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A New And Improved NDR Panel

We recently introduced an improved NDR panel within our application for a convenient function for operations. As you are aware, non-delivery is a major area that can lead to miscommunication and losses. A solid network of communication backed by a record of each action is a must.

Therefore, to make this task easier for you, we have come up with a properly segregated NDR panel to make sure each of your actions is recorded at every point and no information is lost between the communication of courier partners and you.

Here is a deep understanding of all the components of the NDR panel and their functioning.

To access the NDR Panel, go to Shipments → NDR Tab

New features in the NDR Panel

With the improved NDR Panel, you can conveniently track your undelivered orders. These orders are now segregated using various filters and action buttons to make things more sorted for your operations.

Previously, the NDR tab panel had only two tabs – ‘pending’ and ‘closed’. Whereas now, the panel has been divided into three tabs:

1) Action Required

Under this tab, you can see all shipments which have been marked as NDR orders. These are shipments which have been marked as un-delivered but haven’t been assigned a further action.

Therefore, you can re-attempt delivery or request RTO for these orders by clicking on the buttons under the Action tab.

In the action tab you can find the following information:

– NDR Raised Date: You can view the date when your NDR was raised.
– Channel: View the channel, where your NDR Order belongs.
– Order ID: It refers to the Order Id of the NDR shipment.
– Product Details: It includes information such as product name, quantity, and SKU.
– Payment: It includes the payment information of the product.
– Customer Details: You can view your customer’s name, email and phone number here.
– Shipping Details: These details display your chosen courier for delivery of the order along with the AWB number.
– Pending Since: It provides the date since your NDR is pending.
– Non-Delivery Info: It shows the number of attempts made along with the history of an NDR order.
– Action: This field provides two actions: re-attempt delivery and generates RTO, that can be taken against your NDR order.

This tab contains 3 filters:

1) Attempts

You can choose to view NDR for orders whose delivery has been attempted once, twice or thrice or you can view all products from all three sections.

2) Aging

Here, you can view the orders based on when they were assigned to NDR. It has three options:
iii.Two Days Ago

3) NDR Reasons

You can view the orders based on the reason given for NDR. There are 9 reasons allocated for undelivered orders

i. Customer not Contactable
ii. Address Incomplete/Incorrect
iii. COD Amount not ready
iv. Customer requested future delivery
v. Customer requested self-pickup
vi. Customer refused delivery
vii. Auto re-attempt
viii.Door/Premises/ Office closed
ix. Others

2) Action Requested

Under this tab, you can view the shipments for which an action is already taken. In simpler terms, if the order has been assigned for re-delivery or is undelivered.

Again, this tab has 3 filters for advanced segregation.

1) NDR Reasons:

Again, you can view the shipments in your Action requested panel based on the reason for NDR. The nine reasons are same as that of the action required tab.

2) Action taken by:

Again, you can view the shipments in your Action requested panel based on the reason for NDR. The nine reasons are same as that of the action required tab.

Here you can filter your orders based on who took the action for the undelivered shipment.
There are three options:

3) Shipment status

You can view the shipments based on their status of delivery such as
a)Out for delivery

3) Delivered/RTO

This tab shows all orders that have been finally delivered after several attempts or have been declined and are now assigned for RTO(return to origin).

This tab also has three filters:

1) Attempts

You can choose to view NDR for orders based on the number of attempts made to deliver it. It has three options:

a) Attempt 1
b) Attempt 2
c) Attempt 3

2) Shipment status

Filter your list based on the current status of the shipment, such as

a) Delivered
b) RTO

3) NDR reasons

These are the same nine reasons as above.

Thus, managing your return/undelivered orders is much easier with this NDR panel. It is designed to match your needs and make your processing much easier with the courier partners.

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