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How Has The Internet Changed Our Lives?

Puneet Bhalla

Associate Director - Marketing @ Shiprocket

September 26, 2017

10 min read

As science and technology have evolved, our lifestyles experienced changes. From the first telephone to the first medical drug, every invention and innovation has significantly affected the lifestyle across the globe. And the same applies to the internet as well. Since the first internet connections were laid in the late 1950s, the world has undergone a sea of changes, thanks to the power of the World Wide Web.
From basic needs to the utmost luxuries, almost every facet of our lifestyle is now impacted by the internet. And as we go towards the future, the dependence on the internet and its role in our life are expected to grow more.
The world is now a global city and the internet is in many ways responsible for that. With the power of the web and smartphones, we can now connect with anyone, anytime from anywhere.
Let us take a look at some of the areas of our lifestyle where the internet played a significant role and changed it.

What Is The Impact Of the Internet On Businesses?

No one would have ever imagined that businesses could be performed across the globe through a computer, but the internet has made it possible. With the advent of information technology, more and more people are using it as a great platform to promote their goods and services.
Technology has made the world a small place and you can easily bank on this factor to give a big boost to your business. Starting from small entrepreneurship firms to multi-national companies, almost all types of businesses are giving well stressed on the internet. There are various types of internet business options that you can choose from based on your preferences and capital. For different businesses, you have to implement different techniques and strategies. Some of the popular types include:

  • Affiliate Marketing Business
  • Google Adwords & Adsense Marketing
  • Blog & Article Submission Business
  • Online Auction Selling
  • Web Marketing

If you get the basics right and conduct your internet business in the right way, you will surely enjoy good profits.

What Is The Impact Of the Internet On Education?

With the advent of the internet today, even education is now possible from the comforts of your home. All over the world, online education has brought a revolution in the field of education and knowledge sharing. If you have an internet connection and a computer, you can easily enroll in an online education program.
In today’s world, it is getting extremely difficult to keep pace with time. In this scenario, online courses are of great benefit to students. One does not need to take the pain to go to school, college, or university for study purposes. The study can be done virtually through the internet.
The positive impact of the internet on a student’s life is such that they can now go for any educational program (like associate degrees or diplomas, bachelor courses, master’s courses, or even doctoral or post-doctoral courses) online. Many reputed schools, colleges, and universities across the world now offer several online education programs in diverse fields.

What Is The Impact Of the Internet On Shopping/Buying?

The internet has revolutionized the concept of shopping in our lives. Well, there are lots of places and shops where you can go to buy your favorite items. But, is it possible for you to visit all of these places at a single time? No, it is not possible in real life. But, the internet has made it possible where you can choose and buy a product from different sellers at the same time. From the necessities to the luxuries, you get to shop everything online.
Shopping enthusiasts must have already experienced the excitement and joy that online shopping offers. There are numerous sites from where you can get information and buy the latest brands online. You just need to browse the internet and click on the relevant sites to buy. Once you get the site, you will find the online catalog from which you need to choose the models and the brands as per your needs, preferences, and budget requirements. Most of these websites sell products ranging from high-cost value to as cheap as possible.
There are several benefits if you buy online. In the first place, you can browse the internet, visit online stores, and place your order 24×7. This is not possible in the case of shops and markets where there is a stipulated working time. By buying online, you can also save lots of time and yet get the latest brands.
Another great thing about online shopping is that you will enjoy very good bargains. To lure customers, most of the sites offer good discounts and rebates on their models and products.

What Is The Impact of the Internet On Our Lifestyle?

The internet now acts as a one-stop guide to all the information and queries about beauty, style, fashion, lifestyle, personal grooming, and more.
There are lots of websites that provide professional and expert information and tips on various aspects that may be required to glam up one’s look and personality. Starting from the basic beauty care tips and cosmetic makeovers to the latest cosmetic surgeries that are available, you can get information about almost everything. They have different sections which are dedicated to various subjects like hair care and style, eye makeup, body care, skincare, beauty products, eye care, and lots more.
For those who are looking for information on the latest fashion and style trends, these sites can be the best options as they provide information about the latest trends that are in vogue in the fashion and beauty industry. From making funky tattoos to buying the latest jewelry and fashion accessories, viewers can get the relevant info that they are looking for.

