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eCommerce Packaging Trends for 2024

November 17, 2021

6 min read

eCommerce packaging forms one of the most integral aspects of the eCommerce fulfillment chain. It has several roles to play, including safety, branding, customer satisfaction, and many more Since it is the first and the most impactful element of your selling process that comes in contact with your customer, it is evident that it can make or break their impression about your brand. 

According to a Mordor Intelligence report, the eCommerce packaging market was valued at USD 27.04 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 61.55 billion by 2025. The demand is growing significantly in the Aisa-Pacific market as eCommerce is growing at a fast pace. 

Every year witnessed several changes in the eCommerce trends. This also means that the fulfillment sector follows different packaging, shipping, and customer support trends. 

To ensure that your eCommerce business does not lag behind, it is imperative that you know and follows the trends wherever possible. Trends are what your customers are looking for, and we define the industry extensively. Here are a few packaging trends that are working for eCommerce businesses in 2024.

What Does eCommerce Packaging Consist?

eCommerce packaging usually consists of two major layers of packaging – primary and secondary packaging. If required, these can also include tertiary packaging if the product is fragile or of high value. 

The primary packaging can be a thin cardboard box, plastic bag, plastic film, etc. 

The secondary packaging may be made up of corrugated boards, courier bags, etc. 

Asia-Pacific is one of the largest growing markets for the eCommerce industry, with significant contributions from India and China. Therefore, it will be a hub for more packaging material demands.

India’s eCommerce revenue is expected to jump from USD 3.9 billion in 2017 to USD120 billion in 2020. This means that the demand for high-quality packaging material is only likely to increase in the coming years. 

Many eCommerce companies are now paying attention to sustainable packaging solutions to reduce plastic waste. They are consciously moving towards paper-based packaging, and this eCommerce packaging trend is also expected to hit the consumer electronics and FMCG segment. 

Hygienic Packaging Design

With the increasing cases of COVID-19 and the global pandemic, people have become much more aware of the safety and sanitary practices related to their packages. 

Therefore you must choose packaging materials that do not let the virus be viable on the packaging surface. The pandemic study says that Coronavirus survival rates vary from 24 to 72 hours based on the packaging material.

You can also provide a clean film on the entire package and surface and the consumer can peel it off before coming in contact with the main packaging box, which will help provide an additional security layer that makes the customer confident about the packaging material and the safety of their product. 

Superior Unboxing Experience

Customers today want a personalized experience when they receive a package. Especially when they receive products from D2C brands, they look for a customized touch to it. Even in marketplaces like Amazon, where the packaging is relatively straightforward, customers look for an additional catch to differentiate it from their competitors.

For example, when you purchase products from stores like Mamaearth or caffeine, you always get some notes, instructions, or discount coupons within the package. This is what makes the box wholesome and gives the customer a unique feeling. Today, most things are experiential, and if your customer gets a good experience while opening the product, they will come back to you repeatedly. 

Since everyone buys products after seeing influencers’ reviews, they wish to get a similar experience when they receive the product. You can do so by using good quality packaging material like corrugated boxes and courier bags by brands like shiprocket packaging. Once you use good quality packaging material, you can ensure that the material is tamper-proof. You can also include several packaging inserts to make sure your message is put out loud and clear.

Branded Packaging

If a customer has a good experience, they share it on social media via Instagram stories, Snapchat, or Facebook posts. Therefore, your brand name must be visible on the packaging material

If your customer shares this image with the packaging on their social handles, you will receive many eyeballs right from your customer. This is equivalent to the word-of-mouth marketing that any Indian eCommerce brand relies on.

This trend is catching with the industry’s pace as many more brands are now optimizing the packaging design with its brand name.

I recently received a package from Mama Earth, where the entire box had its brand name printed on it.

This leaves an everlasting impression on the buyer as the packaging material stays with them much beyond the product. If your packaging material is sturdy, it will be used as other storage containers before it is disposed off, leaving a mark on your customer for a long. 


Next, the need of the hour is sustainable packaging. This includes a biodegradable form of packaging material that does not cause long-lasting harm to the environment. Since there is a lot of awareness about climate change, and environmental damage due to the extensive use of plastic in eCommerce packaging, people are now looking for ecological alternatives.

Now you can count on options like starch-based packaging, bio-plastics, or cornstarch-based packaging. These are very commonly available. Hence, it becomes easy to procure them.

You can also use cardboard boxes that are readily biodegradable over a span of time. Also, they help reduce the carbon footprint.

Recyclable Packaging

Even though biodegradable packaging is essential, it is not a viable option for many sellers. Many eCommerce sellers take the initiative to pack and ship in biodegradable packaging. Still, many have just started their business and cannot afford starch-based or bio plastic-based packaging material. Hence you need to go for a more sustainable option that is recyclable packaging.

Plastic takes over 150-1000 years to degrade. Therefore, you must use recyclable material and avoid the use of new plastic at all costs. This helps you actively contribute to the environment, and when you put a tab of recyclable material on your product, it leaves a good impression in your buyer’s mind. 

You can use packaging material offered by Shiprocket Packaging that includes corrugated boxes and courier bags made of a hundred percent recyclable and sustainable material. You can get sufficient quality packaging material from them delivered to your doorstep and make packaging a simple task for your online business. 


eCommerce packaging is ever-evolving. Trends today might not be the same next year as the industry is overgrowing, and consumer behavior is changing at a fast pace. It is an intelligent call to adapt to trends and mold your business to match your customer’s needs. Follow these packaging trends to ensure that your online business is always in fashion.

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