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How Is Shiprocket Beneficial For International eCommerce Business

Srishti Arora

Content Writer @ Shiprocket

June 13, 2019

4 min read

Do you sell internationally? Are you equipped with the right technology to help speed up and facilitate this process?

By 2034, India is expected to become the world’s second largest eCommerce market and to contribute to this magnificent growth; you need a catalyst – a shipping solution like Shiprocket!

Let’s see how Shiprocket can be useful for helping you ship seamlessly – even to international markets!

Let’s begin by defining a shipping solution for all our new readers

Shipping Solution

A shipping solution is a software or platform that is backed by data and technology. It enables you to ship to a wide pin code reach and helps automate functions such as label generation, bulk order processing, return order management, etc. Along with this, it must fetch orders directly from your eCommerce website or marketplace so that you can streamline your shipping process.

Shipping Internationally

When it comes to shipping your products to a global audience, various factors come into play. This means that you need to be slightly more careful about the courier partner you choose as their service will decide your performance with the customer.

Here are a few things that you should consider when you choose a courier partner for shipping globally


Getting first-hand reviews about the courier partner is extremely important. If your chosen courier has bad reviews and a poor performance record, you might face issues with pick up and delivery operations in the future. Therefore, be wary and conduct thorough research before zeroing down on anyone.


The whole point of shipping internationally is expanding your market. Therefore, choose a partner that extends its reach to maximum countries

Pick Up Facility

When you ship internationally, you are bound to have warehouses in more than one city. So, make sure your courier partner is equipped to handle pickups timely & efficiently. Tracking

Order tracking plays a vital role in international orders. It is the only contact customers have once their orders are placed. Hence, ensure that your courier partner provides you with relevant tracking information.

On the bright side, shipping solutions offer you these features and many more. Let’s see what are the benefits you get with a shipping solution.

Advantages Of Choosing Shiprocket For International Shipping

A shipping solution, such as Shiprocket provides you an all-in-one wholesome platform for complete order fulfillment. You can integrate all your processes into one streamlined function and conduct operations accordingly.

Here is why you must ship internationally with Shiprocket:

Multiple Courier Partners

1) Multiple Courier Partners

This is probably the most significant advantage of shipping with a shipping platform. When you get access to various courier partners, you don’t have to rely on the pin code reach of only one. You can select a different carrier for each shipment and ship conveniently.

With Shiprocket, you get to ship with top courier partners like Aramex International, DHL express, DHL Packet International, DHL Packet Plus International, and DHL Parcel International Direct.

A Worldwide Reach

You can ship to 220+ countries with a technology backed platform. A shipping solution like Shiprocket provides you with an integrated platform that simplifies, reaching out to a vast audience.

Lowest Rates

Shipping costs can be a menace. Your product costs increase drastically if your shipping costs aren’t economical. You also get the cheapest international shipping rates starting at Rs.110/50g with Shiprocket. You can aim to ship all around the world once your shipping is systematic and you get the lowest prices.

Customized Order Tracking

Since order tracking is a crucial part of international selling, you need to make sure that you provide your buyer with all the tracking information on one page. You can submit your buyers with a white-labeled tracking page that contains all information like your company name, support contact number, estimated delivery date, granular tracking details, etc.

Shiprocket’s tracking pages also include other features like your company’s logo, an NPS score, marketing banners, links to other pages, etc. These additions make your tracking page more engaging.

Pick Up From Multiple Locations

Shipping solutions like Shiprocket allow you to ship from anywhere in the country while you operate from one place. You can schedule pickups from numerous locations in the country and deliver anywhere in the world.

International Marketplace Integration

Once you integrate your shipping platform with your website or marketplace, you can directly fetch incoming orders and process them much faster. Shiprocket offers you integration with international marketplaces like Amazon US and UK and eBay US and UK.


With a shipping solution like Shiprocket, you can make your order fulfillment much more systematic and organized. You don’t need to depend on one carrier and its outreach. Capitalize on the benefits of a shipping solution and ship to international markets with ease.

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One thought on “How Is Shiprocket Beneficial For International eCommerce Business

  1. Seems like, shiprokcet is much cheaper than actual courier companies like DHL, FedEx for international shipping. We will also recommend your service to some of our customers to try.

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