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Product Highlights From May 2022


Malika Sanon

Senior Specialist @ Shiprocket

June 3, 2022

5 min read

The Shiprocket team makes consistent efforts to make improvements and brings regular product updates to enable you to reach your business goals. Yet Again, we’ve delivered a handful of new features and enhancements that are important for you. Here are the highlights from May that will help simplify your returns and refunds process, enable your business to reach new heights and much more. 

Plan Your Pickups Around Your Shipping Schedule 

Schedule Pickups 

To make it easier for our sellers, we have introduced flexible pickup dates for shipments. You can now schedule pickups according to your shipping schedule for the next five working days ahead of time. 

Follow these simple steps to schedule pickups for your orders- 

Step 1- Choose the next working date when you need the order to be picked up. 

Step 2- The date of the pickup can be the same date that you have decided to place your order on. 

Step 3- Just click on Schedule Pick Up. 

Reschedule Pickups 

You can also reschedule your pick up 24 hours before your pickup date if your shipment is not ready or you want an early pickup.

 To know how to schedule pickups, follow these simple steps-   

Go To Schedule Your Pickup  →  Ready To Ship  → Select Order ID  →  Reschedule Pickup  →  Choose Date  →  Reschedule 

Leverage The Order Tracking Page To Help Your Customers Find You On Social Media 

You can now promote your social media channels through your Shiprocket order tracking page. You can seamlessly connect all your social media handles including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, into your tracking page and redirect your buyers for a more branded experience. 

Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1- Go to the Tracking Page on the seller panel.

Step 2- Now, go to the Page Settings.

Step3- Add your social media links in the blank boxes provided for the links. 

Step 4- Click on the Save button. 

Check Out What’s New In Your Shiprocket App

You can now connect your Shopify store to Shiprocket on your iOS and  Android device via Shiprocket’s mobile app.

Follow these simple steps to integrate Shopify from your iOS and Android App-

Step 1- Go to More Menu  →  Channel Integration  → Integrate with Shopify   →Select Existing Channel or Add New   → Update  Store URL  → Connect to Shopify

Step 2- On Shopify Page: Log In  → Install App

Step 3- On Shiprocket: Update Remaining Store Settings  → Click “Update Channel & Test Connection”

 Updates In iOS App

  1. Earlier, you could on do a global search by using the AWB and Order ID to track the order. But, now to make it easier for our sellers, you can track the order by just the buyer’s Phone Number and Email ID from the Home Page, Orders section & Shipments section.  
  1. You can now view the images shared by the courier in the Weight Discrepancy Detail and Dispute History screens. 

Follow these steps to view images- 

Step 1– Log in to your app. 

Step 2- Now, go to the More Menu.

Step 3- Click on the Weight Discrepancies button.

Step 4-  Select the discrepancy for which you want to check courier images and scroll down to check the images shared by the courier. 

Reasons For Accepting Product Returns Can Now Be Customized 

Every brand has unique business needs which is why we now let you customize your reasons for the return based on your company policies. This gives you more control over product returns and simplifies the whole process even further. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps-

Step 1– Go to Settings on the seller panel. 

Step 2- Now, go to Returns and then click on Return Settings

Step 3- Go to Return Reasons and Select Your Reasons for return. 

Step 4- Click on Submit. 

Shiprocket Fulfillment: Schedule Your Inbounds At Fulfillment Centres

You can now schedule your inbound appointment from your fulfillment dashboard. You can also select the desired Fulfillment Centres according to your need and book the slot of your preference. In addition, now you can also reschedule or delete an ASN. 

Note: The expected inbound date is dependent on the Fulfillment Centre capacity.

Step 1 – Create ASN as you always do.
Step 2 – At the appointment screen, you will be able to see available dates and time slots. Click on the date that you want to select. 

Step 3 – Now, you will see a popup where you can see the expected GRN date.

Step 4- Click on complete to proceed further.

Step 5 – Now, to check the GRN status click on the ASN ID and to reschedule click on the scheduled appointment date & time.

Step 6 – In case you want to delete an ASN you can simply click on the bin icon and click on confirm. 


Stay tuned for more. We would be delighted to bring you some more new features and updates next month.

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