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25 Best Business Ideas in Mumbai: Launch Your Dream Venture

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 14, 2024

14 min read

The financial capital of our country – Mumbai – is known as the land of dreams. It provides endless opportunities for people from all over the country to fulfill their aspirations. Ever wondered what you can achieve in Mumbai? What avenues are available to you to fulfill your dreams here? 

The advancement in technology has been beneficial for startups and the line of credit available is also perfect for aspiring new ventures. This article will help you gain insights into everything there is to know about Mumbai’s business landscape and why you must begin your entrepreneurial journey here. It informs you about the market dynamics, strategies to succeed despite the competition, and more. It also highlights several ideas for business entrepreneurs.

Best Business Ideas in Mumbai

Overview of Mumbai’s Business Landscape

India is a diverse and erratic economic region. It features several industries in the service sector. It is on its way to becoming an economic superpower. Mumbai is one of the largest cities in the world and depicts a rare combination of different economic landscapes. 

Mumbai has a rather important role in the Indian economy due to its immense urbanisation. Its location and urban sprawl have enabled the city to become a major contributor to the overall economy of the country.

Why Mumbai for Business Ventures? Entrepreneurial Spirit of the City

Mumbai nurtures several startups and entrepreneurs. The city allows talent to meet opportunities and innovation to meet investments. Mumbai’s strategic location and diverse industry presence, combined with its access to a deep talent pool gives entrepreneurs and dreamers an ideal ecosystem. 

The city has good infrastructure and combines a liberal mindset that accommodates people of all ethnicities and cultures. Hence, it is an ideal breeding ground for new ideologies and ventures. The city is also filled with networking events and communities enabling easy interaction. They also have platforms that provide learning and collaboration to entrepreneurs. 

Analysing Mumbai’s Market Dynamics

The startup energy is now at its peak in our country. The ecosystem set up in Mumbai is central to the startup scene. Although Bangalore has taken an early lead in the startup story, several entrepreneurs have chosen Mumbai to launch their startups and more seem to be following this trend. Mumbai has 1132 startups, which represents about 13% of India’s startups. The city is the 3rd best startup ecosystem in India.

The advancements in technology have enabled startups in India to meet consumer demands through innovation. Development in education, healthcare, financial services, logistics, etc., have made Mumbai the perfect marketplace. The use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), etc., has made it a cohesive home for entrepreneurs to thrive. 

Startups in Mumbai have attracted several investors over the years from around the world. The rate of investment in startups has grown over the years, thereby giving room to begin scalable startups easily. 

Top 25 Business Ideas for Mumbai Entrepreneurs

Listed below are some idea business ideas for Mumbai entrepreneurs:

  • Acting classes: 

Acting is a rather popular career choice in Mumbai because of the strong presence of the film industry. The film and television industries are highly proactive in Mumbai and provide several opportunities to newcomers. They are primary reasons why people move to this city. You can start an acting school if you have good acting skills. You can impart your wisdom to your students and push them to audition for roles of their dreams. Such a business will need little investment and you can earn largely from it.

  • Choreography and dance school: 

To succeed in the Indian film industry, having dance skills is a mandate. Dancing is an effective skill for newbies to gain access to the film world. Moreover, several people take up dancing as a hobby. Thus, it is a good idea to start a choreography and dance school. You will be able to earn well without investing much. Furthermore, you might also get a chance to become a choreographer in the entertainment world. 

  • Coaching center: 

People want to learn new skills online as a result of digitisation. It has raised the need for online education and, thus offers students a special chance to profit from their knowledge and abilities. It involves producing informed content and marketing it to others who want to learn those skills. Course coaching can be a lucrative endeavour in a variety of fields, including fashion, food, finance, and programming languages. 

Social networking is a really effective marketing tool and has become incredibly popular. You may produce content that inspires and interacts with the audience. You can produce educational content and share your interests and experiences with other users.

  • Dropshipping: 

If you are looking for a low-investment business idea in Mumbai, you can become a dropshipper. You can store, transport, and market your products on your own by building a website. Orders can be fulfilled by suppliers, who will then ship the goods straight to the customer. To turn a profit, the prices need to be raised only a little. Dropshipping is brilliant because it relieves you of the burden of having to purchase and store goods. 