What Is The Impact Of The Internet On the Travel Industry?

For wanderlusts, the internet is a friend in need and service. Now, make use of the power of the web to know more about travel destinations and even organize travel plans online. You now can book hotels, tickets, and travel packages online. Just do it from the comforts of your home, sit back, and pack your bags! The internet has now become the one-stop place to know about what it takes to make a great travel trip. One can get to know about various available travel packages, popular destinations, bookings in hotels and resorts, flight bookings, and lots more from the web.
From the lovely beaches to the mighty mountains or the best exotic and heritage locations, you can get all the necessary information. Some of the services that are offered through the web include online flight schedules and booking, online hotel reservations, tour planning and bookings, car rental bookings, and so on.

What Is The Impact Of the Internet On Jobs And Employment?

Getting a job now has become easier, thanks to the internet. Numerous sites offer you the scope to search for your favorite job. You can get useful information about job opportunities and detailed information about job scenarios. The job prospects for the overseas market, the most coveted jobs, career scope, details about this, and much more.
The internet provides you with comprehensive and credible information about jobs. The job market today has become diverse and the site strives to provide the best news it. Job seekers are given handy information about the changing trends and also about the unconventional job sectors that are coming up. From job openings to handy details on the industry that is right for you, the sites cover almost everything.

The in-depth analysis of the job scenario of other countries is helpful for those vying for overseas jobs. You can easily on go onto the net and get a lot of ideas about the job prospects in other countries.
Do you have a fetish for knowledge and love writing? Well, the internet is a channel that allows you to monetize your writing skills through online publishing as well as helps you to earn some extra bucks. You can make money with your writing and interactive skills using the internet. Whether you are a creative writer, web publisher, or webmaster, plenty of cash can come to your bank account easily through various online channels.

What Is The Impact Of the Internet On Games?

Are you a games freak and have very good hand and eye coordination? Then why don’t you log onto the internet? The web has now become the largest platform for sports on the planet. Choose from a wide range of online games on the internet and have a fantastic experience.
To cater to your needs and preferences, there are plenty of available online gaming sites. You can choose from a wide range of games like action or shooter games, puzzle games, tactical games, word games, retro games, and so on. If you are a lover of sports, then there are lots of sports and racing games as well that you can play online. Some of the popular gaming sites also have different game categories for girls and boys.
Most online games offer a great gaming experience for you. The graphics are wonderful and you can have a real-life feeling. There are strategy games where you need to show your mental skills to advance through the levels.
Even you can earn money by playing online games. Are you surprised? Well, there are lots of online casino games where you will not only feel that adrenaline rush but also earn loads of money at the end of the day. If you are good at gambling, these games are perfect for filling your wallet with just a click of a mouse!

What Is The Impact Of the Internet On The Aged People And Society?

Now the aged do not need to always sit in front of the TV or read a book. They can try something exciting like browsing the internet. If you think that the internet is only meant for the tech-savvy or the youngsters, you are mistaken. Internet and seniors make a good pair, and there are sufficient reasons as to why it is so.
With the help of the internet, seniors can get all sorts of information without stepping out of their houses. It is like a knowledge bank from where they can get a host of information on different subjects and topics. They can shop, send gifts, make bill payments and do so many other things from the comfort of home through the internet. No more standing in long queues to pay electricity bills or walking that extra mile to get a bottle of juice. All they need to do is to log on to the relevant website and go clicking with the mouse.
They can even socialize and connect to near and dear ones in the community through the internet. Socialsocial networking sites are one of the reasons for the growing popularity of the internet among people across the world.
Apart from these, there are myriad sectors where the internet has played wonders. Some of them are healthcare, sports, manufacturing and retail, public administration, banking, and lots more. With the advancement in science and technology, more and more sectors are coming under the purview of the internet and the boom is expected to become boomer with time.

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