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Speed Post Charges: How are the India Post Courier Charges Calculated



Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 6, 2023

7 min read

The Indian Postal Department, which traces its origins back to 1856, is a historic institution in India. It was established during the British era but has adapted its services to cater to the needs of millions of people living in the most remote areas of the country. The services now include postal services, money transfer, and courier services.

In 1986, the Indian Postal Department began a service called EMS Speed Post. This service is the fastest way to send packages, letters, documents, and cards within India. It can deliver to every corner of the country because of its vast network of post offices and service centers. They also have a tracking service that allows customers to check the status of their packages.

In this article, we focus on speed post charges and what are the factors that determine these rates. 

Understanding Speed Post Charges

Speed Post charges depend on two factors: 

  1. The distance between the sender’s location and destination
  2.  The weight of the package

Applicable additional taxes based on government notifications. Please refer to the table below to learn more about speed post charges per kg.

Speed Post Charges

​​​​Weight​ in Grams​​LocalUp to 200 Km201 to 1000 Km1001 to 2000 Km​​​​Above 2000 Km
​Up to 50 grams₹15​₹35₹35₹35​₹35
51 to 200 ₹25​₹35₹40​₹60₹70
​201 to 500₹30₹50₹60₹80₹90
​Additional 500 grams or part thereof₹10₹15₹30₹40​₹50

Note: Tariff is exclusive of taxes as notified by the Central Government from time to time.

The highly competitive pricing of the Speed Post remains unmatched across the country, especially when compared to private players who have not yet fully expanded to the remote areas of India. The standard features of Speed Post services are:

  1. Delivery:
  • Express time-bound delivery to a maximum of 35 kgs, anywhere in India is priced at ₹35/-
  • For local deliveries, the rate is  ₹15/- for up to 50 grams

2. Insurance coverage does not exceed  ₹1.00 lakh for consignments

3. All services have a 24-hour window for booking

4. Online delivery-tracking and tracing systems give status updates via SMS and notifications.

5. Pick-up Services

  • Free pick-up of Speed Post parcels
  • For commercial clients, free collection via call scheduling and regular collection service is available.
  • Book Now Pay Later service is also available
  • No pre-delivery charges 

6. Credit facility for corporate and customer partnerships

7. Discounts available for volume courier services

8. Extends cash on delivery service for online sellers

9. As a nationalised service provider, it provides compensation for:

  • Delays: Speed Post charges are applicable
  • For Loss of parcel or damage: Twice the Speed post charges or  ₹1000 

Speed Post continues to be the flag bearer for the Indian Postal Department and enjoys a sizable market share across the country. Let us now understand how India Post has been a pioneer in the Indian Shipping Market.

Speed Post International Charges

The international speed post charges depend on the distance between the seller or warehouse and the destination, i.e., the buyer. The weight of the package also determines the final courier charges. Also, additional taxes may also levy as per government notifications on international shipping.

International Speed Post charges offers a reliable and efficient shipping option for documents and merchandise.

Charges for Documents:

  • Up to 200 grams: INR 32.00
  • For every additional 20 grams or thereof up to 2000 grams: INR 22.00

Charges for Merchandise:

  • Up to 500 grams: INR 115.00
  • For every additional 500 grams or part thereof up to 2000 grams: INR 105.00

Important Note:

Actual charges may vary, and users are advised to verify international speed post charges per kg for their intended destination.

How is India Post a Pioneer in the Indian Shipping Market?

India Post is one of the world’s oldest and most extensive postal networks. It has pioneered postal services in India and has a vast network of 1.5 lakh post offices covering most towns and villages. In the post-independence days, India Post prioritised affordability, and now its speed post charges are among the lowest in the world. It remains committed to providing accessible and affordable shipping solutions, even in the eCommerce era, with some of the most competitive pricing options available to individuals and small businesses.

It has also pioneered several value-added services such as:

  • Banking services – postal accounts for small savings
  • COD (cash on delivery)
  • Registered post
  • Speed Post 

Usually, Speed Post items within India are delivered within a timeframe of 24 to 72 hours, varying based on the accessibility of the delivery destination. Throughout the transit period, the location of the item can be easily tracked using the provided tracking number at the time of booking the Speed Post service. Check the Service Standards for Delivery of Speed Post (From Booking To Delivery):

Note: For all categories of mail, delivery in branch offices will take one additional day.

Technology and Sustainability Initiatives

Over the years, India Post has embraced technology and innovation to further improve its postal and shipping services in the country. For instance, it uses digitalisation to support eCommerce deliveries, ePost services and online tracking. 

India Post is also dedicated to sustainability and has implemented several measures to reduce its carbon footprint. These include the use of electric vehicles for delivery, the installation of solar panels in post offices, and eco-friendly packaging options that minimise waste and promote sustainability. 

All these factors have helped India Post remain a pioneer in the Indian shipping market, serving the needs of millions of customers across the country.

Using Shiprocket for Speed Post and Other Courier Services

Shiprocket is an Indian logistics aggregator with extensive technology-backed service dominating the Indian shipping market with its all-in-one solutions. It has changed the dynamics of the Indian shipping market through its last-mile delivery service. By partnering with leading courier service providers, including India Post, it has revolutionised the last-mile delivery dynamics of the Indian shipping market. It has integrated the national shipping service providers with its platform, which has also allowed end-users to access the affordable and reliable shipping services provided by India Post.


Indian Postal Department’s inexhaustible network and affordable speed post charges continue to give it a first-player advantage. Now, with the partnership of India Post and Shiprocket, businesses can access a dependable and efficient logistics service that merges the extensive reach of India Post with the advanced technology of Shiprocket. This collaboration enables businesses to tap into the collective strengths of both organisations, ensuring access to reliable and efficient logistics services that help them reach customers nationwide. You can learn more about these services by clicking here. If you’re an eCommerce business and want Shiprocket to help you streamline your logistics operations, sign up here.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Does Speed Post accept a change in the delivery address of my shipment?

Yes, Speed Post allows you to change the address already given for delivering your shipment. The customer can alter the address at the customer care center or the nearest post office.

What happens if the shipment recipient is absent at the time of delivery?

The postman can leave a message for the recipient to be available to receive the package and return the next working day to complete the delivery. The package is returned to the sender if the recipient is unavailable the second time.

How to claim compensation for losing the Speed Post shipment?

A lost or damaged Speed Post shipment is compensated based on the value of the contents. Compensation is issued if terms and conditions are satisfied and proof of value proved with appropriate documents at the closest post office.

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