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How Effective Weight Dispute Management Can Save You from Unexpected Costs?

May 22, 2019

5 min read

Do you often get excessively charged for your order by the courier company?

I’m sure you’re under the plight of weight discrepancy, just like a lot of other eCommerce sellers.

But what if we told you that there was a way that could help you take care of any such issues related to the weight of your order.

Welcome- weight dispute manager, the perfect solution that takes care of all your weight management issues at once!

weight dispute manager

What Are Weight Disputes?

Weight disputes are often the biggest hassle in the eCommerce industry. As a seller, you may prefer getting surprised by an increase in your sales or revenues. But when it comes to unexpected charges due to incorrect weight estimation of packages, surprises are distasteful.

To understand how weight disputes arise, consider the following example.

‘You’re an eCommerce seller, who packs and ships their products. Once ‘you’ve packed your order, you hand it over to the courier company. Meanwhile, you’re also supposed to take note of the weight and dimensions of your package. Now courier companies charge you based on volumetric weight, which is directly proportional to the length, width, and height of your package. When they bill you the amount for a particular shipment, they take the weight and dimensional measurements of your order once again.

A weight dispute arises when the courier charges you for the weight of the order that is more than what you mentioned.

This miscalculation of charges can, in turn, lead to disputes between the courier company and sellers. On the one hand, it increases the time for a parcel to get delivered. On the other hand, it also takes up a lot of time and resources in sorting out these disputes, especially if they keep on arising again and again.

What Is a Weight Dispute Manager?

A weight dispute manager is a tool that keeps a check on the amount charged by the courier company on a ‘seller’s package. It displays all such cases where there is a conflict between a courier company and seller in terms of the shipping weight of a package.

At Shiprocket we have an efficient weight dispute manager, that can help you with the following:

View Orders That Have Been Charged Incorrectly by the Courier

Most of the sellers, who are shipping bulk orders, often end up paying more because of weight discrepancy issues. And since they are shipping a large number of orders every day, it becomes difficult to keep a track of these irregularities.

With the weight dispute manager, one can find the detailed report of orders for which the courier company disputes a different weight than what is mentioned by the seller. This helps the seller a chance to introspect whether ‘they’ve correctly mentioned the weight and dimensions, or it is an error at the ‘courier’s end.

Did you know that courier companies charge you based on the weight and dimensions of the entire package and not just the product?

So, if you’ve been calculating the weight and dimensions of just your product, ‘it’s time you change your practice.

In case ‘you’ve estimated the exact weight and dimensions of your package, but still, find the courier charging you excel, you can raise a dispute in the Shiprocket panel. The weight dispute manager gives you four days to raise a dispute for an incorrectly charged package.

All you have to do is click the ”Dispute” button!

Get a Quick Resolution

Once the dispute has been raised at the ‘seller’s end, the weight dispute manager ensures that one gets a quick resolution. Meanwhile, the amount under dispute is kept on hold. Shiprocket helps resolve the conflict by asking the seller to upload appropriate proof against their claim.

If the claim is in the seller’s favour, the disputed amount is credited back to the wallet.

Save Time and Costs:

The weight dispute manager thus helps in saving time and costs for sellers. You could have spent an entire day finding a list of your orders that were being charged extra. But with ‘Shiprocket’s dedicated weight dispute manager tool, one can find such orders with seconds.

Since the maximum time that a resolution takes is seven days, sellers get their reimbursements for incorrectly charged shipments faster.

How to Raise a Weight Dispute in Your Shiprocket Panel?

To raise a dispute in the weight dispute manager, you can follow the steps mentioned below-

Login to your Shiprocket panel

  • Go to ”Billings” → ”Weight Discrepancy” from the left panel
  • Here you will find a list of all orders for which courier weight and dimensions are different than yours.
  • Locate the ‘‘Actions” tab in the window.
  • You will find two options here: ”Accept” and ”Dispute”.
  • If you feel satisfied with the ‘courier’s weight and dimensions, you can click on ”Accept.”
  • To raise a dispute, click on ”Dispute.”
  • A new window will pop-up where ‘you’re required to upload the image showing the weight and dimensions as claimed by you.

‘That’s all! Now sit back and carry on with shipping, while Shiprocket gets back to you with a speedy resolution.


With appropriate management of your orders through the weight dispute management tool, you can easily save costs and time. Packaging also plays a crucial role in your shipping charges, which is why you must never neglect it. If ‘you’re packaging your product in a box that is too large, your shipping charges will go up and vice versa. Therefore, pay attention to how you are packaging your products. You can also read our blog on packaging best practices here.

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