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19 Best Online Business Ideas for Start In 2024

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 6, 2024

12 min read

Regardless of your prior experience, starting an online business is easier than ever in the “Internet age.” Once you decide to venture into the online selling space, the next step is to select a business idea after thorough market research and consideration. This blog is for ambitious business owners considering launching an Internet business. This article will discuss the potential for starting your own eCommerce company and a few solid business ideas you might consider in 2024.

Online business ideas

19 Best Online Business Ideas Which You Can Start Easily

1. Start A Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is one of the most reliable ways to make money online without spending or purchasing in advance. Dropshipping can be the answer if you’re concerned about where to store your goods or how to run a business. You can collect customers’ orders online and find a retailer or wholesaler to handle inventory control and order fulfillment if you run a dropshipping firm. For this method to work, you must set your prices higher than third-party suppliers.

2. Pet Food & Accessories Business 

The fact that so many people view their pets as members of their families and companions makes the pet industry flourish. It is a growing industry, and as of 2022, the global pet care market size stood at $261 billion. Therefore, whether you enjoy having pets or not, you can make money by selling pet food and other supplies online. 

3. Offer Online Ad Optimisation Services

Offer Online Ad Optimisation Services

Business owners must use various tools to improve their online presence as competition gets fierce. To enhance revenue, online optimisation requires creating targeted advertisements. Employing strategies like keyword advertising makes it easier for customers to find a product or service online. If you have experience in digital marketing and advertising, you might help entrepreneurs optimise their online advertisements across platforms to boost their revenue.

4SEO Consulting

With the popularity of online purchasing, many companies and brands are driven by a fixation on ranking high and turning searchers into paying customers to outperform their competitors. Only a small number of these people are fully knowledgeable about SEO, schema, link building, and other digital marketing techniques. If you are experienced in SEO, think about starting a consulting firm for online sellers. A capable SEO specialist offers aid in assessing the effectiveness of a brand’s website and makes recommendations for a successful strategy that increases traffic and sales.

5. Online Training

Everyone, including those working in education, learned from the pandemic that learning doesn’t have to stop during challenging times. Professionals in specific fields turned their knowledge into online training programs when the world moved online. There are a lot of online learning systems available. The need for them, though, continues to grow. People increasingly use online platforms to acquire valuable resources and develop new skills. Whether fitness, digital marketing, SEO, UI/UX design, or any niche you are skilled in, 2024 is the perfect year to start a new venture online. Creating online training sessions, producing a helpful booklet, and creating a website are some strategies for marketing your online course.

6Freelance Writer

Freelancers appreciate flexibility since it allows them to accept assignments that work with their schedules. Additionally, freelancers have complete control over their workflow. You can display your work and meet the needs of small and large enterprises if you have writing talent. If you are a writer, you may use your abilities to get writing offers from people worldwide to write blog posts, eBooks, and sales copies.

7Become a Freelance App Developer/Web Designer

Thanks to changing times, software and app development are now highly in-demand online business niches. More and more businesses want experienced developers to build websites and mobile apps. Anyone who wants to launch an internet business almost certainly needs a website and might not have the technical skills to make it.

One of the most exemplary online business ideas for you can be working as a freelance web designer if you’re creative and interested in coding. In the meantime, if you lack relevant experience, you can also use helpful web resources.

8. Social Media Management

Social Media Management - Online Business idea

It’s reasonable to assume that all brands today recognise the value of using social media marketing to advertise their goods or services. Given social media’s importance to internet marketing, it seems sensible that many companies are investing there now. They are hiring social media enthusiasts to run their pages. Starting a social media management business is one of the hottest online business ideas of 2024.

9. Sell Art Pieces Online

Nowadays, there is a lot of demand for art pieces to decorate offices and houses. If you are good at painting, photography, pottery, sculpturing, or creating various other kinds of art pieces, then this can be a good business option for you. Showcase your best artwork online and win over clients. As people will display your art pieces in their homes and offices, you are likely to attract more art admirers.

10. Start a Blog or Online Newsletter

You can generate good income by starting an interesting blog and maintaining it. Likewise, starting an online newsletter can also prove to be a lucrative online business idea. These enable you to earn profit from sponsored posts, subscriptions, hosting ads, and promoting brands. It is important to build a loyal reader base and keep the engagement rates high. This can be achieved by following an audience-centric approach.

11. Start an Online Accounting Firm

If you have studied Finance and Accounting and have experience in the field then starting an online accounting firm can be an excellent business idea for you. Many organisations look for external firms or agencies to manage tasks such as bookkeeping, filing taxes, generating invoices, and the like. If you are good with your work, you can attract clients who provide work month on month. You can build a good client base over time and expect good returns without much investment.

12. Online Bakery

Bakery products are quite in demand. With so many parties and events being hosted every day, the demand for delicious pastries, cakes, brownies, and other bakery items is on the rise. This business can easily be managed from home. By getting the right kind of equipment and acquiring the skills to operate the business, you can prepare a variety of bakery items at home. Market them effectively on your social media handles and sell them on your online store. Impressive presentation and delectable taste can help fetch repeat orders and ensure good word-of-mouth publicity. It is a good idea to create an exclusive section of gluten-free or vegan bakery items to get an edge over your competitors.

