Top Shipping Companies in Mumbai for Your eCommerce Business

shipping companies in Mumbai

Mumbai is known as the Financial City of the country. It is India’s most populous city as well. It is a business hub and offers excellent business opportunities to people who want to start their businesses. The city is also a hub for manufacturing units and has the busiest airport and seaports.

shipping companies in Mumbai

With that, several shipping companies in Mumbai offer both national and international shipping services to budding online business owners. 

In this blog, we shall talk about the top 10 shipping companies in Mumbai that you can consider for your eCommerce business.

List of Top Shipping Companies in Mumbai

Here is the list of the top seven shipping companies in Mumbai that you can trust for your business:

1. SK Logistics

SK Logistics was established in 1932 and majorly operates in the pharmaceutical industry. The company started as a small chemist in Mumbai and now offers supply chain services in the pharmaceutical industry. It offers pharmacy distribution, hospital distribution, and warehousing and repackaging services.

2. Shree Sai Logistics

Shree Sai Logistics is headquartered in Mumbai and offers a wide range of services including customs clearance, international freight forwarding, transportation, and cargo handling and warehousing. The company also offers an online tracking system to offer its clients real-time status information on their shipments.

3. Freightify

Headquartered in Mumbai, Freightify was established in 2016. It is a supply chain company with a team of 100+ professionals. The company offers automated solutions to digitize rate procurement, rate management, and quotation processes. With Freightify, you can also track vessels and containers live, and you can cut costs by up to 50%.

4. Celsius Logistics Solutions

Celsius Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a supply chain company based in Mumbai that primarily works in transporting perishable goods. The company offers cold storage services for perishable items and has the largest online cold chain network. Celsius Logistics Solutions has an extensive network of refrigerated trucks and offers a 24/7 helpline to all its customers.

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5. Globus Logisys Private Limited

Globus Logisys was established in 2003 and is headquartered in Mumbai. It offers a wide range of warehousing and supply chain solutions, including integrated freight logistics – air, ocean, and surface logistics. The company also offers services like express shipment, exhibition shipment, door-to-door cargo, perishable cargo, and cross-country trade. Globus Logisys has offices in all major parts of the country – Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chennai, Kanpur, and Panipat. Its international offices are in Japan, Bhutan, and Nepal.

6. Connect India eCommerce Services

Headquartered in Mumbai, Connect India eCommerce is a logistics and supply chain service company. It was founded in 2015 and you can reach 25,000+ pin codes with Connect India eCommerce Services. With such wide reachability, you can serve your customers in rural and semi-urban areas. Its wide range of services includes logistics services, last-mile delivery, real-time order tracking, and kirana connect deliveries.

7. Shiprocket

A Delhi-based logistics aggregator, Shiprocket is your best option if you want to ship orders at the lowest rates. With Shiprocket, you get access to 25+ courier partners and you can deliver orders to 24,000+ pin codes and 220+ countries and territories. You can also integrate 12+ sales channels and marketplaces with Shiprocket and process and manage orders on a single platform.

With Shiprocket, you also get access to live order tracking, and you can also send live tracking notifications to your customers. Besides, you can also ship COD orders and get early COD remittance as well.

Choosing the best shipping company in Mumbai is not an easy task. You need to think thoroughly and choose the company that fulfils all your requirements. Besides, you also need to ensure that you get the best quality services at the most reasonable prices.

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