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What’s New At Shiprocket – Product Updates from February 2021

March 2, 2021

5 min read

The past month was full of exciting news and innovations for us at Shiprocket. We have worked tirelessly to bring to you several updates that can help enhance your shipping and delivery experience by manyfold. 

With several changes in the payment methods, proof of delivery issues, and delivery performance, we have made some exciting changes in the Shiprocket panel.

Let’s move forward and check out these innovations up close and personal. 

Convert COD Orders to Prepaid 

There are several instances where you lose out on customers because they refused to pay a cash order on delivery. Instead, they are willing to pay online. In such cases, the order is doomed to be returned to the origin or discarded since the customer refuses to accept it.

To save you the pain of this unfortunate situation, we have launched a “change payment mode” functionality that lets you convert your COD orders into prepaid.

Here is how you can get started with it

Go to → Settings → Company

Here select the toggle and activate the feature

Please note – 

  • This feature is not applicable for shipments that are already out for delivery.
  • Currently, this feature is only available for Ecom Express and Delhivery.
  • Changing the payment mode is allowed only once and cannot be reversed. 

Proof of Delivery Issues Now Resolved

Proof of delivery is an important document for eCommerce deliveries. It marks a great significance for eCommerce sellers because it is proved that the order was delivered and in what state it was delivered.

However, there are cases where there are fake remarks in the POD or the entire proof of delivery is fake. To avoid such errors and match the expectations of our sellers, we have now provided a facility where you can raise an escalation against a POD that you feel is incomplete or inadequate. 

It is upon us to share your concern with the courier partner and arrange for an updated proof of delivery for your shipment. 

Here is how you can raise an escalation for an updated POD

Go to → Orders → All Orders → POD Details

Here, if your order is in the ‘delivered’ status and you have downloaded the POD, you will see an option for ‘raise POD dispute’.

You can select the reason for raising a dispute and submit your concern.

Note: You can raise a POD dispute within 3 days of receiving the proof of delivery

Verify Orders Before Shipping Them

Now, Shiprocket gives you the opportunity to verify your COD and prepaid orders before shipping them. This can help you save on unnecessary RTO charges and only deliver shipments intended to be delivered.

All you need to do is enable this option under the shipment settings 

Just turn on the toggle to get started.

Eway Bill Process is Now Updated

We have now updated the process where you can upload your eBay bill after assigning a courier partner to your orders. The process has been simplified to assist your shipping experience. You just need to upload the eBay bill invoice, the PDF for shipments above the value of INR 50,000. 

Please note, you will also need to upload the Eway bill for return shipments as well. 

After you assign a courier partner for a shipment and select the generate pickup option, you will be asked to upload the Eway bill like so – 

You can also upload it from the following tabs – 

  1. Generate Pickup popup
  2. Ready to Ship tab, or
  3. Order Details screen

Mobile App Updates

We have released some significant updates for our Android and iOS mobile apps. Let’s have a look.

Android App Updates

Process Return Orders From the App

Now create and process return orders right from the android app. Just select the create return shipment option, enter the pickup & delivery details followed by the return reason and images. 

Add Additional Details When Creating New Orders

You can now add additional details like the SKU, tax rate, discount, and additional charges like gift wrapping, shipping, discount etc. while creating a new order on the android app. 

iOS App Updates

Process Undelivered Orders From the App

You can now view your undelivered orders in the iOS mobile app and process them there itself. Filter out the undelivered orders and take action on them immediately. 

All you need to do is go to the undelivered shipment, select get help, and choose the option of non-delivery escalation. Here you can choose to take action on the undelivered shipment by either opting for RTO, reattempt or contact buyer. 

If you want the shipment to be returned to origin, you can select RTO. If you want to reattempt delivery, you can select the reattempt option and you may contact the buyer if you feel the reason for non-delivery was not correct. 

Raise Escalations for Undelivered Orders From the iOS App

Now, you can raise an escalation for an undelivered order for which you have requested a reattempt. Just go to the view shipments tab and filter out the undelivered shipments. Choose the shipment for which you want to raise an escalation and click on Get help. In the get help section, choose the non-delivery escalation option and click on re-escate. 


We hope these updates are useful for your eCommerce business and you will be able to ship even more seamlessly now. If you wish to see any more updates on the platform, do share or comment below and let us know what you think. 

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