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Trackon Courier Charges: Guide for Smart Shipping

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

November 21, 2023

9 min read

Trackon Couriers is a transport and courier company with 17+ years of experience. They began their journey early in 2002, with only two simple offices in Mumbai and New Delhi. Over the years, they have grown and spread their presence nationwide. They are now unstoppable and have gained phenomenal success with an approximate turnover of 240 crores. Now, they can easily and efficiently handle about 2 lakh plus consignments across over 5000 pin codes daily.

The best service offered by Trackon Couriers is their Prime Track. It was launched in 2010, and it soon became their best service. The Prime Track service is a rapid service with a prompt delivery system. Valuable and time-sensitive consignments are catered to through these premeditated services.

Today, Trackon Couriers employs over 10,000 employees to meet consumer demands, and they are growing and expanding their business. They have several quality, revenue, profit and safety protocols to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction. 

Let’s explore how Trackon levies courier charges in detail.

Trackon Courier Charges

Trackon Couriers: Company Overview

Trackon Couriers are known for their efficiency, integration of advanced technology and experience. These are the key features you look for in any courier service agency, and Trackon Couriers are known for them. Trackon Couriers offer their consumers a wide range of services with a promise of reliable and timely delivery. The requirements of any consumer can be met irrespective of how specific their needs are.

Trackon Couriers Shipping Solutions

They offer a wide range of shipping solutions to cater to the diverse needs of their customers. These include the following- 

  • Express Standard Services: This is the express delivery service that Trackon provides to companies at an optimal price for three modes of transportation: railway, air and road.
  • Prime Tracking Services: The Prime Tracking service began around the year 2010 and ensures proper delivery within the next day or two working days across all the metro cities in the country.
  • Surface Cargo Express: Surface express cargo is one of the most economical delivery methods for any company with extremely heavy shipments and requires special arrangements like material handling equipment (cranes, forklifts, etc.) and bigger modes of transport (trains, trucks, etc.).
  • Air Cargo Express: Trackon has the perfect solution for those shipments weighing over 100 kilograms. They offer air shipping express services for such situations across all metro cities in India. 

While these services are the highlight of Trackon Couriers, they also showcase its focus on quality logistics solutions. Backed by a team of experienced professionals and advanced technologies, Trackon ensures that parcels and packages are delivered to their destinations within the stipulated timelines.

Why Should You Choose Trackon Courier Services?

Trackon Couriers has a vast network across most cities in India. Therefore, they ensure timely and secure deliveries of any package. Furthermore, they can also cater to specific requirements with various services they offer. The speciality of Trackon Couriers offers a special tracking tool called Trackon Courier Tracking Services that enables all their consumers to learn about the whereabouts of all their shipments. 

Trackon Couriers employs professionals who ensure that all their clients’ packages are handled with the utmost care and precision. This ensures that there is no damage to your parcels during shipping. All of these features above make Trackon Couriers extremely suitable to meet the needs of your business. 

Trackon Couriers Logistics Solutions

Trackon Couriers offer efficient, reliable and affordable logistics solutions to meet consumers’ dynamic and diverse needs. Moreover, they also give their consumers the flexibility of shipping domestically and internationally. Their customised solutions are perfect to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 

Here below is a list of all of Trackon Courier’s logistics services:

  • Domestic delivery service: They provide delivery services for both documents and other types of parcels using several solutions, like standard express and prime track. Air and surface express cargo. They all ensure next-day or two-business-day deliveries at affordable costs in all the cities in India.
  • Solutions for reverse pickup: They give all their consumers a seamless and hassle-free pickup facility. This is extremely suitable for eCommerce businesses. It ensures that all the pickups and drop-offs are extremely convenient with the option of reverse pickups. Thus, the entire logistics process is smooth and business efficient. 
  • Risk coverages and surcharges: This service is insurance that protects you against any damage during transit or due to faulty packing. This surcharge charged by Trackon is non-refundable and is equivalent to about 2% of the invoice value. Claims can be filed in cases of unfortunate situations.
  • Integrated and streamlined mailroom management solutions: This service is a special service that includes on-site operations that cater to privacy, security of documents, control and speed processing in mailrooms for businesses.
  • International delivery services: Trackon has an extremely well-defined and vast network of people and expertise in international logistics that ensures secure and speedy transportation of documents and shipments to and from different nations. They offer seamless logistics services for businesses. 

Factors Affecting Trackon Courier Charges

A number of factors influence the pricing of courier services and the delivery process. By using these factors, businesses can strategise about the time, weight and timelines by which courier orders can be placed. 

