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Top 15 Best Indian Products to Sell Online [2024]

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

June 3, 2024

13 min read

Selling the best Indian products in high demand can be profitable if you are starting your online business. Because of its vast size and geographical diversity, India has various types of traditional and authentic products that you can choose to sell. 

Every state in India has one or more products that are unique to the place; therefore, you can choose one or buy products from different parts of the country to sell online.

The online industry is vast. However, choosing only the best-selling products will favourably impact your product movement, even if market trends shift rapidly. Remember, if your product lineup doesn’t meet changing demands, customers will bail on your store in no time. Thus, selling exclusive products with lots of potential is a good idea that can help you make good money within no time.

In this blog, we have mentioned some of the best products made in India that you can sell online.

Best Indian Products or Made in India Products

Here are some of the best Indian products you can sell on your online store:

  1. Clothing

Numerous made-in-India clothing brands offer the finest clothes, which you might not find anywhere in the world. You can choose different types of clothes, gain specialisation, and sell them online. Here are some of the famous Indian fabrics and clothing types that you can opt to sell on your online store –

  • Bandhani dress materials from Gujarat
  • Different types of silk from Assam, Banaras, Mysore, and Kancheepuram
  • Pashmina shawls and cashmere sweaters from Kashmir
  • Chanderi silk sarees and salwar suit sets from Bhopal
  • Angami Naga shawls from Nagaland
  • Phulkari products from Punjab.

You can pick any product, as all of them are in high demand, but make sure to know your target market and your prospects’ needs and preferences. People cannot visit different states to buy all these products, so it is ideal to capture mass audiences and increase your sales by providing them all under one umbrella. 

  1. Paintings

When it comes to made-in-India products to sell online, the list is endless. There is a huge demand for different kinds of paintings. People prefer paintings based on the interior of their houses; therefore, selling a variety of paintings can give you an upper hand in the online market. There are different types of paintings available in India as per state; here are some of them that you can sell at your online store:

  • Warli paintings from the Thane and Nasik areas of Maharashtra
  • Kalamkari from Andhra Pradesh
  • Kalighat paintings from Bengal
  • Madhubani paintings that originated in the Mithila region of Bihar
  • Pattachitra paintings from Odisha
  • Tanjore paintings from Tamil Nadu

All these paintings have unique characteristics of complex geometric patterns. Some are created with the help of twigs, fingers, brushes, matchsticks, and other similar objects and usually represent Indian traditions and rituals. Opt for any specific painting type or a mix of them to sell on your online store.

  1. Traditional Unique Tea Flavours

When preparing the list of products that are made in India, one cannot forget to mention the unique tea flavours that come from different states. You can use this Indian speciality to make money by selling them at your online store. 

The demand for various types of tea has increased tremendously over the years, which can be an added benefit for you. Here are some of the unique tea flavours available in India as per the state:

  • Darjeeling Tea- Darjeeling tea is grown in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal and is available in black, green, and white tea varieties.
  • Assam Tea- It is grown in the northeastern state of Assam and is majorly used for making black tea.
  • Nilgiri Tea- This tea is grown in the Nilgiri hills of Tamil Nadu and has a delicate flavour with hints of fruitiness. It is used for making masala tea. 
  • Kashmiri Kahwa- It is a traditional tea from Kashmir with a unique flavour; a mix of sweet and spicy. This tea is well-known for its warming properties, which can be a great way to capture places with low temperatures.
  • Sikkim Tea– It is produced in the northeastern state of Sikkim and is available in both black and green tea varieties.
  • Ayurvedic Tea– It is created by mixing herbs and spices that are used in Ayurvedic medicine for their medicinal properties.

India’s tea exports account for a large portion of the world’s tea trade. You can also enter this industry and make ample money.

  1. Ayurvedic Oils

Ayurveda is said to be one of the most well-known and oldest systems of medicine in India. As people have become more health-conscious over the years, the demand for Ayurvedic products has also increased significantly. People prefer consuming Ayurvedic products because of their therapeutic efficiency. They have fewer side effects and can heal your body with natural ingredients.

Different types of ayurvedic oils are available for healing wounds, providing joint pain relief, reducing scalp dryness and sores, brightening the skin’s complexion, reversing signs of ageing, promoting hair growth, and treating anxiety, breathlessness, and stiffness. 

