Top 7 Inventory Management Tips for SMBs

Evaluating your business once in a while is necessary for various reasons. It helps in determining your progress as well as identifies the key areas where you’ve been lagging. One of the most critical parts of your business is its inventory that can help you make the most out of your profits when managed effectively. And this is why you must pay attention to inventory management if you’ve have been neglecting it for too long.

A lot of SMB’s don’t practice proper inventory management techniques when it comes to selling their products. The result? Most of the customers coming to the websites get frustrated finding products they want that aren’t available or out of stock. Furthermore, these customers will go elsewhere for these products. In such cases not only have you lost an opportunity for sale but also a customer.

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Why Expedited Delivery Is the Need of the Hour for eCommerce Sellers?

Gone are the days when customers were willing to wait for days or weeks for their order to be delivered. The exponential rise witnessed in the eCommerce industry is also pushing the logistics to work hard for delivering orders faster and more rapidly to their customers. And since all the big players in the market are offering expedited delivery to entice the customer, there is a significant burden on small businesses and entrepreneurs.

If you’re interested in knowing all about expedited delivery and how you can combat the high customer expectations with smart tips, you’re at the right place.

Read on to find out why expedited delivery is the need of the hour for eCommerce sellers.

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7 Must-Have Analytics Tools for Your eCommerce Website

Data is as fundamental to an eCommerce business as are its products and services for its customers. Data in the form of metrics throw insights into your business and keep you in check of its progress. Consider it as a narrator, who tells you the accurate story of your customers,  how they are interacting with your site along with figuring out who’s doing what. And that’s why you must invest your time setting up an analytics tool for your eCommerce website before anything else.

Talking of analytics tools,  there is an abundance of them in the market that can help you fine-tune your sales messages,  figure out the quality of traffic on your website along with studying your customer personas. However, if you’re bewildered about using the best analytics tool for your business, we’re here to your recure.

Read on to find out the Top 7 Analytics Tools for eCommerce business.

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fastest courier

10 Fastest Courier Services in India That Save You Time and Money

eCommerce shipping is mandatory for all those selling physical products to the customers. However, choosing the right courier partner that helps you deliver your products rapidly at the lowest costs is a big hassle. But don’t worry! If you’re looking for the fastest courier service for your business, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the top 10 fastest courier services that will save you time and money:

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2018 round up

Shiprocket 2018 : A Look Back At The Year That Was

The year 2018 was tremendous in various facets of life. We saw the rise of the Great Statue of Unity along with Walmart completing its $16 billion acquisition of Flipkart. The eCommerce industry grew at an unprecedented rate. Meanwhile, it was a milestone year for all of us at Shiprocket, since we helped over 20k sellers deliver nearly 6 million shipments to their customers with timely delivery and satisfaction.

Let’s have a brief look at the state of direct eCommerce in 2018:

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