Comparison between Shipyari and ShipRocket's plan and services

Shipyaari vs Shiprocket (Pricing, Plan, Reviews – 2019)

There could be three possible reasons why you have visited this page. First, you might be in the process of finding the right logistics partner for your newly launched online business. As a result, you are in the midway of your research going through different eCommerce shipping plans and pricing provided by different courier service providers.

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GST in India

How to Register for GST Online in India [Step by Step Complete Guide]

The Goods and Services Tax, also known as GST is a unified tax system of India that subsumes all various forms of taxes such as Sales Tax, Service Tax, Excise Duty etc. GST registration is mandatory for all entrepreneurs who sell across India.

The process for applying and registering for GST has been made fairly simple and free from any requirement of hard copies, that is, it is a paperless process. You can easily apply for GST number online and save yourself a lot of time and undue hassles.

These are the 4 major steps involved in the registering online for GST in India:

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Apply IEC code online process India

How to Apply Online for IEC (Import Export Code) [Guide]

Once you have decided to start your import-export business in India, it is expected that you do enough research on what products you would import or export as a part of your new business. But not many people know that you need an Import Export Code (IEC) certification to indulge in this type of activity.

This import-export license is provided to the business owners by Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Department of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. To know the procedure to apply for the IEC online, keep reading.

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eCommerce Website Builder India Start Ups

Best eCommerce Platform for Small Business: KartRocket

A website is a gateway to the success of your eCommerce business venture. The kind of user experience an online store provides to its visitors is a deciding factor for the future of that online business. Hence, a website’s design should be made keeping two most important aspects in mind – how it will engage the website visitors, and, how easy it would be for the search engines to crawl and index it. When you are starting your eCommerce store as a small business in India, these aspects will play the major role in your business’s success. And this is what KartRocket as an eCommerce platform for small businesses actually does successfully.

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Tips to use Whatsapp for eCommerce

How to Sell Online on WhatsApp in India [Beginner’s Guide]

WhatsApp, the social messaging app which allows its users to stay connected with their family and friends from any part of the world at any given time, is getting immensely popular among the small online sellers to sell their products. The most important reason behind the acceptance of this social platform by the online retail sellers is its popularity and massive user base. In India, there are more than 20 crore people who are making use of WhatsApp to connect with their known ones. With a single platform having such a vast audience, you can expect businesses and small retail sellers to capture the opportunity for selling their stuff via this messaging platform service.

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