  • Affiliate marketing: 

One of the best passive ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. All you have to do is advertise other businesses’ goods and services. It functions by partnering with various businesses to market their goods to prospective customers. Every time a customer clicks on an affiliate link and completes a transaction, you will receive a commission. To thrive in affiliate marketing, you’ll need strong problem-solving, communication, and technical skills. You can work with numerous brands at once, and the earning potential is limitless. Mumbai is the perfect place to make good money through affiliate marketing.

  • eCommerce store: 

E-commerce firms are becoming a profitable and popular way to sell products. This requires little upkeep and investment. Finding products from wholesalers and offering them for sale on various online platforms at rates that appeal to your target market are the major components of online selling business concepts. Operating an internet-based sales company requires analytical, technological, and interpersonal abilities. 

  • Freelance writer: 

Freelance writing has been a popular trend in recent years. Freelancing is extremely popular in Mumbai as it pays a little more than it does in other cities. You can also find more projects in Mumbai because it is home to several businesses in all domains. You will need almost no investment if you are a creative writer. A well-written portfolio is all you will need to become a freelance writer. 

  • Modelling agency:

The entertainment industry provides diverse opportunities. Several young and driven people from all over the world come to Mumbai to become a part of it. Setting up a modelling agency in Mumbai can be easy if you have a strong network. Good people and amazing communication skills will help you flourish in this domain. 

  • Photography studio: 

Several businesses in the entertainment world have become successful in Mumbai. Photography is one such venture. The glamorous and luxurious lifestyle in Mumbai creates a very large demand for photoshoots. 

  • Event management: 

Organising and planning different events like parties, weddings, conferences, exhibitions, etc., is known as event management. This kind of business requires a bit of effort and physical presence to ensure success. You will have to coordinate with clients, suppliers, team members, and more. Problem-solving skills, creativity, communication skills, and organisational skills are mandated for event management. Such a business will thrive in Mumbai as the number of events hosted here are innumerable. You need to have a good network to help you gain access to this world.

  • Nutrition and fitness experts: 

The population of our country is gaining great demand for awareness of proper nutrition and fitness. It has become a necessity in our world. Mumbai has a bigger scope for such ventures to work. Financial power is what drives such professionals. The demand for fitness centers and gyms is also large. Through the right marketing strategies, you will be able to make your business successful. 

  • Matrimony business: 

This is probably the last idea on your mind, but a large-scale business in this domain can help you gain largely. Matchmaking is a sought-after service when compared to conventional norms. By setting up a website and an efficient application, you will be able to begin your business.

  • Salon and spa: 

If you have the right skills to style and care, opening up a spa and salon is the way to go. Such businesses are always in demand, especially in the fashion hub of India. These businesses will flourish when you provide services that are in demand and different from those provided by your competitors. 

  • Grocery delivery: 

The demand for groceries is consistent and increasing. With a busy schedule and living in Mumbai, people do not have the time to go to the grocery store. Thus, building an online grocery delivery business can help you meet people’s demands while helping you gain large profits. Through proper business plans and marketing gimmicks, you can scale your business in little time.

  • Interior design: 

In case you are someone with a good eye for details, you can choose to start an interior design and decorating business. It can range from houses and restaurants to offices. Having aesthetically pleasing interiors is something that everyone looks for and you can cater to their demands. 

  • Home food delivery service: 

Several working-class people in Mumbai are always looking for affordable homemade food packages to subscribe to on an everyday basis. If you have a bunch of good recipes and you can cook well, you will be able to leverage these skills and turn them into a large profit-making business. 

  • Leather product dealer: 

The durability and affluence that leather brings is widely popular and in the fashion hub, it has immense value. If you have a good eye for genuine leather and know all about its sourcing and working, you can start a business in Mumbai. 

  • Digital marketing: 

In recent years, digital marketing has become incredibly popular. E-commerce companies use digital marketing to increase sales. The process of advertising and publicising goods, services, and content on digital platforms is known as digital marketing. You can pursue a variety of careers in digital marketing like web design, SEO, content curation, email marketing, social media management, and more. To succeed in this field, you need to have a variety of competencies, including data analysis, SEM and SEO, communication skills, etc.

