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Top 10 Hacks To Increase Your Amazon Sales In 2024

Debarpita Sen

Specialist - Content Marketing @ Shiprocket

November 1, 2021

7 min read

Amazon is the biggest name in the eCommerce sector that contributes to the most massive sales made in the industry every year. Whether you are a new or an old seller in the marketplace, your ultimate goal would be to leverage the platform to its fullest potential and generate maximum sales. 

While Amazon is a great platform to reach out to a vast audience, the competition among sellers in the marketplace continues to grow fiercely. The platform is growing in popularity. Therefore, you need to adopt specific hacks to win over the competition and create a space for yourself in the marketplace. Otherwise, your product will end up buried in search results, and you’ll lose revenue to your competitors.

Tips To Increase Your Amazon Sales

Here’s a list of all those hacks that will help you increase your sales in the world’s eCommerce behemoth.

Product Optimization

1. Optimize Product Titles

Product titles are one of the essential elements in Amazon listing. This will help you rank higher for all product-related searches, as well as it will help increase CTRs. In simpler terms, if your product titles are optimized well, more people will click on your product instead of your competitors, which will help you rank higher on Amazon. You must include-

  • Brand and description
  • Product Line
  • Material or key ingredients
  • Colour
  • Size
  • Quantity

And more such things to your product listing. The key to optimizing your product titles is to include the most important keywords at the title’s start. But remember not to overstuff the product title with keywords. Titles should not be more than 200 characters. Examples of a perfect product title are-

2. Use Compelling Product Descriptions 

Once your title catches the customer’s attention, you now need to convince him to choose your listing over your competitor’s. How will you do that? Compelling product descriptions using bullet points is the answer. Include product features, benefits of the product for the customer, and any other additional features you might want your user to know. Keep yourself in your customer’s shoes and write answers to the questions that they would like to know. 

If your product is identical to another one, but yours was more successful at answering the user’s questions, he or she will have more confidence in your product and more likely choose yours. Also, add keywords related to your product but do so without overstuff. If you tend to include too many keywords in a sentence, amazon might ban you from its listing.

3. Translate Product Descriptions

One of the benefits of Amazon is that it allows you to sell your products to buyers from all around the world. Amazon is a huge company, and it has branches in every significant country in the world. This is something you can use to increase your sales, as long as you are willing to start selling your products abroad.

Pretty much, the only thing you will have to do is translate all necessary information about your product into one or more targeted languages. Depending on the country and audience you are trying to reach out to, you should always translate your product descriptions and titles into the right language. If you are betting on your potential customers knowing only English, it will probably not help you expand your sales.

Similar to Google’s Search Engine Optimization, using the right keywords in your search terms will enable Amazon to know which searches should retrieve your listings. These keywords are not visible to the public, so they don’t have to be written in a sales way. Instead, they need to be strategically chosen. Since space is limited, the key is to use entire fields as effectively as possible. 

Using trending keywords is another hack. This can prove very helpful when attracting more customers who will genuinely be interested in what products you have to offer.

If you’re not very familiar with keywords, you can quickly generate some through various online tools, usually free of charge and very simple to use. Tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner will help you find the right keywords to use, no matter what you’re selling on the platform.

5. Choose Product Category

This tip only applies to private label products. Products already registered in Amazon with the same brand will automatically be placed in a product category. Start by researching what sorts have your type of products. Then, choose the product category with the least competition but the best potential exposure. 

Product Pricing

6. Flexible Pricing Strategy

One of the most competitive ranking factors in Amazon is pricing. Having a flexible pricing strategy that allows you to change prices quickly and remain competitive is key to increasing exposure and sales. There are three types of pricing strategies you can opt for — manual, rule-based, or algorithmic pricing strategy. Choose the one that best fits your business’s stage. For example, if you have many SKUs, an algorithmic pricing strategy may be the best option since it allows you to change multiple prices fast without extensive manual labor. 

7. Use Precise Values

Consumers are used to seeing marketing prices ending in 299, 599, or 999, which creates the perception that the price is more like a sales strategy than an actual price. Thus, when having a sale on a product ending on Rs. 99, it can be perceived as less of a deal than seeing a sale on a precise value. To solve this issue, simply experiment using numbers that don’t end in Rs. 99. It provides more perceived value in comparison to a sales price. 

Other Hacks

8. Amazon Sponsored Ads

While interesting product photos and well-written product descriptions might catch your customer’s eye, you must know how to market your products on Amazon to generate higher sales. A useful thing that Amazon offers is sponsored ads. These ads can help your products always appear as first when a potential buyer searches the website. Sponsored products are still displayed at the top of results, and that will essentially help you get more customers. 

Your products will be sponsored in a pay-per-click way, which means that you will be paying for the ad depending on how many times people click on it. In many cases, when people see something being displayed at the top of their results page after a search, they are way more likely to believe that this product is the best in this category. Use this to your advantage, and you will be able to increase your sales very quickly.

How To Choose A Reliable Shipping Partner?

This option is only viable for those who have opted for Fulfilled by Merchant instead of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). In FBM, the seller chooses to ship their products on their terms. If you are one of those sellers, you must ensure you select your business’s right shipping partner. Shiprocket is one of them. You can integrate your Amazon seller channel with Shiprocket and start delivering your orders faster to customers. Shiprocket has tied up with nearly 17+ top courier companies and ships across 220+ countries and union territories worldwide.

9. Manage Feedback

Positive reviews can certainly be tough to get, but you must never stop trying for them. When customers search for a product online, they come across a number of products from different brands. Most of the customers finalize products based on customer reviews. They make choices as per the products that get the highest 4- and 5-star reviews.

10. Influencers’ Help

When customers research products online, they also look for reviews from trusted social media influencers or even celebrities. As per a study, many customers say they take recommendations from influencers about which product they should buy. That being said, connecting with well-known industry influencers is a great opportunity to increase sales on Amazon.

Final Say

Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces for individual sellers and companies online. There are many ways to become successful on this platform and make a profit, but you will need to know a few hacks to make this work the best for you. The hacks mentioned above will surely help you increase your sales and make your products more visible to customers and different search engines.

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