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Delhivery Courier Charges: Your Ultimate Pricing Guide

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

November 17, 2023

8 min read

Logistics operations are crucial to any eCommerce business, and the cost of courier charges becomes a primary factor in understanding supply chain workflows’ effectiveness and seamlessness. There are around a thousand courier companies in India today, among which Delhivery has certainly made its mark. 

Delhivery is in about 2300 cities and employs over 12,000 delivery agents with a vast network worldwide. Due to its immense and widespread network, it has become one of the most popular courier agencies for individuals and businesses to send deliveries to different places.

Let’s explore Delhivery and its services to gain a clear understanding of all the charges they levy and the factors that affect their shipping costs.

Delhivery Courier Charges

Spotlight on Delhivery: A Premier Courier Company in India

Delhivery is one of India’s largest completely integrated logistics providers and strives to build the operating system for the commerce sector. They aim to revolutionise the logistics world with a unique combination of world-class logistics operations processes and the latest technological infrastructure, accompanied by cutting-edge engineering capabilities. 

Delhivery was established in 2011 and has flourished with over 2 billion orders from different parts of the country. They have also established a nationwide network and a strong presence in every state of the country. They provide impeccable service to over 18,500 pin codes. They are also well equipped with 94 gateways, 2880 delivery centers, and 24 automated centers dedicated to sorting. They employ over 57,000 people nationwide and ensure round-the-clock deliveries.

A Look at the Services Provided by Delhivery

Here is a list of services offered by Delhivery:

  • Express Parcel

Delhivery is one of the largest express parcel players in the country. It offers free shipping, quick customer support, early COD remittance, and other value-added services. It caters to several sectors, including small and medium enterprises, D2C brands, banks and financial institutions, online marketplaces, and more. So far, Delhivery has served over 26.5k businesses, shipped over 2.1 billion parcels, and covered more than 18,500 pin codes

  • Warehousing

Delhivery also offers end-to-end warehousing and distribution logistics services. Delhivery ensures quick and cost-effective fulfillment of goods, regardless of the type of business you run. It also enables multi-tenant and multi-location warehousing. Moreover, you can take advantage of cost-effective integrated distribution solutions for businesses. Lastly, it facilitates seamless integration with express parcel, freight, and cross-border shipping.

  • Part Truckload

As a part truckload service provider, Delhivery primarily focuses on small and medium-sized businesses and the retail sector. It caters to the regular and seasonal requirements of B2B companies across the country. Delhivery has its own fleet, in addition to truckload partners across the country. It ensures real-time visibility and greater control of your deliveries. Currently, Delhivery is operating a fleet size of 11k+ daily and has shipped over 3.4 million PTL of freight

  • Full Truckload

Delhivery is one of the industry leaders in trucking solutions in the country. As a full truckload service provider, it supports high capacity and high volume requirements. And that too, in a cost-effective way. Delhivery connects shippers with fleet owners through its freight platform, Orion. Regardless of whether you own a small, medium, or large business, you can take advantage of Delhivery’s FTL services. It’s suitable for anyone who wants to ship orders of high volume across the country. Moreover, you can leverage Delhivery’s pan-India network. 

  • Cross Border

Delhivery offers international shipping services, including express parcel and freight shipping. It has also partnered with FedEx to facilitate express cross-border shipping. Other international shipping services offered by Delhivery include air freight, ocean freight, and land freight. It also offers document support and customs clearance. 

  • Data Intelligence

Delhivery offers several products as part of its data intelligence solutions. These include APIs for address standardisation, address validation, and geocoding. Delhivery also incorporates machine learning to facilitate network design, intelligent geolocation, product identification, route optimisation, and RTO prediction. 

Delhivery Courier Charges: An In-Depth Analysis

Understanding the pricing and particulars of different services can be daunting. To make it easier, we have explained the types of services and laid out their costs in the table below:

  • Express Delivery: Delhivery’s express delivery service is one of their most expensive. It is best suited for time-sensitive or emergency deliveries. The cost is directly proportional to the parcel’s dimensions and the delivery distance.
  • Air Cargo: This is another express and quick delivery service provided by Delhivery. For urgent shipments that require quick shipping, it is ideal. 
  • Ground Transportation: This mode of transportation is more affordable and cost-effective. However, it is a slower delivery option. 
ServiceShipping PricesShipping Prices
Express DeliveryINR 40 (For local parcels up to 500 grammes)INR 75 (Up to 500 grammes parcel for national delivery)
For Parcels Over 10 kgINR 300 – INR 500 INR 300 – INR 500
Air CargoINR 100 (For local parcels up to 1 kg)INR 150 (Up to 1 kg parcel for national delivery)
For Parcels Over 10 kgINR 350 – INR 550INR 350 – INR 550
Ground Transportation (Nationally)INR 75 (For parcels up to 1 kg)INR 180 (For parcels up to 10 kg)

Please note that these charges can vary based on the parcel’s weight and destination.