You need to know that to sell Ayurvedic products, you must obtain a license from the AYUSH ministry in India. It is a great business to start online as these products are in high demand because of the growing popularity of Ayurveda and the hair care market, favourable government regulations, and lower start-up costs.

  1. Cow Urine

You must be thinking of cow urine as a weird thing to sell, and who will buy it? But you must know that cow urine has various health benefits, and a lot of people are ready to pay a reasonable amount for it. Ayurveda has also stated multiple benefits of cow urine benefits, such as: 

  • Killing bacteria and germs when sprinkled at home
  • For the treatment of cancer and leprosy
  • Anemia can also be treated by mixing cow urine with a few more ingredients
  • Mixing it with ghee, black pepper, and yogurt can help treat fever
  • It can also treat asthma, liver ailments, etc.

You can use these benefits to sell cow urine online. A lot of people use them because of their antibacterial properties. You can purchase this product from a local nearby village or vendor and sell it online under your brand name. Selling this product has the potential for higher margins, which can be an upper hand.

  1. Gems and Jewellery

When we talk about products that are made in India, Indian jewelry cannot be overlooked as diverse jewelry is created in different states. 

India is famous for its gems and jewelry, so if you have a big budget, this can be the best business to start online. You can either choose one specific niche or keep a mix of them. Let us know about some of the famous jewelry types as per state:

  • Meenakari jewelry– It is known for its bright and vivid colours. This jewelry is well-known for its extravagant style in North India.
  • Polki jewelry– It is a type of Rajasthani jewelry recognized for its creative design.
  • Pachchikam jewelry– It is majorly crafted in Gujarat, and created using uncut diamonds and semi-precious stones.
  • Navratna jewelry- It is created using nine different gemstones: a diamond, a natural pearl, red coral, hessonite, a blue sapphire, a cat’s eye, a yellow sapphire, and an emerald.

A lot of people prefer buying jewelry online as they need not wade through crowds. It is faster and provides a hassle-free shopping experience for them. Additionally, they get endless options sitting at home. You can use these advantages to opt for this business online.

  1. Budithi Brassware

Andhra Pradesh, located in the southeastern part of India, is famous for Budithi brassware from Budithi village. Local artisans create these brass showpieces and are known for their unique and elegant designs. They also create Banjara needle art. You can purchase them from the locals and sell them online on your website.

Everyone can’t visit Andhra Pradesh to purchase these beautiful Budithi brassware products. Therefore, providing them on an online platform can be delightful for them and beneficial for you in growing your online selling business while keeping decent margins. 

These masterpieces are in high demand and are also exported to Sweden and Belgium, so you can create your market within India and abroad by selling them online. 

  1. Bamboo Artifacts

In ancient times, bamboo was used all over the South Asian continent for everyday utility. However, Indian craftsmen used their unique skills to create sturdy and rugged bamboo products. There are different kinds of bamboo items available all over India that you can sell on your website:

  • Manipur– The local people of Manipur create different types of bamboo baskets, which are sustainable and budget-friendly
  • Tripura– In Tripura, items like lamps, baskets, shopping bags, furniture, etc. are made using bamboo.
  • Tamil Nadu– Here you can find screens made of bamboo slats tied with plain or coloured strings. 
  • West Bengal– This place is well-known for its bamboo crafts and cane goods. 

Bamboo is a sustainable product that is easy to transport and lasts longer. Thus, selling bamboo products online is an excellent idea.

  1. Terracotta Pottery

Chattisgarh is famous for its terracotta pottery and sculptures. This state has numerous tribal communities, which is the reason you can find diverse pottery and sculptures showcasing the work of different tribes. There are multiple benefits of selling terracotta pottery online:

  • Compared with aluminium, plastic, composite pots, etc., terracotta pots are relatively cheap and look beautiful.
  • It comes in more than 2000 designs, which makes them more attractive.
  • They are recyclable.

Kickstarting this online business is a great idea because you can start with a small initial investment and manage all aspects of the business on your own. You can buy products from the local dealer at a reasonable price and sell them online while keeping fair margins.

  1.  Ready-to-Eat Items

The market size of ready-to-eat meals is growing tremendously. Therefore, you can capture this market and sell different ready-to-eat items, such as instant breakfast cereals, soups and snacks, baked goods, main course items/curries, meat/poultry, etc. You can also sell canned products, frozen food, etc. 

