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Ways to Deal With a Pickup Exception For D2C Sellers

Rashmi Sharma

Specialist Content Marketing @ Shiprocket

September 7, 2021

3 min read

Although the eCommerce shipping industry is set to change after the Covid-19 induced lockdown, the most formidable challenge for the industry is pickup and delivery. If an order pickup or delivery is delayed, people are not exactly pleased.

While shipping companies make every effort possible to ensure that packages meet their pickup and delivery dates, there are instances where a pick-up might fail. It happens when a courier service attempted pickup and couldn’t complete it due to some reason. The pickup exception does happen and can affect a customer’s decision of whether they shop from you again in the future or not.

Let’s talk about pickup exceptions and how they affect e-commerce shipping.

What is a Pickup Exception?

There are different stages of order processing, and pickup is the final stage when a courier company receives the shipment. The status pickup exception is marked when the shipping carrier attempted pickup and couldn’t complete it for different reasons.

Reasons for a Failed or No Pickup Attempt

The most common reason for a pickup exception is when there are delays or lapses on the side of the courier or seller. Some of the other reasons:

  • The courier rider does not arrive or is not available on the scheduled pick-up date.
  • The rider capacity cannot fit items for pick-up.
  • The items are not ready for pickup at the time rider arrives.

What If Pickup Exception is Due to Courier Fault?

If failed pickup attempt is due to the courier company’s fault, there is a need to reschedule and make another attempt to pick up the parcel. For the same day, a maximum of two pickup attempts can be made.

What If Pickup Exception is Due to Seller Fault?

There are other reasons for no pick-up or pickup exception. A seller may have processed your shipment late on the shipping system, or the seller may have change the pickup time. If pickup delay or no pickup is due to the seller’s fault, they must reschedule pickup for the day. 

With Shiprocket, resolve all your concerns for pick-up exception and ensure that you receive your orders promptly.

3 Options To Resolve a ‘Pick-Up Exception’

Drop the Package at Closer Carrier Facility/Center 

To resolve a pickup exception, sellers can drop the package at the closest courier facility with the label created. If you don’t know about the closest courier facility near you, always contact the Shiprocket team, and we will be able to let you know where you can drop off your shipment. 

Re-Schedule Another Pickup For a Different Day and Time

Re-schedule another pickup for your shipment. Check all the details of shipment that is delayed or in case of no pickup. Information about your order pickup is automatically saved in the system from that point. Shiprocket shipping solution allows d2c sellers to schedule a new pickup time for shipment.

The last option is to contact on seller support number and email to schedule the pick-up for you.

When scheduling a pickup on the Shiprocket platform, sellers can check the status of their shipment. If you notice that the status of your parcel is wrong, contact the selected courier company as soon as possible.

In case you have received notifications such as “no pickup,” “incomplete or wrong address, “receiver refused the delivery,” contact directly to us!

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2 thoughts on “Ways to Deal With a Pickup Exception For D2C Sellers

  1. Neither the pickup guy contacted us nor he visited our premises then why are we facing pickup exception. Please respond ASAP.

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