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A Detailed Information About eSANCHIT


Vijay Kumar

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

December 22, 2023

6 min read

The concept of GST was introduced successfully in 2017, and now the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) is launching stringent systems that will improve how trading is done. The idea is to ensure that the process is as simple and accountable as possible. Clarity and transparency are key for any type of import and export trading transactions. SWIFT and eSANCHIT are two such systems that were introduced in India to facilitate simple and easy international trading.


SWIFT stands for Single Window Interface for Facilitating Trade. It was introduced to simplify and speed up the trading process. The concept is to have a single operation to complete the entire operation, therefore termed “Single Window”. Its entire goal was to minimize the interface with different government authorities to save money and time. eSANCHIT is a crucial portion of the SWIFT processes.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of eSANCHIT, the list of supporting documents, and how to upload them on the portal.

Defining eSANCHIT

eSANCHIT is simply an e-storage and digitized alternative to handle tax documents indirectly. It is a crucial component of the SWIFT initiative and was introduced to enable the processing of documents without paper. eSANCHIT also reduced the number of interfaces that needed to be made with different government bodies for processing a transaction. It is a platform that enables any trader to upload all the supporting documents virtually to get customs clearances. It completely erases the need for a trader to approach Participating Government Agencies (PGAs) to gain these permits. To put it into simple words, eSANCHIT makes the complete process of clearing a consignment contactless and paperless. 

Merits of Using eSANCHIT

Here are the two key benefits of eSANCHIT:

  • Paperless and contactless processing: All the necessary supporting documents can be uploaded digitally through eSANCHIt without physically meeting the PGA bodies. It is done online by submitting the “Integrated Declaration.” This enables you to compile all the required data for gaining clearances from six different government entities. It can also be signed and submitted digitally through the ICEGATE portal with the relevant documents.
  • Minimizes waiting time for getting clearances: The concept of physically visiting a PGA body to gain clearances can be forgotten. All these hassles are eliminated with eSANCHIT and its digital processes. It thus minimizes all the costs and increases the productivity of the importing and exporting procedures. 

List of Supporting Documents a Trader Can Upload

Did you know taxpayers have so far uploaded more than 21 crore documents on eSANCHIT? Moreover, more than 2 lakh documents are uploaded by taxpayers on this repository daily. 

Mentioned below are the documents an importer or an exporter needs for eSANCHIT clearances:

  • Commercial packing list or invoice and packing list
  • Airway or landing bill
  • Commercial receipt or invoice
  • Bill of Entry (BOE)

How to Upload Documents Through eSANCHIT? 

You must follow the steps below to upload your documents on eSANCHIT:

Step 1 – Preparation of paper documents into digital form: 

Documents must be prepared by importers, exporters, and the PGA bodies. They must be in PDF format and must be uploaded on the eSANCHIT portal. In case the user is not using an automated system, the user will get a hard copy. The recipient must then scan a copy of the document in PDF form before uploading it. Here are some conditions that must be met while scanning a document:

  • The resolution of the scanned black and white document must be above 200 DPI.
  • The file must be restricted to a size less than 75 KB.
  • The documents must be in A4 size.
  • The documents must not have any form of pin or stapler pin markers. Even punch holes are to be absent. In case of their presence, they must not compromise the content of the document.
  • Folds and creases must be avoided.
  • Notwithstanding the number of pages, the file must not exceed 1MB. In cases where they do, they must be split up into two documents and then uploaded.
  • The concerned authorities shall preview the documents before uploading them to make sure it is legible.

All documents will be digitally signed to mark their authenticity. 

Step 2- Gaining access to the portal: 

You must web search for the ICEGATE portal and then log in by adding in your credentials. 

Step 3 – Entry to the eSANCHIT portal: 

After logging in, you have to click on the eSANCHIT icon. The PPGA will open the link to upload the documents.

Step 4 – Uploading the documents: 

This step is rather straightforward. You will have to click on the upload document option and then browse your PC to upload the PDF document on the ICEGATE portal. 10 documents can be uploaded in one go. An error will be shown when sizes and other criteria are not met.

Step 5 – Updation of Details: 

All the beneficiary details with the relevant PDFs must be manually entered with the beneficiary code. A list will pop up from the eSANCHIT code list indicating the uploaded documents.

Step 6 – Selection of document type: 

You must select the type of documents post-uploading them from a drop-down list. 

Step 7 – Validation: 

The Validate document option must be chosen for verification. The DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) attached along with the documents will be checked.

Step 8 – Submission: 

The next step is to click on the “submit” option. Upon validation on all checkpoints, the submission must be made. A unique image reference number (IRN) will be generated and the PGA user needs to send an acknowledgement mail to the beneficiary with all the relevant data. 

Step 9 – Completion: 

The final step is to click on the “OK” option.


Paperwork and hardcopy documents are not the way anymore. It’s all about going digital without any sorting and stapling of a billion paper documents. Through the eSANCHIT portal on the ICEGATE portal, import and export procedures are now extremely easy. It is all contactless and paperless thus making it easier for access and retrieval. Being a part of the SWIFT initiative, eSANCHIT brings a lot of the approval gain processes efficiently and easily. It saves both time and money. 

Can I sign documents to be uploaded on eSanchit using the same DSC as I use to sign BE and SB documents?

It is possible to sign the eSanchit document using the same DSC that is used to sign BE and SB documents. 

Who can use SWIFT?

You can use SWIFT if you are registered on the ICEGATE portal. All PGAs can also use SWIFT. However, this facility is not currently available to exporters.

Who can use e-SANCHIT?

You can use eSANCHIt if you are an importer or exporter registered on the ICEGATE portal. Moreover, all PGAs can use this facility to upload licenses, permits, certificates, and other authorizations (LPCOs). 

What is IRN in customs?

An IRN in customs refers to a unique image reference number an importer or a customs broker assigns to a document. The IRN is generated when you digitally sign a document and submit it on ICEGATE. Each import bill of entry requires the IRN.

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