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Selling Private Label Products Online: The Ultimate Guide

Sanjay Kumar Negi

Senior Marketing Manager @ Shiprocket

October 24, 2018

3 min read

Selling private label products usually applies to established branded items that have mass acceptance. Before the emergence of online avenues, they were sold from retail counters and market stores.

The growth of e-commerce websites has increased the reach of these branded products even farther. Many private label products that had a localized demand got accepted across a much wider platform.

Be it fast moving consumer goods, apparels, household appliances or electronic items, online selling has increased marketing capabilities of every category by multiple folds.

Why Go Online With Your Private Label?

Many established brands though they enjoyed a loyal customer base before the advent of e-commerce, have opted for online trading for increasing their reach. The inherent advantages that online business offers are too evident to be overlooked.

    • Online trading enables private brands to break into areas that were unreachable because of the territorial divide.
    • It becomes easier to convince consumers owing allegiance to competitive brands. Convincing prospective buyers through the creation of comparative charts is done more effectively through websites as compared to any other medium or method.
    • Online selling allows a price benefit to buyers as against counter selling. With intermediaries and retailers’ margin removed, the price benefit gets transferred to end users. This advantage to consumers is too obvious to be ignored.
    • Start-up companies attempting to establish a brand, find online marketing the best way of reaching out to potential buyers. It is the most cost-effective and fastest way of addressing your target audience.
  • For marketing, minimal resources are required if it is done digitally online. Current generation technology has extensively increased online marketing possibilities and offers multiple avenues of experimentation.

Things To Keep In Mind When Selling Your Private Label Online

There are various advantages of selling private brands online. These advantages alone cannot justify your success in online trading. For selling private labels profitably online, certain other parameters need to be fulfilled.

Optimization of website Online selling depends on the volume of traffic your website attracts. A higher volume of visitors to your website would logically generate a greater number of potential buyers.

Number of visitors to a website is dependent on its ranking. A higher ranked website is visited more often as compared to a lower ranked one.

The ranking is done by search engines based on definitive criteria. Compliance to these criteria is done by optimization. Thus optimization lies at the root of setting ranks to your website. Optimization should always be done professionally as it is a specialized task.  

User rating User rating is vital for private labels sold online. Ratings on both the brand and your e-commerce platform are important as they influence prospective buyers. Deliveries, replacements, payment facilities, and customer interactions need to be made public to visitors to your website.

First-time visitors should be satisfied with your services as an online seller of private labels before placing their order. These ratings are either on a scale or on basis of stars.

Customers’ reviews Rating is done on a scale and is indicative. Customers’ reviews are more explanatory and offer a clearer picture about end users’ impressions on using a branded item which is being sold through your website. These reviews also indicate customers’ satisfaction level on using your website for buying products or services of their choice.

With online trading getting popular day by day, selling private labels is definitely a lucrative business option for both start-ups and established commercial entities.

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