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How Customizable Tracking Pages Can Help In Increasing eCommerce Conversions?

June 5, 2019

4 min read

Does your courier partner help you send tracking pages to your customer? If yes, does it also help you re-market your brand to the customer?

Welcome the era of customizable tracking pages- your gateway to increased conversions, enhanced customer tracking, and unprecedented profits!

As the 4th industrial revolution grows upon the world, customer experiences are changing like never before. It isn’t incorrect to say that customer expectations are being redefined to shape customer experiences.

While companies are struggling to offer a distinguished level of satisfaction to the customer, it is becoming more and more important to pay attention to even the smallest of customer touchpoints. This also means a tracking page.

Sellers often neglect the impact that a tracking page can have on the customer. However, if you have to make a mark for yourself, when giants like Amazon are ruling the market, you must start paying attention to nuances like tracking page.

Wondering how? Add these elements to your tracking page! (Hint: Sellers have increased their conversions up to 20%)

Adding your brand’s logo to your tracking page can serve you various purposes. But the question is, can you do this with your existing logistics partner?

Most of the courier companies enable tracking on their website without offering any opportunities to the seller. This leaves the seller with no scope to provide a distinguished level of satisfaction to the customer.

However, with Shiprocket, one can easily capitalize on tracking pages by adding their brand’s logo.

This can serve two purposes here-

First, it gives a sense that as a seller, you are still in charge of your package, and not handing over your business to the courier as you hand over the order.

Next, it adds to your branding value. Your logo constantly reminds you of your brand and helps the customer stay connected with it. Branding helps in establishing a relationship with your audience, and there’s no reason you should miss it!

Order Status

The status of your order is one of the essential information that you can provide to your customer. It is also the key to keeping your customer in the loop, no matter where the order is.

Many eCommerce sellers commit this mistake of showing the estimated delivery date in their order tracking page, but not the status of the order. This often leaves the customer wondering in oblivion whether their parcels will arrive on time or not.

With Shiprocket’s order tracking page, you can let your customers view the estimated delivery date along with the status of the order. More information. More reliability.

Product Banners

What if your tracking page could help you market your products? If you still think it’s a dream, it’s time you switch your courier partner.

With the market becoming more and more competitive with each passing day, sellers must not leave a single opportunity to reach out to their customers in the best possible way. And since tracking pages are already customer’s favourite, adding product links and banners can prove fruitful.

Experts from the industry suggest that since customers these days are hooked on to the tracking page once they place their orders. And adding product recommendations based on the customer’s preference can help in driving conversions. This practice will also enhance customer satisfaction.

Consider Shiprocket’s tracking page, where the seller has added banners of their best selling products

Support information

It’s your product that is reaching the customer’s doorstep. Then why not add a touchpoint to your tracking page, from where the can reach out to you directly!

Offering your support information to the customer can help in establishing trust in your brand. This imparts a sense that you can be easily reached in times on need.

Buyers also value your willingness to help as you offer your support information in the tracking page.

In Shiprocket’s customizable tracking page, you can easily add the contact information of your customer support and earn your customer’s trust.

Pick, Pack, Ship and Track!

Now that you know how tracking pages can impact your business, it’s best to get started early. Analyze the purchase pattern of your customer and suggest them with bestselling products on your tracking page. For flexibility in shipping and making the most out of your tracking pages, you can try Shiprocket’s best-in-class services.

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