoing sales. Suggesting related items not only helps drive sales to most products of your brand, but also creates awareness of products less in demand. 

Create An Urgency

When your eCommerce store has a massive spike in orders, it is important to keep your buyers in the loop. Using communication channels to convey terms such as ‘limited stock’, ‘out of stock’, ‘one item left’ etc., helps create an urgency around your products and prevents last minute orders that may cause hassles in shipping during peak time. 

Have An Seamless Order Processing Workflow In Place

Peak season sales is the best time to reevaluate your brand’s order management and shipping workflow. Ask yourself the following questions first before opening sales for the black friday or cyber monday season – is your brand ready to process double the number of international orders? Is your usual international order delivery process capable of shipping these surging orders? Even if you have the requisites to take up increasing orders, it is always best to have a load mitigation process in place. Ensure all your shipping and return policies are transparent for buyers as well as your staff. Surging orders could also mean damage or loss of shipments while in transit – keep a security cover policy readied in advance. 

Conclusion: Start Early, Plan Seamlessly

Last Year, in 2021, around 343 Indian exporters crossed ₹10 lakh in sales during these two global online shopping events, while 154 eCommerce sellers sold products of over ₹25 lakhs. There was triple the surge in demand across regions of North America, European Union, Middle East and North Africa, with maximum exports in toys and furniture categories. 

Now is the best time to expand your business to multiple regions worldwide, and partnering with a low-cost logistics provider is what you can start with. Not only would a reliable shipping partner help you streamline cascading orders, but also help with avoiding hassles of cumbersome documentation, keep you updated on export regulations and deliver orders on or before time for impactful customer experiences. 

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