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best international courier services international shipping

International eCommerce has become a common practice for India’s domestic sellers. According to a report, India’s eCommerce market to grow by 21.5% in 2022. But with international eCommerce, comes another hurdle – worldwide shipping. If you are interested in selling online, we recommend you begin by understanding how you would ship your products abroad along with planning your budget for it.

Cheapest courier services international shipping

When you plan to ship internationally, you have to go through the tedious process of selecting the most suitable courier partner for your firm. It is challenging to find the best international courier service in India that offers all benefits, such as discounted rates, worldwide coverage, etc. For somebody venturing into the international eCommerce market, it becomes essential to keep in mind a fixed budget for their shipping, or else, overhead costs will skyrocket.

Importance of Planning a Budget for International Shipping

Without proper budget allocation, you might be driven to spend extra on delivery services and your profit margins might decrease. Furthermore, you might need to shut down your business. Planning a budget for international shipping will give you a picture of the profits you need to scale and how you need to go about it. It will set boundaries, and you will work accordingly to accommodate the costs set aside for this purpose.

Suppose you launch your international eCommerce business in full throttle and orders start pouring in. Initially, you feel elated because the orders are less and fulfillment doesn’t add up to be costly. However, when the number of your orders increases, you begin to notice decreasing profits. What could be the reason for this? You guessed it right, improper budget allocation.

Here are a few courier companies that won’t go beyond your budget and offer efficient international shipping from India to help you reach a wider audience worldwide.

All in One Solution for Cheapest International Courier Service- Shiprocket

Shiprocket is India’s leading courier aggregator and offers International shipping from India to over 220+ countries across the world. The best about its system is the tie-up with courier partners like FedEx and Aramex, which gives you a competitive advantage of pre-negotiated, and heavily discounted rates. Along with this, you also get many top-notch services. Its international shipping rates begin at Rs. 110/50g.

You can calculate the shipping charges beforehand with the shipping rate calculator present on the platform. You can estimate your shipping costs here

Not just this, sellers also get many added advantages like multiple pickup locations, integration with international marketplaces like eBay and Amazon US and UK, an ML-based courier recommendation engine for telling you the best courier partner for each shipment, and much more! Explore the platform here.


FedEx is one of the most famous brands for international shipping. The various services they offer for your international orders include FedEx International First, FedEx International Priority, and FedEx International Economy. With these services, you can ship to over 220+ countries including the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, and over 200 others. The shipping time for their services is 3-5 days, depending on the type of shipping.


DHL is a leading name for international order fulfillment. They have over 53 years of experience in global logistics along with advanced shipping tools, tracking systems, and a weekly billing system. These features cater to all your shipping needs. If you are looking for a reliable yet low-cost courier partner, DHL is indeed your pick.


One of the best international couriers, Aramex provides special international logistics services to start-ups and established eCommerce businesses. They cover over 240 countries for shipping and have offices across the world. Their export express shipping is an ideal option for sellers looking for quick shipping. Also, under export express, they have two more options under the name of priority and value express. Value Express is their time-efficient delivery service for shipping products at economical rates.  

E com Shipping Solutions Pvt Ltd

They have a profound international network across the USA, Canada, Singapore, U.K & Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. E com Shipping Solutions offer air & ocean freight shipping along with express delivery services to give your business various options to choose from that best suit your business needs.

India Post

India Post is India’s most trusted network when we talk about eCommerce shipping. They have incredibly nominal rates for international shipping and ship to over 213 countries. Moreover, you can opt for shipping through their EMS speed post service or the air parcel, whichever is most suitable.


DTDC has grown to become an active player among international courier companies. Its service is said to be the best along with extremely reasonable rates. They have an extensive network across 240+ countries across the globe and have also partnered with various global logistics providers to ensure timely delivery to their customers. Currently, they provide express and cargo services for international shipments. You also get an option to collect COD on international orders.

Ecom Express

They offer an end-to-end cross-border trade solution to their clients. Their delivery services include a vast network, and their services include customs clearance and doorstep delivery to international buyers. Also, Ecom express provides tracking services for all the international orders they ship.


A household name in India, Delhivery, also offers eCommerce shipping services to international buyers. Also, they offer express shipping, consolidation centers, and different transport solutions like sea and air for order fulfillment.

TNT India

TNT India is a world-renowned name for its express shipping services. The services they offer in India include express shipping, customs clearance, and pick up from the doorstep among a few. Moreover, the best part is, they provide personalized rates to frequent shippers. Their delivery destinations include the USA, Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, and a few others.

Bombino Express

One of the oldest logistics services in India, Bombino offers door-to-door express delivery services to its sellers shipping from India. Their services are spread across India, the USA, the UK, the Middle East, and various other countries. For eCommerce sellers, they also offer express shipping services, doorstep delivery, and logistics services as well.

Do let us know which international courier service works best for you and comment below if there is any other carrier partner that you’d like to share with us!

Best eCommerce Logistics Solutions Provider

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Do I need any documentation for international shipping?

Yes. You need your Import Export code, GST documentation, and any other relevant paperwork that your carrier might require for customs clearance. 

Do I need to pay GST charges on shipping?

Yes. You need to pay taxes on shipping charges. Most companies like Shiprocket show you the charges inclusive of GST. 

What if I want to ship with more than one cheapest international carrier?

You can do so with shipping aggregators like Shiprocket. 

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