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All you Need to Know About Overnight Shipping

Sanjay Kumar Negi

Senior Marketing Manager @ Shiprocket

July 13, 2018

3 min read

Does the idea of a fast delivery make you visualize profits for your business?

If yes, it’s time you understood the concept of overnight shipping and put it to use for your eCommerce business. 

A lot of times, you may feel amazed by the impressive speed at which shipments are delivered to your doorstep. After all, it happens overnight! Gone is the era when customers had to wait for days to get their shipments delivered. The advent of progressive online business and innovative techniques are catering to the rising customer demands and preferences. eCommerce has already reached its peak and speedy deliveries are revamping the entire customer experience by a huge margin.

So, if you are wondering about the insane possibility of delivering a shipment within overnight, you’re at the right place. (This is how it works out)

Orders Need to be Processed Within an Effective Cutoff Time

To get the shipments delivered overnight, there is a certain time frame within which one needs to place an order. It is only then, that it becomes eligible for delivery by the next day. Based on the order, the product is then sorted and picked out from the inventory, packed and placed in the carrier. The courier partner then collects the shipment and delivers it the very next day to the customer’s address.

In most of the cases, the cut off time to place the order is between 6- 7 pm. Moreover, eCommerce giants like Amazon have their own logistics system which ensures that the shipment is quickly packed and loaded off to the carrier for delivery.

Sometimes, an eCommerce business may charge an extra shipping fare from the customer to deliver the shipment overnight. Usually, the transportation truck or plane arrives at the hub at around 11 pm and flies back at around 4 am. Once the shipment reaches the local delivery hub, it is sorted for delivery. Furthermore, overnight shipping is done on products that are available in the same city. That makes the whole shipping process a lot easier and faster.

Overnight Shipping is Benefiting Both Businesses and Customers

There are quite a few advantages of overnight shipping that help eCommerce businesses. They can cut additional expenditure by dropping the small packages as compared to scheduling pick-ups, and also adding to the customer base through seamless and fast delivery service. Here are a few benefits –

Improved Customer Experience

With a fast delivery promise, you can convert more customers and also prompt them to shop from your eCommerce website or marketplace

Shipping as a Marketing Strategy

With overnight shipping, you will have an edge over your competitors and you can promote this feature to acquire more users for your website. 

Increased Customer Retention

With a constantly quick product delivery, you can reach out to customers faster and deliver your products sooner. Hence, it is likely that you will retain more customers and they will return to your store because of fast experience. 

From the customer’s point of view, what can be more enthralling than receiving their needful products at rocket fast speed, right? Try shipping with shipping solutions like Shiprocket and provide your customers with fast and cheap delivery. 

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2 thoughts on “All you Need to Know About Overnight Shipping

  1. This might be the reason of the success of big shipping companies as they are on the top of the market they might have optimised themselves similarly and sustained in the market.

  2. Yes this is right but it can be done only by Big giants because they have lot of budget but for small business it is next to impossible

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