Introducing Global Shipping (Cross Border Trade)

Shiprocket recently launched it’s global shipping feature to make international e-commerce easier for businesses across India – Shiprocket X. With international trade becoming easier by the day, Shiprocket X now offers you a helping hand to make things easier on the shipping front. Shiprocket X offers individuals and companies a chance to ship their products to USA, UK, Australia and various other countries without any added hassles.

What Is Shiprocket X?

Shiprocket X  is a unique offering that supports your business to ship your products abroad. It caters to 220+ countries and has courier partners like DHL, FedEx, and Aramex under its banner.

Shiprocket is a reputed shipping aggregator offering shipping services across India. With brands like DHL and FedEx supporting this platform, there is no doubt even economical Shiprocket X will be a dream come true for many.

Shiprocket X Features

1) Wide Reach

Shiprocket X offers to ship to over 220+ countries across the world. Now you can ship anywhere in the world with just a few clicks, without the hassle of choosing a suitable courier partner first and then reducing your list of export destinations.

2) Cheapest Rates

You can ship at a starting rate of Rs. 299 per 50gm. This saves you a huge amount of additional costs and also gives you a chance to export to many more places at once.

3) No Minimum Order Commitment

When you ship with Shiprocket X, you don’t have to maintain any minimum order limit. You can ship any number of orders without paying anything extra.

4) Top Marketplace Integration

You can integrate your Amazon Seller Central account and eBay USA/UK marketplace account with your Shiprocket X dashboard and ship your orders conveniently.

5) End-To-End Tracking

Track all your orders from start till end and ship tension free. You can keep a check on your shipments when they leave from the warehouse and reach the customer.


As powerful as always, you can make use of our Machine Learning based courier recommendation engine and decide the best courier partner for your shipment.

7) Shipping Plans

Shiprocket X offers you plans like standard, economy and express to choose the most convenient shipping method for you.

Benefits of Global Shipping with Shiprocket X

1) Ship At Your Convenience:

With Shiprocket X, you can easily ship to any part of the world just within a few clicks. Without going through a long drawn process of communication and coordination, you can select the best courier partner for yourself and ship easily.

2) Choose Your Desired Courier Partner:

You can choose from a variety of courier partners rather than signing up with one and compromising on services and export destinations.

3) Sync Your Orders At One Place:

By syncing marketplaces like Amazon USA/UK and eBay USA/UK, you can easily manage all your orders at one place and ship in a sorted manner.

With Shiprocket X, you can pursue international shipping at a cheaper rate and sell your products across the world.

Happy Shipping!


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Srishti Arora

Content Writer at Shiprocket

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  1. Rohan Dwivedi Reply

    I need to understand traffic and shipping rates for USA & Canda Shipment from India.
    Could you help me with price quotations of packages for these denominations: 0.3kg, 0.5, 1kg, 30kg, 100kg to the USA, or Canada.
    Can I request for a tariff sheet, please?
    Thank you for getting back as soon as possible.

    • Srishti Arora Reply

      Hi Rohan,

      To learn about the rates for shipping to specific pincodes and for different weights, just use our shipping rate calculator –

      This will give you a fair estimate

  2. Akki Rock Reply

    I am in Qatar and want to use Shiprocket service here to deliver the goods across Qatar and worldwide. Is it possible or not? Please answer.

    • Rashmi Sharma Reply

      Hi Akki,

      Thank you for your interest in Shiprocket. Please check this page for more information on how to ship goods across Qatar –

  3. Varun Tandon Reply

    We are a startup engaged in retailing of perfumes (indian attars) and allied products. We wish to register with you for global shipping. Kdl contact us.

    • Rashmi Sharma Reply

      Hi Varun,

      Thank you for your interest in Shiprocket. Please sign up to our platform for both domestic and international shipments:

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