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Workflow Automation & its Relevance in eCommerce

November 16, 2020

6 min read

Automation has swept the world across its feet. It has come across in various forms for industries all over the world. Right now, making processes convenient to reduce the burden of manual work, automation has become everyone’s favorite in the modern world. 

Automation has opened several new avenues to grow and scale without being dependant on many factors for businesses. This has weighed down the entry barriers in many new areas and provided companies with the convenience to set up maximize their audience anywhere in the world. 

Statistics suggest that the eCommerce industry is on an unprecedented rise across the world. The eCommerce market has already crossed the $3.5 billion mark in 2019 and is only seen rising in the years to come. While there is no sign of slowing down, this implies that businesses of all kinds have more than a few areas to stand out.

Regardless of size, businesses in the eCommerce industry can grow in more than a few ways. They can enhance their selling channels and capitalize on the development work that eCommerce holds the potential for. In order words, by leveraging certain technologies in the market, eCommerce has a far better chance of enhancing its market share. One such development area for eCommerce is workflow automation.

If you’ve ever wanted to reduce the burden of manual tasks without having to hire a lot of employees, workflow automation is for you. It allows you to set yourself apart in the competitive eCommerce market and stand in line with the key market players. If you’re wondering how you can apply workflow automation for your business and scale your business, this article is for you.

We’ve gone ahead and brought you the A to Z of workflow automation for your business. Let’s take a look at it-

What is Workflow Automation?

In simple terms, workflow automation helps in streamlining your entire business. It allows you to save time and hassle that otherwise goes into doing a lot of manual and repetitive work. Even though you might have employees to do a set of repetitive tasks, it is still eating up their time. This time could’ve been utilized in other critical areas of the business, such as making strategic decisions to increase sales or reach out to more customers.

Workflow automation identifies such areas of business where you or your employees are doing manual work and replaces them with tech. This tech could be in the form of software or a platform that takes the burden of manual tasks off your shoulders and does it automatically for your business.

Your organization can leverage eCommerce automation in several vital areas of your business. Be it inventory management, warehousing, logistics, etc.; automation can bring about the culture of seamless functioning without much ado.

Once you leverage automation for your eCommerce business, there is no going back. You get to improve the efficiency of your business and decrease the time spent in fulfilling an order. And if you’re fulfilling an order rapidly, this means you can indeed princess more orders and increase your customer’s satisfaction by delivering products quickly to their doorsteps. 

Where to Use eCommerce Automation for Your Business?

You can use eCommerce automation in several critical areas for your business. Usually, every business process in eCommerce has a lot of manual dependencies. This gives automation a chance to eliminate those and prove to be useful. Here are a few areas of business where you can leverage eCommerce automation for your business. 


When it comes to eCommerce, logistics is one of the critical areas of a business. It has the potential to make or break your business. While the market titans can leverage the best technology and workforce towards the task, SMBs have to suffer the most. However, with workflow automation, this doesn’t have to be the case.

Automation platforms like Shiprocket help businesses take the burden of manual tasks off their shoulders. They provide features that help companies to improve their efficiency and productivity in logistics. A unified platform is offered that integrates well with the business’s website and helps them ship orders seamlessly. Whether importing orders, shipping bulk orders, generating labels, or creating new orders, all tasks are done automatically through logistics automation.

Customer Experience and Support

Customer experience is immensely impacted in the way that an organization provides support. Be it the availability of an agent to speak to or the depth of understanding the customers’ issue; there are more than a few things that impact customer experience and support. If you’re looking for a way to stand apart in the competition, you must pay attention to your customer service. 

When it comes to automating customer experience and support, businesses can track the little details that either keep the customer engaged or upset them.  After all, the chances of selling to an existing customer are much higher than that of a new customer. Workflow automation in this area can help gather feedback, reach out for negative reviews, and much more.

Inventory Management

As a business, if you can’t manage your inventory effectively, the chances are that you will not handle any other aspect of your business. Inventory management directly relates to customer satisfaction. Imagine sending a broken item or an altogether different time than what the customer ordered. Such experiences damage business reputation and hamper customer experience.

With eCommerce workflow automation in the niche, businesses can take care of their inventory and keep informed about the stock levels. It can advise you and your team members when a new order arrives. Similarly, it can help you prioritize orders based on their delivery dates and other parameters. 

Automate Seamlessly!

Workflow automation is one of the best things you can do for your business. With platforms like Shiprocket, which helps you implement workflow automation in your business’s critical areas, you can leverage the best technology without paying a massive price for it. Remember that the answer to business success is customer satisfaction, and workflow automation is the key to achieving it. 

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