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How To Ship Apparels In India: A Beginners Guide

Puneet Bhalla

Associate Director - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 21, 2015

4 min read

Did you know that logistics is one of the primary factors defining the success of your online apparel store? Wondering how?
Customer satisfaction defines the success of your online store; therefore, a poor shipping experience can also lead to negative reviews. If the product is not shipped on time and is delivered in an improper condition, then it will become challenging for you to retain customers.

Hence, your focus should not be only product quality but also shipping quality as well. To enhance your user experience and welcome repeated orders and new customers, the delivery service you provide must be top-notch. So, here are a few insights into how to ship apparel in India and make sure that it impresses your customer.

Today, presentation matters more than anything else! On purchasing apparel from your store, your customers expect to receive the same product in top condition. You undoubtedly take immense care while packaging the contents of the box, but have you reflected on the box itself?

Wrinkle Free Shipping

Another critical factor is wrinkle-free shipping. You cannot expect to impress your customers by sending them wrinkled apparel. No matter how good the fabric or design is, wrinkles are always a big turn off. To avoid such embarrassing situations, you should always make sure that the apparel is ironed first and then carefully put into the box. A plastic wrap always comes handy, as it additionally protects the clothing from water, dust, etc.

Perfect Packaging

Yes, packaging matters to your customers. When you pack the merchandise in an attractive box or envelope, people love it to a huge extent. Also, the packaging is an excellent form of advertising and brand promotion. Now, who wouldn’t want that, and loads of new customers? Thus, ship apparels in India with an equally attractive package that would encourage “word of mouth” advertising, which, of course, is the oldest form of gaining new customers.

Tape It Well

Always remember that when it comes to packaging apparel, the tape is your BFF. Once you have put the item into the box, then tape it well. Cover all the (existing or potential) cracks, holes, openings, etc. with a good quality tape so that nothing falls out. Make sure to use a pressure-sensitive and water-resistant tape. The tape you use can also have your company’s name written on it. 

Label Your Package Correctly

Nothing is more irritating that a shipment delivered to the wrong address. To make sure that this does not happen, make sure that you get all the information correct on your shipping label. You can go for an automated shipping solution to take care of this for you. After the name is ready, make sure you check your product and stick the correct shipping label on the right package.

Use a Good Courier Service

However, before designing your package flawlessly, it is essential to hunt for a super reliable shipping service. You need a high-speed and secure logistics and shipping service so that the orders purchased from your eCommerce store reach your customers in the stipulated period and top condition. Shiprocket gives you this flexibility of choosing from 17+ courier partners and ship to over 26000 pin codes in the country.

Some Add-On Points

A few points to remember while packing and shipping your goods:

  • Packaging needs to be compact and as light as possible.
  • Use adequate padding for delicate items.
  • It’s better to have standardized boxes, but the packaging used should be according to the product. There is no need to go overboard with substantial decked boxes for small-sized products.

If you want to ship apparel in India in their topmost condition and impress your customers, then you should keep these points in mind. Shipping your products should reflect your unique style, and the arrangement of clothes inside the box should be made with utmost care.

Since each type of apparel is suited for a particular occasion, therefore the packaging should also be different, matching the merchandise type, size, and weight. Another vital aspect to note is that purchasing dresses online for gifting purposes is common, so the option of wrapping gifts should be available for the customers.

Got any valuable points to share? Drop them in the comments below!

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