Factors Influencing Delhivery’s Courier Costs

Delhivery’s courier fees might change depending on many variables. The shipment’s cost depends on its weight, volumetric weight, dimensions, type of service, and drop-off location. Read details:

  • Dimensions, weight, and size: The cost of the shipment directly relates to the package’s weight and dimensions. The fees increase with the parcel’s size and weight. Before charging customers, Delhivery computes the volumetric weight and compares it to the actual weight.
  • Destination and service type: The drop-off location also affects the fee. For example, the rates for domestic and international shipping vary. The cost of delivery services increases with a decrease in timeframe.
  • Extra services: The additional services selected impact the overall pricing. These include the costs for insurance, material handling, and expedited services. The nature of the bundle plays a role in these prices as well.

Domestic and International Courier Charges for Delhivery 

A parcel’s dimensions and delivery location govern domestic and international charges per kg for a specific shipment. Here is a list of prices for domestic and international shipping.

Parcel WeightDomestic ShippingInternational Shipping
1 kilogramINR 40 for local regions and INR 75 for national deliveries.INR 150 
10 kilosINR 300 for local regions and INR 500 for national deliveries.INR 350 – INR 500 

Understanding that these prices can differ based on the delivery address, size and weight of the parcel, shipping specifications, and environmental and economic factors is vital. Using Delhivery’s online calculator can help you estimate the approximate charges. 

Tips for Reducing Your Delhivery Courier Expenses

Every eCommerce business searches for less expensive delivery options without compromising on quality. Here are several methods to lower the courier fees when shipping with Delhivery:

  • Right Packaging: Using the right dimension of packaging might help you save money. Higher volumetric expenses will result from larger packaging. It is, therefore, essential to optimise your packing based on the product’s size and dimensions.
  • Bundled Shipment: When you have several things to deliver, combining your shipments into one package can help you save money. By minimising the number of packets, it lowers the cost of operations.
  • Negotiation of shipment prices: Negotiating costs is possible if you are a shipper who frequently uses these services. Long-term relationships allow you to create better offers and lower costs tailored to your needs.
  • Special Discounts: Be on the lookout for Delhivery’s frequent new user discounts and promotional deals, which can significantly lower your shipping charges.
  • Delhivery’s online tools: The company provides its customers with many online tools that allow you to estimate the approximate costs of your shipment. Using these tools, you can optimise your costs and understand how to use their shipping services effectively. 


Delhivery is currently one of the best courier services in India. They began in early 2011 and are extremely popular due to their customer-centred strategy for dispatching orders. They employ the latest technologies and tools to offer their customers the highest level of dependability, efficiency, and secure delivery. They also employ a somewhat crude method to calculate the costs of shipping a single shipment. They quickly calculate the price of a cargo using their volumetric weight calculation algorithm. 

In addition, Delhivery offers a range of services to meet the special requirements of its customers and some automated technologies, ensuring the greatest degree of customer satisfaction. Delhivery’s swift, dependable, and effective workflows and technology aim to transform the supply chain and logistics industry.

How can I find the exact Delhivery shipping cost for my shipment?

Finding the exact Delhivery shipping cost for your shipment is quite easy. You just have to visit the Delhivery rate calculator page, enter the relevant details of your shipment, and the calculator will give you the shipping costs.

Does Delhivery have any additional charges for shipping parcels?

Yes. Delhivery may levy additional charges depending on whether you avail of additional services. These additional services can include express delivery, insurance, temperature-controlled delivery, etc.

Will the shipment cost vary if I choose cash on delivery (COD)?

Yes. The delivery cost may vary based on your payment mode and the number of orders you have. For COD, the charges are generally higher than for prepaid orders.

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