Overall, the usage of ready meals/ready-to-cook foods is highest among young demographics; therefore, you must promote your products accordingly. The major advantage of selling ready-to-eat products online is that they have high margins. You can market them digitally and reap the benefits of increased sales because they are convenient and quick options to consume.

  1.  Indian Spices

Spices have been used since ancient times in different cultures and numerous parts of the world. They flavour food and are also used in medicines. 

India is the land of spices, and different spices are produced in multiple states depending on the climate and soil type. Moreover, these spices are exported globally. So, why not grab this lucrative opportunity and start selling Indian spices online by collaborating with different spice producers from varied states? Here is the list of spices grown as per the state:

  • Pepper, Vanilla, Clove, Nutmeg, Mace, & Cardamon – Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu
  • Mustard – Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh
  • Turmeric – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa
  • Chilli – Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka
  • Cumin – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh
  • Fennel – Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh
  • Fenugreek – Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat.

Selling Indian spices online can be a profitable business opportunity for entrepreneurs, as the demand for these products is always high.

  1.  Sandalwood Products

Sandalwood products are among the best Indian products you can sell online. You might not know that sandalwood is the second-most expensive wood after African blackwood. 

Sandalwood is a fragrant wood, and many beautiful products are carved out of it, such as candle stands, boxes, ashtrays, decorative items, furniture, soap, cosmetic products, and much more. You can sell different kinds of sandalwood products on your website. 

India specialises in producing these products. Mysore is called Sandalwood City. Thus, you can get your products from the local market in Mysore and sell them on your online platform.

This wood is grown not only in Mysore but also in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Bihar, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu. 

  1.  Carpets

Handmade rugs and carpets are also among the beautiful things that you can purchase from different parts of the country and sell online. There are various types of carpets and rugs available in India, such as:

  • Handmade cotton carpets can be bought from Madhya Pradesh. 
  • Indo-Persian carpets are usually hand-knotted and are made majorly in Mirzapur, Bhadohi, and Gopiganj.
  • Silk carpets are hand-knotted on warp threads, and are made in Kashmir.
  • Ziegler carpets are woven using the Ghazni wool yarn; they are made in Agra.

The types of carpets available in India are endless. Therefore, you can strengthen your networking game and provide the best carpet collection on your online platform. Traditional Indian carpet styles have become a mark of luxury globally, and their demand is increasing. 

Getting into this business requires extensive research. You will need to define your niche market, find a reliable supplier, design an attractive website, and develop marketing strategies to launch your online business. 

  1.  Glasswork

Glasswork is very famous in Gujarat. It is one of the best products made in India. The glasswork items are authentic and look very beautiful. 

The local people create numerous things using glass, such as clothes, footwear, bags, jewelry boxes, bed covers, door handing and various other decorative items. Glass Painting Traditions of India is one of the most refined art forms, which emerged in the state of Gujarat at the beginning of the 18th century. 

You could license a particular artist’s work or strike a merchandising deal with them and become exclusive distributors of their art. This can be beneficial for both: they get a direct buyer of all their created products, and you get the best authentic glass artwork at the best prices to sell on your website.

  1.  Coconut Shell Artwork

Coconut shell artwork can be found in Goa. From unique coconut shells, coir bottles, lamp shades, artistic beer mugs, hair clips, and storage pouches to ashtrays, you can select your different types of coconut art from the streets of Goa and sell them at your online store. These items are made using coconut shells.

People these days are opting for eco-friendly products, and therefore, the demand for such products is also increasing. This industry has a sizeable market, which is why not many people are into it, especially online. Selling these products will not only help you make a good profit, but you will also aid local artisans and save the environment from unnecessary waste.


India is one of the world’s fastest-growing e-commerce markets. Every state here has something special to wow you with. So, you can launch your online venture and sell any of the best Indian products online we have mentioned in this article. 

However, make sure you perform market analysis and understand the needs of your prospective clients before selling these products online. 

Once you have chosen the product to sell online, the next step is to find a trustworthy courier partner that can be a one-stop solution for all your transportation needs. For this, look no further than Shiprocket. This platform lets you create a delightful journey by optimising your shipping process.  

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