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Top 13 Tried and Tested Strategies to Increase Sales in a Business

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

February 8, 2024

9 min read

In the modern corporate environment, increasing sales is everyone’s goal. You might ask yourself, “Do we have the right sales plan?” and “Is our approach still effective?”. Increasing sales is just coincidental. You require deliberate plans of action. Small changes made at each stage can result in big gains in sales, whether the goal is to grow the client base, sell more goods, enhance messaging, or do all of the above. Now, let’s look at some easy and useful strategies to increase sales and improve your company’s earnings.

We have 13 simple strategies to assist you in boosting sales and generating more revenue for your company.

How to Increase Sales in a Business

13 Powerful Tips for Elevating Your Sales 

Below mentioned are some of the powerful tips for elevating your sales: 

Tip 1: Clarify your sales strategy and business mission

There is a simple yet critical method to identify your target market. Figure out the consumers’ problems that could be solved by your product or service. Then, according to your evaluation target the market that needs your goods or service. Create a sales strategy that can fulfill your business objectives.    

Example: If you are a business providing technology services or tech products, evaluate whether your target market still includes companies that implement cutting-edge solutions. Then check if your business purpose still corresponds with developing technologies.

Tip 2: Create a sales plan that identifies specific actions

Once you have identified your target market and devised a sales strategy, then the next step is to execute your sales plan effectively. The following activities should be documented and tracked while implementing any plan of action.

  • Calls made per day, month, and quarter as part of sales promotion
  • Communication steps, project proposals, and sales prospects
  • Profit made 

Example: Set a goal to make 20 daily calls to reach out to potential clients. Document the response and adjust your plan based on the effectiveness of your efforts.

Tip 3: Sell proactively to customer needs

Gaining trust, developing a relationship, and retaining loyalty all depend on how well you understand your customers and act proactively. Modern buyers want an experience that solves an issue and provides long-term answers to complicated business challenges, whereas in the past it was only about highlighting the value that solves a challenge (which still holds true). With time, this experience will pay off. The first step in doing this is to genuinely understand the demands of your clients and how your solutions will address any issues that they might not yet be aware of.

Example: If you sell software, you need to understand the evolving needs of your customers by staying informed about industry trends. Offer features that anticipate future challenges.

Tip 4: Elevate your customer experience

Accessing your customer service, website, app or marketing channel may not be easy for certain customers. This will prevent them from interacting with your company and buying your goods. As a result, you will lose many potential customers. Attempt to enhance your customer service and use additional marketing campaigns to show your target consumers that you value their participation. This will improve customer interaction. 

Example: Ensure your website is user-friendly and customer support is readily available. Send personalised thank-you emails after purchase to show appreciation.

Tip 5: Always sell with purpose

Your every marketing action should have a purpose and importance. Understand your target audience and their unique demands. Knowing this, approach them through various communication channels, introducing your products and services. Make your proposal in such a way that it will compel the consumers to try your products. Market with a purpose in mind.

Example: Make a customised proposal that highlights the way your product addresses the unique challenges of each customer. Explain to them the value they’ll receive from your item.

Tip 6: Take the responsibility but not the credit

Your company looks to you for support direction and to drive the performance of others, so give credit to the team, not yourself. This sends your team the message that you never lose sight of their contributions and the people who make the wins possible. In turn, they strive for the next week and stay hungry. After all, unhappy employees are never going to be your top sellers.

Example: When celebrating a successful quarter, highlight the entire team’s efforts rather than taking sole credit for achievements.

Tip 7: Build a robust referral network

Satisfied customers are your best salespeople. Investing in customer success and support teams ensures exceptional experiences and increasing retention rates. Create a strong customer advocacy network, leveraging satisfied customers as living case studies to generate new business. Actively nurture positive relationships with customers, turning them into enthusiastic advocates who willingly speak to prospects on your behalf.

