Ace Festive Season Operations With This 7-Step Checklist

Techniques to ensure smooth festive season operations

The festive season is here, and so is the hustle-bustle. Be it Dusshera, Karva Chauth, Diwali, or Bhai Dooj; every occasion requires celebration, and celebration is incomplete without shopping! The 2019 festive season is expected to see around 20 million shoppers making several purchases from the eCommerce space. So how do you prepare yourself for the increased product demand for this festive season? Here is a checklist to help you simplify operations and deliver all your products seamlessly to every doorstep. 

Use Inventory Management Software

The festive season requires you to be stocked up and prepared for any incoming order. Therefore, you must predict the necessary amount and order it accordingly. An inventory management software can help you minimize your manual operations, integrate inventory operations, and also forecast sales based on current demand. This way, you can stay prepared and act according to your customer’s demand.

Automate and Audit Warehouse Operations

Your warehouse is the sacred space of your business. If it isn’t organized appropriately, it can lead to chaos, eventually causing delays in operations. Thus, before the festive season arrives, audit your warehouse and make sure all products are arranged in a specific order. Double-check the process lined up for the product processing once the orders begin coming in. Also, if you haven’t automated your warehouse operations, consider doing so as it can help you save an ample amount of time. You can make use of a Warehouse Control System (WCS) along with your inventory management system or Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP).

Pre-Order Packaging Material & Gift Boxes

One process that can help you squeeze some extra time in the entire fulfillment process is packaging, provided you prepare for it in advance. Since you have an estimate of the forecast, you can pre-order the packaging material and keep it handy when the flow of orders increases. You can even have separate gift boxes for the festive season that have a slightly different design. Optimize your packaging design so that it helps you reduce costs.


Ship Using A Shipping Solution

When you ship using a single courier partner, you can only ship to a limited number of pin codes. But, when you ship through a shipping solution like Shiprocket, you can ship via multiple courier partners. That means you get the pin code reach of more than one courier partner. Hence, a shipping solution is always suitable for shipping in the festive season. It gives you flexibility in choosing the courier partner for every shipment and also helps you reduce your shipping costs. Often businesses miss out on an important detail – shipping insurance. Since you might also need to ship expensive items, shipping insurance can help you secure your efforts in case of theft or damage. Shiprocket offers shipping insurance of up to Rs. 5000 to all shipments. Thus, choose wisely. 

Stock Up Gift Cards

Most people prefer giving gift cards over any physical gifts. Gift cards are the new way of gifting, and as a seller, you also reduce the chances of RTO when you promote a gift card. Hence, stock up gift cards and support them in abundance to prompt buyers to purchase them. This way, you are also making a sale and acquiring a new customer in the same shot. 

Customize Your Tracking Pages

Anxious customers demand regular tracking updates. This is only possible when you provide them with a customized tracking page. Personalized tracking pages have various advantages. Along with step-by-step tracking information, you can add your brand’s information like logo, name, support contact on them. Moreover, you can include information about other products in the form of banners to help you sell more. This can give you an edge over competitors and also help you engage better with the buyer. 

Be Prepared For Undelivery & RTO

As the number of shipments increase, so does the risk of undelivery and, eventually, RTO. As there is a lot of movement during the festive season, the chances are that the customer is unable to collect the package on time. This can lead to an RTO. Hence, be prepared with the right process to ensure that the delivery is re-attempted and if delivery is unsuccessful, only then the product is sent back to the origin. If you ship with Shiprocket, you get an automated NDR Panel that can help you save time and also help reduce RTO by 2-5%. 

Final Words

The festive season demands a continuous flow of operations, and you can be prepared for that with these tips and tricks! Follow this checklist for a smooth process and provide your buyers with a delightful delivery experience this season.

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