How Does International Speed Post Work?

International Speed Post - India Post

International Speed Post, also referred to as EMS is premium service brought to you by India Post that deals with international postal delivery and courier services. It is quite popular for the fast delivery, cost-effectiveness and tracking services for documents and merchandise.


Booking an international speed post is also quite easy. You just need to head on to a post office in your locality and apply for the same. India Post has offices in all parts of the country and in major cities. The offices remain open till evening, and so you can even book your international postal service in the evening hours.


To keep pace with the development in the technological space, India Post offers the services of tracking your shipment through the internet. There is an advanced tracking and tracing facility that lets you understand where your shipment is and when it will be delivered.

Weight Restrictions:

Like any other shipping agency, there are certain weight restrictions involved in international speed post as well. The maximum weight that you can send in the form of international speed post is 35 kilograms. The dimensions of the postal article for international posts should be within 1.5 meters in breadth and 3 meters in length. The weight restrictions apply according to the destination country where you are sending the shipment.


In case of any damage or delay due to negligence, there is also a compensation policy that customers can avail. In case of delay, the compensation will be calculated according to the difference between the EMS and the registered post charges. In case there is a loss or damage to the shipment, the compensation will be 30 SDR.

Delivery Standards:

International post is also subject to delivery standards. It usually varies from 3 – 9 days for different countries.

Prohibited Articles:

While shipping internationally through Speed Post, you must take care of certain articles that are prohibited. For example, explosives, inflammable, living creatures, obscene printed articles etc. are prohibited.


There are tariffs specific to different countries for shipping through postal service. It is usually lower than private courier companies. These are listed on the website of India with a base weight of 250gm.  For example, the tariff for sending documents to USA is Rs 850, exceeding the 250 gms of which would cost an additional Rs 150. Similarly, it is different for non-document goods or merchandise.

Customs forms and regulations:

Some of the elementary custom forms and regulations are used in postal couriers. These are

  • CN22: For articles of value below SDR 300.
  • CN23: For articles of value SDR 300 or above.


The International Speed post is a reliable and effective means to send your items to overseas locations. Moreover, it is quite affordable compared to the private shipping and courier services.


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