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The Need and Process for Amazon Product Listing and its Optimization

April 29, 2022

7 min read


If you’re an Amazon seller, you’ll almost certainly need to develop an optimized Amazon product listing at some time. This might be for a private label item, a new retail arbitrage item, or a one-of-a-kind package. Product listings that are both informative and convincing will help you increase sales and improve your product rating.

The product listing on Amazon can be broken down into eight main parts.

● Images of the product title
● Specifications of the product
● Keywords for the product description
● fields for search phrases
● Product evaluations
● Product evaluation

Each component should guide the buyer through a decision-making process that will assist them to decide whether or not to acquire your product. Your listing should be easy to find and, preferably, one-of-a-kind. Let’s take a look at how you may improve each aspect of your Amazon listing.

Product Title

Amazon permits a product title length of 250 characters in most categories. Surprisingly, the majority of merchants keep their descriptions under 200 characters. While Amazon states you can use up to 250 characters in your title, there is still a suppression rule in effect that prevents listings with titles longer than 200 characters from being displayed.

The title should provide enough information for the buyer to decide whether or not to proceed. Include the most critical details – the details you’d look for if you were looking for your goods… Consider the brand, model, size, quantity, and colors, among other things.


● Don’t use all caps.
● Capitalize the first letter of each word.
● Use “and” not ampersands (&)
● All numbers should be numerals
● Don’t include price and quantity.
● No promotional messages such as discounts or sales.
● No symbols.

You will be allowed nine product photos, including a lead image, on Amazon. Include as many high-resolution photographs as you can, with a width of 1,000 pixels and a height of 500 pixels. For the majority of products, we recommend a white background for the main image. Show your product from various perspectives, in use, and add a photo of the product package in the remaining images. The goods should fill at least 85 percent of the image, according to Amazon. Your photographs should also show the size and scale of the thing you’re selling, as much negative feedback comes from customers who don’t realize the magnitude of what they’re buying — “It’s much smaller than I expected” is a common complaint from customers.

Key Product Features

You have 1,000 characters to describe your main product features on Amazon. It can be used to persuade potential buyers that your product is superior to the competition by describing its features and benefits. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer and assist them in visualizing the experience of utilizing your product as well as the benefits it provides.
How do you make it easier for people to use your product? By assisting customers in creating images of themselves with the products you’re marketing. This could include providing real-life examples or lifestyle applications, as well as demonstrating how your solution solves their difficulties.
Amazon bullet points vary in length depending on the category. Unless Amazon specifies otherwise, roughly 200 characters will suffice to clarify features and incorporate essential terms into bullets.
Always keep Mobile Optimization in mind
Bullets appear beneath the A+ descriptions on Amazon’s mobile app. They are sometimes shortened, with only the first 400 (or so) characters visible before customers must click to read more. In other bullet lists, all of the copy for each bullet is displayed. You’ll wind up with a wall of words that’s tough to see on a smartphone if your bullets are too long.

Product Description

The product description is your chance to show why your product is better than others in its category. Amazon provides you with 2,000 characters to describe your product and what it does to potential customers. And, as always, make the most of your 2,000 characters by expanding on any of the attributes you highlighted in the preceding section. To make it easier for potential consumers to read, use short words and emboldening to underline any important information. You can also put any pertinent information about the product or company in this section. You don’t want to mislead the buyer or set expectations that your goods can’t match, so don’t go overboard here.

What can you do in your product description?

Expand on your Bullet

Use the explanation section to explain more if there wasn’t enough place in the major feature bullets to adequately convey all of the information available about that particular feature or advantage.

Introduce additional features/benefits

Include more than five features or benefits in the description box if your product has them.

Highlight Uses

Despite your best efforts, merely describing features and benefits may not be enough to help the buyer fully comprehend how your product would improve their lives. Real-life examples go a long way toward assisting people in experiencing your product through the material they read.

Support your Claims

It is subjective when you express anything intriguing about your product. Of course, you think your product is fantastic, but it’s proof when another company or industry expert says something positive about it.


● To break up paragraphs and emphasize important information, use light HTML.
● Include any keywords that aren’t in your title or in the backend keyword section.
● Don’t include your vendor name, website URL and company details.
● There is no mention of a sale or free shipping.


It’s helpful for sellers to know what keywords they’re targeting and ranking for in order to optimise their product listings. A common Amazon seller error is to utilise the wrong keywords in a product listing. Only employ keywords that are relevant to your content. You can use keywords in your title and/or product attributes. Keywords should be included in relevant areas on your Amazon product listing, such as the title and product attributes.

Search Term Fields

You’ll want to incorporate your favourite keywords in your title and bullet points once you’ve compiled your list. Whatever is left over will go into the backend Search Terms fields. Keywords in the standard Search Terms box are limited to 250 bytes. These should be terms that you haven’t used in your copy before. For letters and numerals, a byte equals one character; for symbols and special characters, a byte equals two characters. All keywords in your Search Terms field will be ignored if it exceeds 250 bytes. In the Intended Use, Target Audience, and Subject Matter boxes, you can also enter less significant keywords. These terms must be unique to each name.

Product Reviews

On Amazon, product reviews are extremely essential. They act as social proof that your product is of good quality. Getting product reviews, on the other hand, is difficult, especially for new sellers and new products. Requesting product reviews can be made easier by using automated feedback platforms like Feedback Express. You may get ahead of the competition by adopting templates that have been shown to increase buyer engagement.

Product Rating

The greatest strategy to get 4 or 5-star ratings is to provide a high-quality product that you precisely represented. If you get any negative or neutral reviews, make sure they follow Amazon’s rules. For example, If a customer posts seller feedback as a product review, you can ask Amazon to remove it.

Competitive Pricing

Making sure your Amazon optimization listing is competitively priced is the final step. With fiercer competition than ever before and a slew of retailers selling the same items, price is everything.


The Amazon marketplace is the ideal venue for selling things online and connecting with a global audience of online buyers. As an Amazon seller, you should be eager to take any efforts necessary to improve your product listing. The market is competitive, but if you take the necessary efforts, such as conducting adequate keyword research and optimising your content, you may notice greater results over time.

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