13. Online Store for Baby Products

New moms often find it hard to look for the right baby products. An online store selling baby products including clothing items, skincare and haircare products, toys, strollers, and bath chairs among others can gain popularity among them. It is imperative to sell high-quality products to encourage repeat purchases. As per research, 30% of buyers prefer purchasing goods from a website they have shopped from in the past.

14. Stock Photography Business

Stock photography can prove to be another lucrative online business idea. If you love photography then this can be a brilliant business opportunity for you. You can turn your passion into a profession by selling your stock photos online. Many platforms are ready to pay a good amount of money for beautifully captured photographs.

15. Online Handicraft Items Business

The love for handicraft items is growing among the folks. Handcrafted baskets, ceramic bowls, glassworks, metal crafts, stone and wood works, and paper crafts are being bought extensively. The demand for such items especially grows during the festive season. By offering beautifully designed handicraft items with a modern touch, you can attract a good number of buyers. The key is to find skilled workers who can help design beautiful pieces.

16. Start your Clothing Line

Garments are forever in demand. The craze for purchasing different kinds of clothes is growing as people have become conscious about maintaining separate sets of work clothes, party wear attires, casual clothing, and so on. Due to time constraints most people these days prefer shopping for clothes online. If you know the fashion and clothing industry then starting your clothing line can be a great idea. Offer good quality clothes, stylish designs, and a wide variety to match different tastes and keep the rates competitive. This will help you establish a name in the market.

17. Become an Online Fitness Trainer

This is another low investment online business idea that has the potential to generate excellent return. With more and more people growing conscious about their health and fitness, this business is likely to flourish over time.  Start by creating a social media handle showcasing your fitness journey and knowledge about the fitness industry to attract followers. Once you have a good fan following, you can launch your online fitness programmes to generate income. Online yoga, aerobics and zumba classes attract fitness enthusiasts of all age groups.

18. Online Gift Shop

Selecting gifts for loved ones can be a challenging task. Everyone tries to look for unique gift items that can bring a smile to the receiver’s face. Setting up an online gift shop offering unique and memorable gifts can thus be a good idea. Providing the option of customised gifts can boost your business further.

19. Start an Online Antique Store

If you love collecting unique artefacts and antiques and have a good collection of them, then you may turn it into business. You can sell these items online on popular market places to generate income. There are many people out there who love collecting such items and are ready to pay a good amount for them. As your business grows, you can start your online antique store.

Steps to Start an Online Business

Here is a step-by-step guide to starting your online business:

  1. Start by setting a budget for setting up and managing your online business. Look for different ways you can finance your business. This may include using your personal savings, seeking financial assistance from friends or family, taking a bank loan and looking for investors among others. The availability of funds will largely decide the type of business you can start.
  2. Conduct a thorough market research to understand which online business idea can prove to be lucrative depending on your available resources, knowledge and skill.
  3. Once you select a business idea, it is time to create an effective business plan. This should include your legal structure, market analysis, short term and long term goals, the way you plan to manage different processes, marketing strategies, funding requests, financial projections and  service or product line.
  4. Next, work towards developing or sourcing your product. Likewise, if you plan to offer a service such as fitness training, coaching, financial consultation and the likes, then build a base to offer these services efficiently.
  5. It is important to collaborate with reliable vendors and suppliers to ensure smooth operations. So, next step in the process would be to look for these professionals.
  6. Once you have all the background work done, get your website designed to start selling your products and services online. Alternatively, you may enrol at a popular marketplace to display your products and attract buyers.

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Why Start an Online Business?

Here is a quick look at the various advantages of starting an online business:

  1. Work from Anywhere

Starting an online business offers the advantage of working from anywhere. This is unlike the traditional brick and motor store where you have to be physically present at all times to operate your business.

  1. Low Investment Cost

The cost of starting an online store is quite low compared to establishing a physical store. You can launch your business by getting your website developed or registering at a reputed marketplace with a small investment.

  1. Large Consumer Base

By opening an online store, you can gain access to a large consumer base. You can sell your products across borders by sitting in the comfort of your home. By implementing strategic marketing techniques, you can grab the attention of your potential clients and encourage sales.

  1. Better Sales Opportunities

More and more people, these days, are choosing to shop online. This is mainly because it offers convenience as well as better deals. Reportedly, 71% of shoppers believe they can grab a better offer in an online store. By providing a wide variety of high-quality products in your category, you can establish a name in the market. To encourage sales, you must also ensure that your website is fast, easy to load, responsive, and offers multiple payment modes. And don’t forget to price your products reasonably.  

  1. Availability of Advanced Tools

There are many online tools that help analyse data, conduct market research, show market predictions, and assist in various other tasks that promote business growth. It has become easier to manage online business operations and grow with the help of these tools.


Pursuing a small business and its nature is a personal choice. Although money is necessary, you’ll require more inspiration to continue than just that. Once you have a perfect idea that fits your schedule, satisfies your life’s passion, and is financially sound, test it out on a small scale, starting with your friends and family. Throughout the process, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance. Also, don’t forget to enjoy yourself a little while working hard. Hope these online business ideas inspire the hidden entrepreneur in you, and now you know which way to lean towards while starting your own online business. 

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