  • Stockbroker: 

If you are good at trading, you can choose to become a stockbroker in this financial capital. People are constantly looking for lucrative business investments and if you possess such knowledge, you can generate an income out of it. You can also branch out into cryptocurrency to have more offerings.

  • Online Amazon seller: 

Amazon FBA or fulfillment by Amazon offers this service so that online retailers can contract out their order fulfillment and shipping procedures. You will need to have excellent time management skills in addition to having outstanding marketing abilities for this. The revenue will differ depending on the speciality. You can use the internet to operate your firm from anywhere in the world and select your preferred business plan. 

  • Cleaning business: 

Working-class people might find it hard to maintain their houses due to their busy schedules. Cleaning is an essential element and you can help out by catering to this demand. You can also expand your business plan to accommodate offices and other buildings. You will need staff and some basic cleaning equipment. 

  • Landscaping and gardening: 

Homeowners and corporate offices often look for people to help them make their environments more aesthetically pleasing. You will need good knowledge of gardening and networking skills. You will need to set up a team to help you turn your ideas into reality. 

  • Graphic design: 

Visuals speak louder than words and they are extremely important to the marketing strategies of all businesses. In case you possess the necessary skills for graphic designing, you must certainly consider transforming your skills into a business. Social media campaigns, video editing, picture editing, etc., are skills that are high in demand.

  • Start a hotel: 

The City of Dreams attracts people like a magnet. It is extremely fascinating and hotels are always in high demand. Starting a business in the hotel industry can help you cater to the demands of travellers, businessmen, opportunity seekers, and more. You just need to ensure that your business plan and marketing strategies are in place.

Strategies for Success in Mumbai’s Competitive Environment

Here are some effective strategies to succeed in the cutthroat competitive world of Mumbai:

  • Gaining good marketing copy: It is an extremely essential tool that all businesses must possess. They promote and sell products and services that your business sells. You must ensure that you have well-defined goals and understand your audiences.
  • Leverage the power of social media platforms: This is an effective tool. Digital platforms help you identify where your target market is and how you can actively reach them. They also enable you to take proactive measures to plan out your business processes and workflows to meet the demands of your consumers.
  • Collaboration with local businesses: Several local businesses are hugely popular with the masses. You can join forces with them to promote your products and services and expand your reach.
  • Analyse your analytics and monitor them: By monitoring and analysing your data, you can establish trends and patterns and deploy strategies that help you enhance your sales rates. They tell you how you can improve to produce better results. 

Inspirational Tales of Mumbai’s Business Titans

The rags-to-riches stores are always extremely motivating and inspirational. Here are a couple of them:

  • The maker of the Reliance Industries kingdom: Dhirubhai Ambani

Being the son of a school teacher, Dhirubhai started his journey in the entrepreneurial world by selling fried fritters. After graduating from college at the young age of 16 years, he moved to Aden in Yemen where he worked as a clerk in a gas station. He returned to India and established a textile trading business. They raised capital in the global market and soon made the Forbes 500 list. 

  • The incredible Rolls Royce barber: Ramesh Babu

He started as a hairdresser early on in 1994. He bought a Maruti car with his savings and soon started a car rental business with merely seven cars. Today, everyone has heard of him. He owns over 200 cars and has scaled up his business to rent luxury rental cars. 

  • The Queen of Kamani Tubes: Kalpana Saroj

Born to a Dalit family, Kalpana has been through several challenges in her life. She was physically abused at a young age and was married by the age of 12. She even attempted to commit suicide and at the age of 16. She returned to Mumbai to live with her relatives. She began working at a clothing factory and soon became a tailor by leveraging government loans. Through the years, she opened a furniture store and began a real estate company. She then served on the board of directors of Kamani Tubes and channelled her energies toward restructuring the company after acquiring it. 


The city of dreams can become your reality if you are looking to tap into the entrepreneurial world. The varied businesses in Mumbai are proof enough that it is full of opportunities for beginners. Passion and drive are two key elements that you must possess to succeed here. People from all over the world travel to Mumbai to make it big. Being both the financial capital and the biggest fashion hub of the country makes it the best place with the most opportunities to make it big. The possibilities are endless and the inspiration available is immense.

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