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Importance Of Packaging Optimization In eCommerce

June 24, 2019

6 min read

When we talk about eCommerce packaging, there aren’t many variations. What comes to our mind is colourful wraps on distinctly shaped boxes or a brown box with white labeled tape. There is no in between.

When eCommerce sellers begin to package their products, they miss out on the importance of the right form of packaging. Think of brands like Nykaa and Forest Essentials. Their packaging is sturdy, and it appeals to your senses as well. A look at the packaging gives you an impression that the seller genuinely took out time to prepare your package. Smart packaging that has a blend of both safety and aesthetic appeal is the norm today. Your eCommerce firm must focus on that. Let’s take a closer look at packaging optimization and the benefits it has in store for your business!

Understanding Packaging Optimization

Packaging optimization refers to the process of moulding your packaging to balance the scales of safety and appeal.

When you package a product, you must remember the various factors that will affect its journey to your buyer. These factors include the shipping mode, friction, abrasion, manhandling, weather conditions, etc. If you don’t account for these factors, there is a good chance you might lack somewhere. You might overpack the product, which will lead to added expenses or underpack it, which might affect the safety of the product. Alongside, you don’t want either of the two situations.

That’s where the role of packaging optimization comes in. It is the science of packing your product appropriately to keep it safe from any damage caused by its environment. Also, it must have a decent aesthetic, and doesn’t cost you a bomb! It is a practice your business must imbibe to profit and reach your customers faster.

Methods For Optimizing Your Product Packaging

Tips to optimize your packaging

Determine the package size

Owing to the different size of products, try to deduce a definite size of the packaging. Once you make a few fundamental changes in the dimensions of the package, you save on packaging costs. Furthermore, you increase the number of shipments you send out daily. A carefully analyzed design which is developed after you study the supply chain closely helps you ship and deliver better.

Design the package structure

The structure of the packaging plays a significant role in maintaining the safety of your package. Hence, it needs to be given importance when you finalize your packaging. A standardized package structure may not be suitable for all products and can lead to transportation damages. This, in turn, can possibly increase RTO for your shipments. Keep in mind the order fulfillment, transportation, and the delivery distance, to decide a suitable structure for your package.

Review the packaging material

The kind of material you use also plays a significant role in the transportation of the package. Some material is brittle and tends to tear or break early. Whereas, some kinds of material are light yet sturdy. For example, if you are packaging your product in a plastic wrap, choose a light type. It does not tear easily and can bear any friction that your transportation may induce. Also, make sure it doesn’t look shabby, is non-toxic, and does no damage to your product. If you feel a cheaper form of material doesn’t work for you, try to look for alternatives. A more affordable material that does not meet your needs will only increase cost because it might be needed more.

Why Is Packaging Optimization An Intelligent Move?

Most eCommerce sellers fail to acknowledge the benefits packaging optimization brings to the table. You may feel the packaging is only relevant to prevent damage while shipping it to the customer. But, it is much more than that. It is a golden opportunity for you to promote your brand. Furthermore, you can use it to enhance the delivery experience for your customer by many folds. You may not realize this, but a carefully packaged product does leave an impression on the minds of buyers. Some people reuse your packaging for other purposes, and thus, your brand stays with them for more extended periods.

advantages of optimising packages

So, let’s dive into the benefits of packaging optimization and how your business can gain from it:

Reduced packaging costs

Once you optimize your packaging, you can make considerable reductions in the size and improve upon the structure. Therefore, you can save on packaging material costs, reduce transportation costs, and also decrease the amount of waste produced.

Simplified transportation

With optimization in place, your packages are prepared to face the wrath of the road and air. You can transport an increased number of packages as the spatial arrangement could be better. Thus, your packages are safer and transported easily.

Cheaper shipping

If you reduce the size of your packaging, double the amount of packets can be stored in one large container. This step helps you ship more at a lesser price. With courier aggregators like Shiprocket, that help you ship at rates as low as 27/500g, you can ship more for less.

Decreased loss due to damage

An adequately packed product guarantees safe delivery. It seldom happens that your products reach the customer in a compromised state because they are under-packed.  This mishap leads to negative customer experience and RTO, which means you lose in two ways. But with optimized packaging, your products reach the customer sooner. Moreover, they are delivered in perfect shape because you pack them accordingly.

A better delivery experience

Lastly, once your packaging is optimized, you can invest time and money to personalize it. You can add notes, discounts for future purchases, trial products, etc. This effort will definitely go a long way in customer satisfaction. It increases the chances of your buyer’s return to your store.

Final Thoughts

Packaging optimization not only serves as a means to eliminate additional costs out of your supply chain, but it also helps enhance your buyer’s delivery experience. It’s time you invest time and resources to apply it to your eCommerce strategy!

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