Example: Develop a customer referral programme that rewards existing customers for referring new business. Cultivate strong relationships to encourage positive word-of-mouth publicity and showcase real-life success stories to potential clients.

Tip 8: Keep your sales strategy one step ahead of your competition

After major successes or years of business achievements, don’t get lazy and think of just relaxing or taking a short break from work. This will impact your company’s growth as your competitors are always right behind you looking for an opportunity to overtake your market. So, continue to explore new sales strategies and processes to increase your sales and performance. 

Example: Go to industry conferences frequently to learn about emerging trends and technology. Incorporate these observations into your sales approach.

Tip 9: Maximise your time by maximising your data

Most sales teams have oodles of data at their fingertips. Instead of collecting more, start to slice and dice the data you already have, so you can use it to maximise your time and understand where your efforts pay off the most. If you have a CRM, use it to know how your sales strategy works, if training increases sales performance, and if content is on target with what prospects and customers are asking.

Example: Use CRM data to identify which communication channels generate the most leads. Allocate more time and resources to the most successful channels.

Tip 10: Invest in sales enablement

Sales enablement is critical to ensure that salespeople can successfully engage customers and prospects. Depending on your sales organisation’s size and structure, you may already have a robust sales enablement operation or be dipping your toes. Thus, what “investing” in sales enablement looks like for your business will differ from that of your peers.

Example: Implement a sales enablement platform to provide representatives with easy access to relevant content and training materials, improving their overall performance.

Tip 11: Use an effective sales structure

The way your sales organisation is set up greatly affects how well your salespeople perform in their roles. This is because particular sales models work better for certain marketing activities, solutions and businesses only. Consider the three most popular sales models: the assembly line, the island, and the pod, and decide which one is best suited for your firm. It’s normal for companies to start with one structure and switch to another as they grow.

Example: An assembly line structure may be suitable if your business is product-focused. If it’s service-oriented, a pod structure may enhance collaboration among teams.

Tip 12: Refresh your sales strategy

Another critical element of sales performance is how you enable your reps to go to market. Unfortunately, too many sales strategies are developed in January only to remain untouched until December, when it’s already time to plan for the upcoming year.

If this approach sounds familiar, it might be time to rethink your sales strategy. Modern markets require organisations to be agile and responsive to changing consumer needs. Be bold in examining your sales strategy bi-annually, quarterly, and monthly. Though this may seem intensive, it’s essential to continuously confirm your sales plan is still relevant to the market you’re selling to.

Example: Reevaluate your sales strategy quarterly to incorporate feedback from the sales team and adjust approaches based on market trends.

Tip 13: Activate every channel

Make use of the possibility of various sales channels to market your goods and services. This will help you reach out to a large number of consumers in your target market. Train your salespersons on the techniques to effectively utilise each channel for proper marketing. 

Example: Leverage the vast possibilities of social media, industry events, and partnerships to widen your market reach. Send targeted messages through each channel to capture the attention of diverse audiences.

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You should know that adopting proven sales tactics is very important for increasing your sales and there are no instant solutions to elevate your business growth. You will have to learn every modern aspect of sales, from implementing new technologies to techniques for improving customer interaction, to improve your sales and thereby profit. The secret to business success is constant improvement, making tiny adjustments for significant gains at every turn. You should adopt a customer-focused approach and a well-defined marketing plan to raise sales and improve earnings.

How can businesses optimise their online presence to increase sales?

Optimise your website for user experience, implement SEO strategies, and leverage online advertising. Ensure your online platforms are user-friendly and mobile-responsive and provide a seamless purchasing experience.

Is it advisable for businesses to participate in industry events for sales growth?

Yes, participating in industry events can enhance visibility, networking opportunities, and lead generation. Establishing a presence at relevant conferences or trade shows can positively impact sales.

How can small businesses compete with larger competitors regarding sales?

Small businesses can focus on niche markets, emphasise personalised customer service, and leverage agility to adapt quickly to market trends. Additionally, building a strong online presence can level the playing field.

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