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Top 10 Best Courier Services in Goa

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

October 7, 2023

6 min read

A good courier service provider is essential for ensuring that the courier is delivered on time and in a perfect condition. If these conditions are not met, then there is no meaning in sending the package via courier in the first instance itself. To find the top 10 courier services in Goa, you must ensure they fulfill a few basic criteria to make a final decision. Let us understand what criteria should be considered while choosing a courier service in Goa.

best courier services in goa

Finding Top 10 Courier Services in Goa

Goa, the smallest state in India, is highly popular with tourists due to its beautiful beaches and culture. While the state’s tourism industry flourishes, businesses also need to transport packages to their customers seamlessly. With several courier services available in Goa, choosing the right one for your business can be difficult.  The correct courier service can help your business by improving customer satisfaction and boosting your sales, reputation, and growth. 

The top 10 courier services in Goa that match the criteria mentioned above are

  1. DHL
  2. Blue Dart
  3. DTDC 
  4. Delhivery
  5. Gati
  6. XpressBees
  7. FedEx
  8. EKart logistics
  9. Dotzot
  10. ShadowFax.

Factors to keep in mind for choosing the best courier services in Goa are: 

1. Delivery Speed

Customer retention and satisfaction depend on how efficiently and on time your courier service in Goa delivers the package to your customer. On-time delivery is an important aspect that ensures a good business reputation and an increase in overall sales. Depending on the product being delivered, the destination, and the delivery time expectations of your customer, the courier service should be able to cater for these requirements to ensure the success of your business in today’s competitive world. 

2. Weight and Size limitations for Packages

The weight and size of the product make a difference in the selection of courier services. One must choose a cost-effective courier service that can deliver larger items.  Proper transportation, product safety, insurance etc., should all be considered. 

Courier services use volumetric weight to measure your packages. It is measured in volumetric kilograms (m3/kg).

Volumetric weight is calculated with respect to the overall size of a parcel (length, width, and height of a parcel (in cm) and dividing that figure by the volumetric weight constant. The most common volumetric weight constant used is 5000. Some may calculate the constant with 4000 m3/kg. This constant is defined according to the

  1. Type of freight (air, road, sea)
  2. The courier delivering the package
  3. The destination chosen 

This weight would help in understanding the ability of the courier services when compared to their history of shipments handled.

3. Proof of Delivery

Customers order products based on your business’s ability to deliver them within the promised timelines. If the ordered products are not delivered on time, you have an unhappy customer, which can lead to a loss of revenue and goodwill. It is necessary to partner with courier services that can provide proof of delivery. Also, it validates that your selected courier service is providing services per your expectations and contract. 

The additional ability to track your packages, providing customers information regarding the exact time and date to expect their delivery, and availability of providing personalised delivery options to customers would also help. This personalised service would help your business generate better customer reviews and referrals. 

4. Customer Service

For businesses partnering with courier services to handle the delivery of their shipments, it will be good to remember that customers will always connect the shipping experience with your brand name and not with the courier service. So, it all depends on the customer service provided by the courier company. You should review the reputation and online reviews of the courier service you plan to partner with. This evaluation will give you an idea of which courier service from Goa would best suit your needs.

A thorough understanding of their clients and the type of services provided would be beneficial before reaching a final decision. This is important as they are the ones who are going to deal with your customers face-to-face while delivering your product. 

5. Cost to Value

Outsourcing your delivery operations enable businesses to reduce their capital investment and staffing costs. But one should also determine whether the costs of using a courier service are at par with the value of services provided for your business. One can monitor the service value by conducting quick customer reviews to understand and rate their shipping experience. 

Always remember that the cheapest courier service may not be the right choice to achieve your business goals and targets. A positive shipping experience matters a lot for businesses as it ensures your customers continue to enjoy shopping from you.

6. Insurance Coverage

Accidents can happen anytime, regardless of all the safety precautions taken to prevent them. Delivery of products may be delayed or damaged due to various reasons. It may not be frequent, but it does happen occasionally. 

Courier insurance can help to a certain extent to cover any liabilities for packages that are not shipped, damaged, or not delivered as required. Although courier companies provide shipping insurance at an affordable rate, it is advisable to find out whether courier insurance policies cover your products.

Streamline Your Shipping Operations with Shiprocket’s Services in Goa 

Shiprocket is a one-stop shipping solution for eCommerce companies trusted by over 100k+ brands and entrepreneurs. It has integrations with over 17+ courier partners and provides services in 220 countries. Shiprocket also delivers 19000+ serviceable pin codes in India. Partner with Shiprocket to get the best service possible. 


With various courier services available in the market, it would not be easy to pick the best courier service for your business requirements. The checklist above will help you choose the right courier services in Goa. By forming a reliable partnership with the selected courier services, businesses can tackle the challenging task of ensuring timely delivery to their customers. This enables to get the best possible investment returns for the business by boosting the reputation of the brand and sales.

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Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

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