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domestic courier services in india

Courier service is not new to human civilization. In the olden times, homing pigeons, horseback riders, and foot messengers were used to deliver messages in a timely manner. The royal courts maintained their own fleet of messengers who were paid a little extra than the laborers in the field. Today, we have automated courier services including express courier service for speedy deliveries.

With the rise in the eCommerce industry, the domestic courier services in India are rapidly expanding. Today, they securely deliver medicine, food products, home appliances, grocery items, stationary items, corporate gifts, furniture, chemicals, books, toys and the list is endless. Thus, as long as it is legally permitted, the proficient courier companies will ensure the packages are delivered on-time and in perfect condition. Upon using the professional domestic courier services in India merchants can breathe easy, as their package is in the hands of caring professionals who will deliver to dutifully.

This blog shares top 10 domestic courier services in India who process the delivery and shipping perfectly.

Here Is Our List Of Top 10 Domestic Courier Services In India

domestic courier services in india: India Post

1. Indian Postal Service established in 1774 during the British Raj continues to serve its purpose well. This government owned and operated postal service has been the top player in the domestic courier market, with its highly trusted Speed Post service offering. Today the organization operates over 1.5 Lakh post offices in India.

domestic courier services in india: DTDC

2. DTDC Courier and Cargo Limited established in the tinsel town of Mumbai in 1990 has a wide distribution network in India and abroad to offer door delivery Courier services to both business and individual customers. This premium company holds a sizeable market share in the domestic courier services in India.

domestic courier services in india: DHL

3. DHL Express India Pvt. Ltd. is the offshoot of the global courier carrier DHL Express. Established in 1969, today this giant conglomerate serves 200 countries around the globe including India. This domestic courier services in India caters to Logistic and Courier solutions.

domestic courier services in india: Firstflight

4. First Flight Courier Ltd., established in the year 1986 in Mumbai, is a leading domestic courier service in India, with 1200 domestic offices that serve international territories as well.

domestic courier services in india: bluedart

5. Blue Dart Express Ltd. is a subsidiary of DHL and operates in 220 countries, including India since its launch in 1994. This Chennai based Logistic and Courier solution company has partnered with several E-Commerce stores and corporate for hassle-free package deliveries.

domestic courier services in india: FedEx

6. Fedex India established in1973 in the U.S. is counted amongst prestigious domestic courier services in India, with its express delivery service. Today, it serves 220 countries around the globe, including Corporate, eCommerce, and individuals.

domestic courier services in india: TNT

7. TNT Express with its headquarter in Bangalore serves the Logistic solution segment. Established in 1974, this Netherland based Courier Company operates in 190 countries and is a top player in offering charter and express delivery solution on the globe.

domestic courier services in india: gati

8. Gati Limited is a Singapore-based company, established in 1989. With its robust supply chain solution and express delivery solutions, it is counted amongst the top domestic courier services in India.

domestic courier services in india: overnite express

9. Overnite Express Limited, based in Chennai and established in 1987, began with the distribution of goods and parcel, and today it is a renowned domestic courier service in India with operations across 2800 location in India and a market presence across 1000 locations worldwide.

domestic courier services in india: professional courier

10. The Professional Courier Network Limited established in 1987 has 20 regional offices and 20,000+ serving locations. This at New Delhi-based domestic courier services in India has expanded rapidly over the last two decades and serves 200 countries around the globe.

By embedding technology with the courier services, these companies have reached the new pinnacle of success. By automating their delivery and tracking (Logistic) solutions ensure reliable and proficient delivery services from pick up, packaging to drop off. Moreover, their widespread delivery system, including the sea, air and road offers wider approach and connectivity across urban and rural India.

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