Here are the key elements that impact the pricing of the Trackon courier charges – 

  1. Distance and Type of Delivery – The distance between the pickup and delivery locations impact shipping charges. Longer distances cost higher because resources are required for transportation. Additionally, the urgency of delivery, whether standard or express, can influence the pricing.
  2. Size and Weight of the Order – The weight and size of the shipping order will determine the charges. Heavier or larger shipments require more resources for handling and transportation, leading to higher costs.
  3. Destination – The location of the address to be delivered will determine the cost. Their remoteness or accessibility can influence the courier charges. Deliveries to remote or difficult-to-reach areas are logistically challenging and, thus, might cost more. 
  4. Extended and Optional Services – Trackon Couriers offers custom and optional services for specific needs but may be subject to additional charges. Some of these optional services include:
    1. Insurance – Customers have the choice of opting for insurance coverage to protect their shipments against loss or damage during transit.
    2. Delivery Receipt – Customers can request proof of delivery to know their order has been received by the recipient. 
    3. Special Deliveries – If you are from an industry that makes or uses sensitive or fragile items, you can choose Trackon Couriers. It offers specialised handling to ensure your packages are delivered with extra care and protection.
  1. Franchisee prices – In cases where you are emptying Trackon Courier’s services through a third party, the prices will vary based on that agent. 
  2. Offers and promotional discount – Bulk shipments and those customers that build long-term relationships with their customers often gain a discount or some offer on the overall shipping price.

Thus, for the convenience of their customers, Trackon Couriers offers various shipping options, including standard, express, and specialised services.

Pricing Structure of Trackon Couriers

Trackon Couriers pricing is based on various factors, with the weight of the material being one of the key determinants, along with the different regions and service levels. They have separate pricing for Normal North, Normal Metro, and Normal Rest of India regions. Additionally, they offer premium pricing categories like Prime North, Prime South, Prime National, and Prime Jaipur for priority deliveries. DTDC, another courier service, also has distinct pricing for North and Metro regions, as well as the Rest of India. 

The Prime pricing structure is based on a two-tier system, calculated per 0.5 kg increments.

  • Price Trackon (Prime North) 125/0.5kg+60/0.5kg: For shipments to the Northern region, the pricing is set at INR 125 for the first 0.5 kg and an additional INR 60 for every subsequent 0.5 kg.
  • Price Trackon (Prime South) 150/0.5kg+90/0.5kg: Shipments to Southern regions are priced at INR 150 for the initial 0.5 kg and INR 90 for each additional 0.5 kg.
  • Price Trackon (Prime National) 175/0.5kg+120/0.5kg: For deliveries to any location within India, excluding Jaipur, the pricing stands at INR 175 for the first 0.5 kg and an extra INR 120 for every subsequent 0.5 kg.
  • Price Trackon (Prime Jaipur) 80/0.5kg+35/0.5kg: Shipments specifically to and from Jaipur are charged at INR 80 for the first 0.5 kg and an additional INR 35 for each subsequent 0.5 kg.

Customers are advised to refer to the official website or contact Trackon Couriers representatives for the latest pricing information. For a rough estimate, some examples of their pricing are given below:

Weight of MaterialPrice Trackon (Normal North)Price Trackon (Normal Metro)Price Trackon (Normal Rest of India)Price Trackon (Prime North)Price Trackon (Prime South)Price Trackon (Prime National)Price Trackon (Prime Jaipur)
1 kg70140150185240295115
5 kg3507007506659601,255395
10 kg7001,4001,5001,2651,8602,455745


Trackon Couriers is one of the leading courier services in the country. They have about 17 years of experience and are known for their consumer-centric approach toward shipping their orders. They adopt all the latest technologies to ensure maximum reliability, efficiency and secure and precise delivery to their consumers. They also have a very simplistic method of calculating the price of a shipment. Using their volumetric method of calculation of weights, they easily determine the price of a shipment. Trackon Couriers also offers several different services to meet consumers’ specific requirements and several automated tools to ensure maximum consumer satisfaction.

Can I calculate courier charges online?

Yes, you can calculate courier charges for your shipment online. Most courier services offer online calculators that let you calculate estimated courier charges. You have to enter your package details and destination; the online calculator will give you an estimated amount you’ll be required to pay.

Is insurance included in the courier charges for my shipment?

No. Insurance might not always be included in the courier charges. However, some courier services might offer insurance as an add-on feature at an additional price.

Are there any additional courier charges I should be aware of?

Courier charges usually depend on the package weight and dimension, delivery speed and destination and urgency. However, additional charges may apply, including fuel and overweight surcharges.

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