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Ship to Remote Locations as India Post is Now Live on Shiprocket



Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

July 27, 2023

5 min read

Shiprocket has always been inclined towards helping online sellers and making eCommerce shipping easier for them. We are pleased to announce that Shiprocket has partnered with India Post to help our sellers with efficient last-mile delivery.

Yes, you read that right. India Post is now live on the Shiprocket panel. Now you can deliver your orders to the remotest locations across the country at the lowest shipping rates. Also, India Post is the only delivery partner that offers shipments weighing as less as 50/200 gms shipments via air.

Indiapost X Shiprocket

Let us take a look at how this partnership will help your business grow:

About India Post

India Post, also known as the Department of Posts, is the national postal service of India. Established in 1854, it is one of the oldest and most extensive postal networks in the world with 1,55,000 post offices. With its headquarters in New Delhi, India Post provides a wide range of services to Indian citizens, including mail delivery, business parcel services, money transfers, banking, and retail services.

It has an extensive network of post offices throughout the country, spanning from urban areas to remote rural areas. With their extensive presence, you can ensure that your parcel can be delivered to even the most distant and isolated pin codes.

With the advancement of technology across all industries, India Post has also embraced digital transformation. It offers various online services, such as e-post, eCommerce delivery, e-money order, and postal banking. Digital initiatives have made postal services more accessible and convenient for citizens. Whether it’s delivering letters, parcels, or financial services, India Post continues to serve as a trusted and dependable institution, connecting people and fostering communication across the diverse landscape of the country.

Speed Post Charges on Shiprocket Panel

Courier Name Type Weight Up to 200 Kms.200 to 1000 Kms.1001to 2000 Kms.Above 2000 Kms.
Speed PostFWDUpto 200 gms41.341.341.341.3
FWD51 gms to 200 gms41.347.270.882.6
FWD201 gms to 500 gms5970.894.4106.2
FWDAdditional 500 gms17.735.447.259

Business Parcel Shipping Charges on Shiprocket Panel

Courier NameTypeWeightz_az_bz_cz_dz_e
Business ParcelFWDUpto 2 Kgs₹ 53.1₹ 103.8₹ 123.9₹ 135.7₹ 135.7
FWDEvery Addl kg up to 5 kg₹ 14.2₹ 26.0₹ 29.5₹ 35.4₹ 35.4
FWDEvery Addl kg up to 5 kg₹ 16.5₹ 28.3₹ 33.0₹ 37.8₹ 37.8

The fee for the COD orders below ₹6,500 would be 1.6% of the COD value recovered. And for orders above ₹6,500, the fee will ₹100 plus 1% of the amount exceeding ₹6,500.

Benefits of Shipping With India Post VIA Shiprocket Panel

Let us have a look at how our partnership with India Post will help you scale your business:

Extensive Shipping Network

India Post has an extensive shipping network throughout the country. India Post plays a pivotal role in facilitating the movement of parcels across various regions, including urban areas, rural areas, and even remote corners of India. With its vast reach, you can reach out to customers even in remote areas of the country. Thus, you can reach newer pin codes where no current courier partner is delivering.

India Post’s shipping network is powered by a vast infrastructure of post offices strategically located throughout the country. The network is further strengthened by the presence of dedicated transport systems, including a fleet of vehicles and a well-coordinated logistics framework. From bikes and vans for local deliveries to trucks and trains for long-distance transportation, India Post leverages diverse modes of transport to ensure the timely and secure delivery of shipments.

Unified Order Tracking

With the Shiprocket dashboard, you can track orders in a streamlined and convenient way. We have 25+ courier partners onboard including India Post, allowing you to manage your shipments from a single dashboard.

You can easily monitor the status and location of your shipments in real time. You no longer need to visit individual courier websites or juggle multiple tracking numbers. Instead, get access to all your shipment details in one place – the Shiprocket dashboard.

Unified order tracking on our dashboard enhances transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. With all the essential tracking information readily available, you can also keep your customers informed about the whereabouts of their packages, ensuring smooth and reliable delivery experiences for them. 

Premium Post-Purchase Experience

We are committed to providing a superior post-purchase experience, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. We go beyond just beyond delivering your orders. With Shiprocket, you can offer your customers efficient order tracking notifications. They can easily track their shipments in real time via automated tracking notifications. This transparency allows them to stay informed about the status of their packages, improving their overall experience with your brand.

Additionally, you can also customize your tracking pages by adding brand elements. This allows you to maintain brand consistency throughout the customer journey, building trust with the customers.

No Cost Returns

With India Post, you can initiate order returns without incurring any additional costs. India Post offers no-cost RTO where if your customers want to return the product for any reason, you will not incur any cost for it. This feature will help save money on RTO and at the same time, offer better customer service and maintain a positive brand image.

Now get ready to expand your business with Shiprocket. Tap into new markets and reach the remotest towns and villages across India. Ship your products at shipping costs and empower your eCommerce business by delivering orders speedily.

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