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Ways to Find an Overseas Courier Service Provider

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

May 14, 2024

7 min read

International trade has brought the world closer. Businesses can leverage the power and ease that international shipping provides to expand their market across borders and attain growth. A dependable and secure global shipping partner is crucial for you to successfully expand into different overseas markets. A well-rounded shipping company will ensure that your deliveries reach their destination at the right time without any damage. 

With so many shipping companies today, choosing the right one can be difficult. All the choices available can make it difficult to understand which company is effective, dependable, and affordable. 

This blog details a couple of tips and tricks to help you find the ideal international shipping service for your business.

Ways to Find an Overseas Courier Service Provider

Finding the Ideal International Shipping Service: Tips and Tricks

Understanding all the shipping considerations and needs of your company and the qualities you desire in your shipping partner will help you make the process of choosing a reliable international shipping partner easier. Some considerations to keep in mind while choosing a shipping partner are the type of items you intend to ship, the kind of freight forwarder you require, and the handling requirements.

Here are a couple of trips and tricks for you to choose your perfect international shipping partner:

  • Speed and type of delivery: 

Swiftness of delivery is one of the most essential factors to consider when choosing an international shipping partner. People are now demanding quick deliveries and strongly frown upon delays. The speed of delivery will ultimately determine the satisfaction levels of your consumers, making or breaking their loyalty to your brand. Moreover, if your company ships perishables or time-sensitive parcels, you will need your shipping company to be as quick as possible. 

The shipping company must also be capable of providing different services, such as express deliveries and eco-friendly deliveries. This way, you will be able to optimise your shipping costs based on the customer’s requirements. 

  • Restrictions on shipping: 

Every shipping company has its own set of restrictions, including limitations regarding the regions served and type of shipping. You must understand the limitations of different companies and choose the one that best suits your needs. You must also ensure that your shipping partner offers insurance to secure your goods. 

  • Tracking abilities: 

International shipping does not happen overnight. It takes time, and hence, you must ensure that your shipping company provides tracking for your shipments throughout the journey. This helps you not only understand the movement of the consignments and provide real-time updates to your customers but also encourages customers to trust in your brand. It promotes transparency and makes your shipping partner more reliable. 

  • Shipping charges: 

This is a prime consideration, especially if you are a beginner company. You must ensure that your shipping company provides you with affordable shipping rates that do not take much of your profits. You must not encounter a situation where you are facing a hassle due to cash flow. Checking the prices offered by two or three different companies and choosing the most affordable one is one way to go.

  • Reach and network: 

The reach and network that your shipping company has play a vital role in determining the efficiency of international shipping. The greater the reach, the greater the number of places you can expand into. However, you must identify your target markets and then verify if your shipping partner will be able to provide their services in the regions you intend to sell your products.

  • Specialisation: 

Multiple freight forwarding options might not be the forte of all shipping companies. Some are capable of ocean freight, while others master air freight. Several companies also specialise in all forms of freight forwarding. Hence, understanding your needs and how the shipping company’s offerings can help your business is essential when choosing the right partner. 

  • Consumer service: 

Working with freight forwarding companies is almost inevitable when you intend to ship your products abroad. You need to choose a reliable company that is also accountable for the services. Ensuring your shipping company has reliable and efficient customer service will help you gain more loyalty from your customers. It enhances transparency and makes it easier for you to provide your consumers with enhanced services and purchasing experience. 

  • Handling and packing: 

If you want your shipping company to take care of packing as well, you must factor in this also while choosing an ideal shipping partner. Packing keeps the quality of your shipment intact, and hence, understanding how your shipper packs goods is vital. If you ship fragile items, you must ensure that your shipping agent is capable of handling such items without causing you a loss. 

  • Expertise in customs procedures and documentation: 

International shipping is not as easy as it sounds. It must be done meticulously as it is a complex procedure. Understanding the expertise of the shipping company you choose is vital. Any mishaps in documentation can result in delays, rejections, and penalties for the consignments, which will not suit your company’s reputation well. Hence, for international shipping, understanding the competency level of your shipping partner in handling shipping documents and customs procedures is very important.  

  • Conducting a background check: 

Understanding and researching the partner you intend to choose is crucial. You need to know how their company fairs in the market to ensure that they are reliable. Ultimately, their mishaps will impact your company’s reputation, and hence, you must make an informed decision regarding the company you choose to partner with. 

ShiprocketX: Helping Merchants Reach International Destinations in Lightning Speed

ShiprocketX offers a comprehensive solution for merchants aiming to expand their reach across international markets. This service by Shiprocket is particularly designed to streamline the complexities of cross-border shipping for eCommerce businesses. ShiprocketX provides a robust platform that features automated order processing, real-time tracking, and integration with multiple courier partners. These features collectively enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by simplifying the shipping process​.

One of the standout aspects of ShiprocketX is its affordability and strategic approach to international shipping. With competitive rates starting at Rs. 306 for 50gm, it enables businesses to expand globally without significant financial strain. This cost-effectiveness is combined with powerful integrations that allow merchants to manage orders across multiple global marketplaces with ease​.

Additionally, ShiprocketX supports businesses with dedicated account management and expert advice, ensuring that even newcomers to international shipping can navigate the process with confidence. They have a wide network, reaching over 220 international destinations, which significantly broadens the potential market for merchants​.

Moreover, businesses using ShiprocketX’s services have reported substantial growth and improved buyer satisfaction due to reliable service and faster delivery times, which are crucial for maintaining competitiveness in the global market​.


Understanding what you need in your international shipping partner will help you choose a reliable and swift shipping agent for your business. You must value your needs above everything else. Cost consideration for shipping is another primary concern. You must ensure that your shipping charges do not burden you. If it does, you will face issues with cash flow that will harm the growth and expansion of your business. Your international shipping partner must be a pro at getting your shipments through the customs processes without any hassle. They must also be well-versed in the packing standards, handling procedures, and documentation processes. Finally, your shipping partner must be reliable and transparent with your company.

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