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15 Best Business Ideas for Delhi in 2024

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 7, 2024

14 min read

Following your passion and turning all your dreams into reality is one way to make your life fulfilling. It not only allows you to take control of your future but also builds a career that aligns with your passion and expertise. 

If you are looking to start a new venture, you are on the right page. This article will provide you with some of the best business ideas in Delhi to make you successful. 

Delhi is the heart of India and is one of the most thriving cities, which provides access to a large market for a startup. If you have a proper business plan for launching and scaling your startup, the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, and the knowledge to conduct in-depth market analysis, you can build a successful and profit-generating business in this capital city.  

However, in today’s highly competitive world, where there are thousands of business options, the most challenging part is which one to choose. Let’s say you have a winning business plan. Still, you might need help considering what areas in Delhi you should target to start your business or what risks are involved in that particular business. Some of you may also want to know more about how to attract more customers and build their trust.

In this article, you will get answers to all these questions, as we have curated a list of unique business ideas in Delhi and everything you want to know before establishing your new business here.

business ideas in Delhi

What is Delhi’s Business Ecosystem Like?

One of the most crucial factors before starting any business is choosing the location in which you want to sell your products and services. If you want to start a business in Delhi, you must be wondering if it is it? To answer this, we have gathered some essential facts for you to check out. 

According to the Economic Survey 2022, Delhi has surpassed Bangalore and has been termed India’s startup capital since April 2019. Moreover, this city has been a hub for tech and business innovation, and the list of businesses starting here is endless. 

In recent years, Delhi has also witnessed an increased attraction, specifically in industries like food, technology, eCommerce and retail, and social and leisure. Starting your business in any of these industries seems to be lucrative, as these sectors represent about 13% of the startup ecosystem map in New Delhi. 

Entrepreneurial Energy of the Capital City

By 2030, New Delhi is all set to become the most preferred destination for startups as it has a dedicated startup policy. Its vision is to emerge as a global innovation hub, based on which the government is building an ecosystem for an innovation-based economy. The government also plans to foster entrepreneurial spirit through a powerful support mechanism. 

The city is home to multiple renowned business districts, including Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad, and Indirapuram. So, the capital city is considered a renowned business nucleus that has diverse options available and provides essential data required for making informed business decisions.

A Look at Delhi’s Market Dynamics

India’s thriving capital city empowered many young entrepreneurs to discover profitable business ideas in Delhi with low investment. Delhi’s net domestic product is constantly increasing since 2012 and was expected to reach 7.2 trillion rupees in 2021. 

The GSDP of Delhi in 2022-23 was Rs 10.14 lacs crore, on which the growth of 9.17% is perceived, which is likely to reach in FY24 to Rs.11.07 lacs crore. The data clearly indicates that Delhi’s market dynamics look very strong, and no other city or state in India has a massively growing entrepreneurial ecosystem due to its population and economic activity.    

Top 15 Business Ideas for Delhi Entrepreneurs 

Here are some of the top business ideas in Delhi for entrepreneurs-

1. Logistics Business

This is an excellent business idea that is also profitable. You can offer numerous services, such as courier, dropshipping, warehousing, grocery delivery, B2B deliveries, and much more. To start this business, you will need vehicles for transport depending on the type of business you opt for.

2. Handmade Gifting Items and Decorations

If you are creative and possess skills for making handmade crafts, jewellery, or decor items, this can be the best business idea for you to start in Delhi. You can sell your products online or at any local store. In fact, you can also start your own website, where you can get direct customers. It is one of the business ideas in Delhi with low investment, as you just need items to decorate the products. 

The best thing about this business is that it can be started from home; initially, you do not need any office space, and you can expand when you get more orders.

3. Food Delivery Service with a Twist

You must be wondering about the twist, right? Well, here it is. Food delivery service is a great business idea as it has a huge demand, but to become successful, you need to focus on a particular niche. The twist is that you will not deliver basic food; instead, opt for organic, healthy, diet, or ethnic/local cuisines for delivery. 

With increasing health awareness, delivering healthy food can be profitable. The investment you need to make is in food ingredients and tiffins, and you are ready to start your business.

4. Grocery Store with Delivery Services

Grocery stores are indispensable in daily life and are one of the most profitable business ideas in Delhi. But in such a busy city, convenience is of the utmost importance; therefore, to be successful, it is important to provide delivery services. 

