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How to Ship International Package: Everything You Need to Know

Rashi Sood

Content Writer @ Shiprocket

March 25, 2022

4 min read

ship international package

Going global is one of the tried and tested ways to grow your customer base and scale your business. Whether you are an established brand or new in the market, you certainly want to take your business to the next level. However, you need to think about how to ship your international package before going global.

While many online sellers give importance to what to sell in the foreign market and which foreign market to target, shopping orders to the foreign market is also equally crucial. Only by knowing the best way to deliver orders to your international customer on time will you be able to run an efficient and profitable global business.

In this blog, we shall consider what you should consider before choosing a carrier part to ship internationally.

international courier partner

Considerations Before Choosing International Courier Partner

Setting your foot in the global market needs to have a shipping strategy in place, from what you will ship to where you will ship if it will be free for your buyers or they will have to pay shipping charges; all these factors are essential. Researching these points will help you choose a carrier partner for your online business.

As you might try new approaches or techniques, there are several considerations that you can make before choosing a shipping partner for international order delivery. There are four factors that you must consider:

Shipping Cost

International shipping costs can burn a hole in your pocket. While some couriers can be cheaper but slower, some can be faster but costlier. Do your research and look for options based on prices, express delivery, and other services. It is recommended to use multiple shipping partners to save on freight costs.

Delivery Options

Some customers want their orders to be delivered right away, while some are willing to wait. To serve your customers in the best possible way, offer them multiple shipping options as per their requirements. Provide them choices to tradeoff between shipping speed and prices. Notably, this can play a crucial role in decreasing cart abandonment.

Order Tracking & Insurance

Most international carriers provide live order tracking to you and your customers. These days, most shipping partners offer affordable insurance services that you can opt for. Also, if you are worried that your package might get lost or damaged in transit, securing your parcel is a good option.

Be Transparent About The Shipping Policy

Always be transparent about your international shipping strategy. Communicate with your customers about the shipping cost and what it includes. Customers won’t like it if they see any unexpected cost on the checkout page. Clearly communicate all your costs on the shipping policy page.

While shipping orders internationally, it is crucial to create shipping policies and strictly follow them. That is why the first step is to map out your strategy regarding the shipping policy. The following are the points your shipping policy must cover:

  • Courier Options: this is a straightforward point. Understand the policies of your shipping partner and the services it offers – same-day, overnight, etc.
  • Shipping Cost: Shipping cost plays a significant factor while shipping international packages. Do you wish to offer free shipping to your customers? If yes, this can be an essential selling point for your business but can cost you a lot. So, consider your options before communicating anything to the customers.
  • Shipping Time: Transparency is the key to online business. Clearly mention in your policy the time it will take for their package to reach customers.

Shiprocket X: Your Shipping Partner In Going Global

Shipping international packages is a daunting task, but with Shiprocket X, you can make it easier by streamlining the process. With Shiprocket X, you can ship your products to 220+ countries globally at the lowest freight rates. You can choose between multiple courier partners and get maximum reach across the globe. You can also integrate your global sales channel easily. With a unified tracking process, you can also track your package and send live notifications to your buyers.

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