How to Sell Online on WhatsApp in India [Beginner’s Guide]

How to Sell Online on WhatsApp in India

WhatsApp, the social messaging app which allows its users to stay in touch with their family and friends from any part of the world at any given time, is getting immensely popular among the small online sellers to sell their products. The most important reason behind the acceptance of this social platform by the online retail sellers is its popularity and huge user base. In India, there are more than 20 crore people who are making use of WhatsApp to connect with their known ones. Having this big audience on a single platform, it was expected by businesses and small retail sellers to capture the opportunity for selling their stuff via this messaging platform service.

As a retail seller, you made the right decision to capture this opportunity for selling things through WhatsApp messenger in India. To back your decision, you should be aware of some unknown statistical facts about WhatsApp usage in India.

As we mentioned earlier, there are more than 20 crore people in India who make use of WhatsApp for messaging. Other than that, more than 90% of smartphone users in India have WhatsApp installed on their devices. There are more than 56% of the internet users who make use of this social app on daily basis. India is the top country in the world to make use of WhatsApp video calling feature. These stats simply gives you a great picture of the business opportunity that this social messaging platform provides.

Now, it’s time to learn how to make use of WhatsApp platform to sell your things and increase your business revenue.

How to Sell Your Products Online Through WhatsApp in India

Start by Selling to Your Known Contacts

The first step towards selling your products via WhatsApp is to sell your stuff to the people you know and who are already in your contact list. This would help you in getting better at making sales pitch, doing negotiations, etc. At the same time, when you sell your items to the people you know, you can expect a genuine feedback from them about your service and products, which you can take into account to improve your service before selling things to the unknown audience over the social platform.

Join WhatsApp Seller Groups

The next step for you is to search for the different WhatsApp groups that are created by the sellers to sell online. These groups are mostly run by the people who themselves sell their stuff online.

There are different ways to search and join these WhatsApp selling groups, few of these are:

1) The best way to search for such groups on WhatsApp is to ask fellow online sellers. If you know someone who is selling online, ask them what seller group they make use of to sell their things.

2) Another way to search for these selling groups is to make use of Facebook. There are many Facebook groups that are running today where small retail sellers sell their products online. There is a very high probability that these Facebook sellers would also be selling their items over WhatsApp. You can join such groups and take help from sellers there to find in what WhatsApp group they make sales.

3) Apart from these, there are few websites that are running where you search for WhatsApp groups as per your choice of category. One such example of a running website where people can search for different online selling groups as per their country is Grupya.

4) If you want, you can create your own buying and selling group that can gradually grow over a period of time with the help of your existing WhatsApp contacts.

Handling Payments on WhatsApp

Once you receive an order for your item on WhatsApp, next challenge you face is to how to collect the payment from the buyer.

There are few ways to collect the payment for your order via WhatsApp:

1) WhatsApp Payments – You can directly get paid to your account by the buyer via making use of WhatsApp payment method. Yes, it’s true, WhatsApp allows you to send and receive payments online which directly gets deposited into your bank account.

2) Online Payment Mobile Apps – You can also make use of different payment mobile apps, like paytm, PhonePe, etc to receive the money.

3) Net Banking – You can even ask the buyer to deposit the amount directly into your bank account via net banking.

4) Cash on Delivery (COD) Service – There are instances when your buyers don’t want to make a payment upfront, instead, they demand COD (Cash on Delivery) service. In that case, you can make use of services like Kraftly Seller which not only helps you in handling COD payments but at the same time takes care of your product’s delivery. This is a kind of bonus for a small online seller where his payments and shipping are professionally taken care of by a third party at minimal costs.

Managing the Product Shipping and Delivery

Once you are sorted with the payment part, next you would be handling the shipping of your sold items. To deliver an item to the end customer, you can either take help from local couriers, like DTDC, FedEx, etc or can opt for the option of using eCommerce shipping aggregators like ShipRocket.

The advantage of utilizing platforms like ShipRocket is that it comes with multiple courier partners, COD (cash on delivery) feature and lowest shipping rates to deliver your products all over India. Hence, you don’t have to be dependent on a single courier agency for your orders to be delivered. These shipping platforms also allow you to track your orders all the time and whilst notifies your buyers about the delivery status of their purchased items.

WhatsApp is a great platform to disrupt the online selling space as a small Indian retail seller to get the eCommerce benefits. And one of the factors that make it one of the hottest platforms for eCommerce is its rapidly growing user base.


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