To set up the business, you require an FSSAI license, hire reliable staff, implement a good marketing strategy, and complete the delivery registration process. It is a growing market with a decent profit margin of around 5 to 20%. 

5. Delhi Vlog

If you know Delhi in and out, such as places to visit, best food chains, local places to eat, and the history of places in Delhi, you can start with a Delhi Vlog business as well. You can show your lifestyle in Delhi and share these videos on all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. 

To be successful, you must present and showcase the places well and in an interesting way.

6. Event Planning and Management 

Delhi is a flourishing city with numerous events happening here all the time. Therefore, you can grab this opportunity to start an event planning and management business. You can plan different kinds of events, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, etc. The best thing is that this business never goes out of fashion. The estimated investment required for this business is around 2 to 5 lakhs. 

7. Online Tutoring

If you have expertise in any subject, you can also start this low-budget business. Starting an online business not only saves people’s time commuting but also allows them to study from home at their convenience. 

You can start this business by just investing Rs.50,000. All you need is skills that you can teach online. These can be in academics, cooking, make-up, dance, singing, etc.    

8. Apparel Boutique or Garment Store 

This is yet another one of the best business ideas in Delhi, as India is considered one of the largest markets for readymade garments. You can either start the business as a solo entrepreneur or can also get the license and start your own garments factory. This business is for you if you have a good fashion sense. 

To become successful in this business, you must stay updated with the latest fashion trends. The investment required to start this business is around Rs.30 to Rs.50 lakhs for a garment factory, and a boutique can be started at Rs.5 lakhs.

9. Handmade Soaps and Organic Healthcare Items 

In recent years, people have become conscious about their health and well-being. Because of this, the handmade and organic industry has seen a massive boom, and you can grab this opportunity to start this business. You can start this business from home by using simple ingredients to make soap and other healthcare items. You can either create your own website to sell these products or can also reach customers on different social media platforms and eCommerce retail outlets. 

10. Tech-enabled Home Services

With the high usage of technology, many people face issues using it. Therefore, you can start these services wherein you can offer tech-enabled home services. 

Delhi people value convenience and are ready to pay for it. You can start a tech-enabled platform providing on-demand home services, using mobile apps and online booking systems to simplify the service delivery process. By offering reliable and trouble-free home services, you can quickly capture the Delhi market and make huge profits.

11. Fruit Juice Corner 

If you have a low budget, this can be a great business idea for you. Delhi is one of India’s hottest cities, so starting a juice corner can be beneficial for you. You can sell different kinds of juices and smoothies. In fact, you can also sell healthy and organic fruit juices to grab the attention of health freaks. The investment required for this business is around Rs.7 lakhs to Rs.15 lakhs. 

12. Street Food Vendor

Street food vendors can make a lot of money in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. You might not believe that a lot of vendors make lakhs out of this business in a month, so why leave this chance to earn such a huge amount of money? 

You can see numerous kinds of traditional, local, or well-known food dishes. To start this business, you will need an initial investment of around Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.20 lakhs but can cover your initial investment quickly.

13. Mobile Accessories Manufacturing

If you are searching for one of the best business ideas in Delhi, the hunt is over. Start a mobile accessories manufacturing business that requires minimal investment. 

Today, the introduction of new handsets every month makes this business lucrative. You can start a business manufacturing phone covers and decorative accessories. This business can let you earn great profits if you find B2B customers for bulk orders. 

14. Travel Agent

Travelling has increased in popularity due to the desire to explore new places and cultures, search for new experiences, accessible and vast network of flights, easy booking of accommodations and for business purposes. 

Thus, being a travel operator and planner is worth it. To start this business, you need to conduct market research, choose a strategic business location, build a strong network with transport operators and hotels, and plan a complete itinerary for your customers. 

15. Cultural Experiences for Tourists

Cultural experience tourism is a journey through the heart of the destination. It allows tourists to learn about foreign cultures, learn intriguing facts, connect with the community, and have an unforgettable experience. 

Delhi is steeped in history and culture, thus making it a huge opportunity to run a business that showcases the rich cultural heritage of India’s capital. You can launch a business and build a team that is involved in providing diverse cultural experiences such as culinary tours, heritage walks, traditional craft workshops, etc. 

