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Effective Advertising Ideas to Increase Sales in 2024

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

February 5, 2024

8 min read

Advertisements are a vital brand-building component. They are used to increase brand awareness and attract customers. Research reveals that ads help increase brand awareness by 80%. Businesses around the world are using innovative advert ideas to increase their sales and boost profitability.

As platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram are gaining popularity, advertising on these digital spaces is helping businesses enhance their visibility. Research reveals that paid mobile ads that run on YouTube are 84% more likely to grab attention compared to TV advertisements. Nevertheless, whatever medium you choose, it is important to employ innovative and compelling advert ideas to attract customers and boost sales. A creative approach must be followed when it comes to creating advertisements. In this article, we have shared some effective advert ideas to capture your prospects’ interest and drive sales. Read on to find out!

Effective Advertising Ideas to boost sales

10 Creative Advertisement Ideas to Boost Your Sales

Quizzes and Polls

Advertisements that facilitate two-way communications between the brand and customers are among the best types. Some of the examples of such interactive advertisements are quizzes, polls and surveys. Brands such as Doritos, Milo and Apartment List are making use of this advert idea extensively to engage their audience and promote their products. Doritos usually makes use of preference-style polls to learn about favours that are more likeable. Likewise, Milo also uses such polls to learn about its audiences’ choices. For instance, it asks questions such as “How do you love your Milo – Hot or Cold”?

You may include questions about your products, brand and the industry. By adding these elements to your advertisements, you make your prospects feel valuable. Such participation creates a memorable experience. Besides, you get to know about the opinions and preferences of your target audience. The information can be used to improve your products and services.

Pop Culture Reference

Adding pop culture references to your advertisements helps connect with the masses. You can add elements from popular TV shows, music bands, movies and bestselling novels to make your advertisements appealing and attract the attention of the masses. For instance, brands such as Vans, Durex and Alibaba recently used images from the popular Netflix show, Squid Game on their billboards and social media platforms. Likewise, Pepsi roped in the star cast of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai in its commercial around the time the movie was released. Trending Instagram reels and popular phrases can also be used in today’s times. Pop culture boasts familiarity and thus creates an instant connection. Your brand will become more relatable and appear familiar if you seamlessly incorporate these elements in your advertisements.


An advertisement which is capable of making someone smile even for a second is for sure impactful. Royal Stag commercials, for instance, have witty humour incorporated seamlessly into the script. You can add humour in the visuals as well as words. Humour embedded in advertisements helps create a positive impact on the audience and prompts them to explore more about your offerings. The feel-good factor may even encourage them to purchase your products and try your services.

Visual Tricks

Optical illusions, intriguing graphics, 3D content and visually appealing storytelling make for interesting advert ideas. Incorporating these creative elements in your advertising campaigns generates interest in your brand. They create a sense of curiosity among the audience and encourage them to explore further. Your prospects are likely to spend time understanding and decoding the message you are trying to put across. Visual tricks stimulate the brain cells and create a shareable experience thereby adding to the popularity of your brand. For instance, this Honda commercial looks appealing because of the use of optical illusions.

Limited Edition or Seasonal Product

It is suggested to advertise limited edition or seasonal products through different mediums. Such products appear more relatable and useful. Since they are limited edition products, they also create a sense of urgency among the audience. This approach tends to generate leads quickly and drives immediate sales. This is because limited edition items seem exclusive and rare. The Body Shop, for instance, has recently launched two limited-edition Christmas collections. 

People do not want to miss the opportunity to try such products. It is suggested to create a sense of excitement while advertising such products to make them appear more appealing. It is a good idea to collaborate with local artists to advertise such products and create a buzz about them by promoting them through billboards and flyers.

You can also advertise your brand by using innovative packaging design. Attractive product packaging grabs attention and generates interest in your brand. Adding aesthetically appealing imagery and catchy content relevant to your brand can help catch the fancy of your target audience. The use of vibrant colours enhances the impact. Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke’ packaging campaign launched in 2011 is an example. Likewise, Amazon’s on-box advertising initiative enables the brand to engage customers through unique branded packaging.


The modern-day audience loves memes. You can customise popular memes to make them suitable for your industry and incorporate them in your advertisements. This is an excellent way to advertise your brand in a light-hearted manner. If your product/ service caters to a younger audience, then incorporating memes in your advertisements is an even better idea. Memes create a shareable connection thereby expanding your reach. Zomato, Netflix and Brand Factory are some of the brands that are known to use meme marketing actively. This Netflix ad is an example of meme advertising.

Localised Ads

Another way to promote your brand effectively is by creating localised advertising campaigns that resonate with the audiences of different locations. Many popular brands such as Nike, Netflix, H&M and Vogue use this advert idea to establish a connection with their target audience. For instance, this H&M commercial focuses on the local consumers in Amsterdam.

Such advertisements create a greater impact as they prove to be more relatable. The local touch creates a sense of belonging and builds an instant bond with the brand. You may create ads that reflect local culture and preferences to grab your consumers’ attention. Making creative localised ads helps drive greater conversions.

Storytelling Through Videos

By incorporating storytelling in your advertisements, you can strike an emotional connection with your target audience. Jewellery brand, Dannijo has leveraged this advert idea and benefited from the impact it created in the market. Likewise, Grofers’ ad campaign, Grand Orange Bag Days, shared the story of how the brand enabled its customers to save money on grocery shopping.   

Your stories must be relatable and interesting at the same time. The storytelling videos must also be visually appealing with a soothing soundtrack in the background. This helps capture the audience’s attention and keeps them hooked till the end. You may share your brand’s journey and brand values through engaging stories. The narrative should evoke emotions and leave a lasting impression. It should encourage the audience to connect with your brand and try your services.

Promotional Merchandise

Introducing promotional merchandise is a unique advertising idea. It is recommended to launch mugs, pens, bags, water bottles, key chains and other similar items with your brand name imprinted on them. These items will advertise your products and increase your brand visibility effortlessly. Such items come in handy almost every day. Thus, the people using them as well as those around them are reminded of your brand constantly. It creates a connection with the brand and also instils a sense of trust in it. Companies such as Google, Coca Cola and Intel distribute such promotional merchandise to their employees and collaborators to increase their brand visibility.


Creative advertising ideas play a pivotal role in increasing brand visibility and sales. Using pop culture references, adding humour, incorporating visual tricks and creating localised ads can help in this direction. It has been observed that video ads have the power to increase conversions by 86%. Some other novel advertising ideas include crafting innovative packaging, using memes, distributing promotional merchandise, creating polls and launching limited edition merchandise. Businesses across industries are leveraging these ideas to stand out in the market.

Is it a good idea to invest in giveaways for the sake of advertising?

Giveaways are an excellent way to attract buyers. It is a good idea to give them to your customers as they purchase your main product. You can also distribute promotional merchandise among your employees.

Does guerrilla advertising work in the digital age?

Guerrilla advertising, also referred to as street art, is an innovative way to spread brand awareness. You can use this advertising idea to widen your reach.

Share the ways to plan a successful advertising campaign

You must first identify your target audience and create a message customised to their interest. Develop a budget simultaneously and select the medium to run your campaign. Seek professional help to create an innovative campaign. Monitor and gauge its effectiveness to decide how long you should run it.

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