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All You Need to Know About eCommerce Video Marketing


Pragya Gupta

Content Writer @ Shiprocket

March 26, 2019

4 min read

In today’s competitive times, when the majority of companies have gone online, it is vital to show your presence and stand out. Every other day we see the internet’s viral videos and content that spreads at the speed of light. But what is it exactly? A great product or viral advertising? Viral campaigns or sheer luck? What makes that ‘something’ such a big hit? This blog will throw some light on how video marketing is helpful for brand building.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing helps you tell a story about your products. It uniquely engages your potential customers. While a picture and a short description can give an idea about what your product is, in a video, you can demonstrate all the benefits and features. You can show your customers what it’s like when they use your products, what are your USPs and what they can look forward to. You can also use different techniques such as humor, music, and stories in your videos.

In a nutshell, videos bring life to your products. eCommerce video marketing should be backed by a well-designed viral strategy.  

Why video marketing is vital for your eCommerce business?

Look at the following statistics to understand its importance:

    • 65% of customers buy a product online only after they’ve watched a video about it. – Forbes
    • 50% of internet users look for videos of the product or service before visiting the store. – ThinkWithGoogle
    • YouTube has over one billion users, which is almost one-third of all people on the internet –  YouTube.
  • Adding video to your emails can increase click-through rates between 200-300%. – Forbes

Let us now take a look at some of the significant benefits it offers:

Benefits of video marketing

1. Personal connection

Video helps to connect the customers with the product. It showcases the characteristics and specifications of the product. It shows how the product works, for what purposes, what problems it solves and in what aspect it can make life of the customer easier. This entire process builds a sense of confidence for the product in the minds of customers.

2. Better CX

The eCommerce business suffers from one drawback as compared to a brick-and-mortar shop, i.e. the customers can’t touch and feel the product. The video can help you overcome that drawback. Video helps to showcase the product in real conditions. This alleviates their doubts and enhances customer experience. The impact can be optimized by having an expert demonstrate the product.

3. Brand recalling

Undeniably, this is the best benefit of video marketing. Video contents are easier to recall than pictorial or text-based substance. At a point of time, when the customers recall your video advertising content, they will also get reminded of you and your products. Henceforth, more deals and leads get converted.

4. Reduced returns

When the customers already see the product in action even before they purchase it, you can bet that they will be less likely to be unsatisfied. There chanced of returns reduces as they already know about the product; they will only purchase it after understanding its nitty-gritty. Product videos increase conversion and can reduce return rates by 25%.

5. Real-time feedback

People love to give feedbacks upon the videos. Remarks and responses upon your videos let you understand what your customers feel about your products and their videos. It helps you monitor the performance of your products and their videos. It assists you in analyzing what’s working for what isn’t. By using some analytics tools, you can also see what kind of videos are getting more views and leads. This way, you can further upload such videos to get more business.

The bottom line

Visual content gives you an opportunity to market your eCommerce business in ways that wouldn’t be possible with images or textual content marketing. Your eCommerce business can attract more customers and grow leads. All you need to do is – ensure that you are able to provide some good customer engaging videos. With an effective video strategy in place, you can cut through the noise. Explore the real power of well-made and channelized video campaigns!

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