Strategies for Success in Delhi’s Competitive Market

Delhi is a hotbed for startups for several reasons. The capital city boasts a large number of skilled professionals, from engineers to doctors, business graduates, and marketing experts. Moreover, the government supports entrepreneurs with various tax benefits, mentorship opportunities, and easier compliance norms.   

Delhi’s well-connected infrastructure and easy access to resources make it a hub for venture capitalists and angel investors. All these aspects help startups secure funding for growth. 

However, with additional advantages of starting a business in Delhi, it might get challenging to establish your footprint here. Thus, you need to understand and execute these growth strategies in Delhi’s competitive market:

  • Develop a scalable business model for revenue generation and growth.
  • Refine your value proposition by clearly stating what problem you solve and how you do it. 
  • Identify your target audience by considering consumer preferences, behaviour, and demographics. 
  • Embrace technology by leveraging social media, search engine optimisation, content marketing, and paid advertising to expand your reach and increase engagement with your audience. 
  • Build a strong team that compliments each other’s strengths and shares your passion for the company’s mission and vision. 
  • Create a strong brand identity that resonates with your target market.
  • Networking and collaborating with other entrepreneurs, investors and potential partners by participating in startup events, workshops, and conferences.  
  • Foster a company culture that encourages creativity and problem-solving.

Lessons Learned and Tips for Business Growth from Delhi Entrepreneurs

Failure is the path towards success as it provides invaluable lessons and motivates us to improve. One famous statement from Thomas Edison was, ‘I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.’ Life is majorly dependent on our perception of how we see things. This quote perfectly captures how to reframe failure. 

Many young entrepreneurs and startup founders have failed initially but found success later on. They kept on trying and in the end, their marketing plan appealed to their target audience. This section talks about the experiences of the young entrepreneurs from Delhi who built a successful startup:  

1. Peyush Bansal (Founder and CEO of Lenskart)

A consumer enthusiast, Peyush Bansal is the co-founder and CEO of Lenskart, a leading multinational optical prescription eyewear retail chain headquartered in Gurugram. He believes that to succeed in the competitive market; you should know your business, the service you provide, and your potential customer’s pain points and interests. 

He advises founders and startup business owners to build a business from a problem or passion, but not from the model.

2. Karan Bedi (CEO at MX Media)

In 2011, Karan developed a video player, MX Player. Now, Times Internet has bought it and remoulded it into an ad-supported video streaming platform. 

Karan always believed that your team should be smarter than you, and as a leader, you should keep on empowering and mentoring them. He also advised young founders and entrepreneurs to not be demotivated from doing what they think is right. If you believe that something will work for you, go for it. Eventually, it will if you find a way to follow through. 

3. Kamal Khushlani (CEO at Mufti)

Kamal launched Mufti in 1998 with a vision of creating a wave of culture and fashion originating in India. He expanded from exclusive brand outlets to large and multi-brand outlets and large formal stores. 

Kamal states that the best time to expand your business is when you start gaining acceptance from your target market. He also said that if one of your products gains recognition, you can diversify by launching other similar products in that category, too, which will help expand your audience and increase your sales. 

4. Rohan Verma (CEO at MapmyIndia)

Rohan Verma built India’s first geospatial deep tech unicorn, MapmyIndia, with more than 30% profit margins. Now, in terms of innovation, this platform is putting India in the global marketplace. 

According to the founders of this company, who were Rohan’s parents, predicting or foreseeing what demand will boom in the coming years could make your business a huge success. In the 1990s, when Rohan’s parents started this venture, they believed that the digital maps market in India would see a significant rise and that 80% of all data would have a location component. 

5. Manish Amin (CTO and Co-Founder at Yatra.com) 

Manish Amin is the co-founder of India’s leading travel service provider, Yatra.com, which has over 700 large corporate customers. He shared his insights on the digital transformation of startups and its impact on travel and other industries. 

He said that you can succeed in this fierce market by realizing the synergies between technology, funding, accessibility, and collaboration. According to him, technology brings transparency and convenience that can be a backbone for your new venture’s success. 


Out of so many business ideas in Delhi, you can choose any depending on your goals, location, financing, competition, market analysis or passion. One thing is certain: if you start a business in Delhi, you can propel it to success with numerous growth opportunities, a wealth of resources, and support networks.

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