The Ultimate Guide For Choosing The Most Suitable International Courier Partner [Infographic]

Select the right courier partner for international shipments

With the e-commerce industry aimed to reach 17.5% of all retail sales worldwide by 2021, it is no doubt that the sector is more than blooming today. This is a ripe time for sellers to engage in international trade and capture foreign markets, a phenomenon only common to top sellers. With the government offering lucrative benefits on export trade under the MEIS scheme, it is the ideal time for you to leave your stamp worldwide.

But when selling abroad, the major test of your practice is shipping. How can you make your shipping as easy as selling? You know of many shipping aggregators like Shiprocket and also know their courier partners. But how do you decide which courier partner is most suited for each shipment? Here is an infographic to help you with this confusion!

Infographic for choosing Shiprocket's courier partners

Utilize this information to choose the most suitable courier partner for your international orders!

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