How To Export Goods From India To UK

Considering India is slowly evolving to be the world’s fastest growing economy, the United Kingdoms is one of the few countries that are regular and dedicated importers of goods from India. 

India is one of the leading producers and providers of all things essential – petroleum products, jewellery, electronics, machinery, apparel, and pharmaceutical products, and thus there is no surprise that exports to the UK have been skyrocketing since the past couple of years. 

Quick Trivia: India’s trade in goods and services with the UK increased to USD 31.34 billion in 2022 from USD 19.51 billion in 2015!

Paperwork Required For Exporting Products To The UK 

Way Bill

A waybill is nothing but a document issued by any carrier company with details related to the shipment of goods, including the name of consignor, consignee, point of origin of goods, its destination port, and route of transit. 

Commercial Export Invoice

The commercial export invoice is used by customs houses to declare exported goods, both at the origin and the destination ports. It includes the following parameters on the document – 

  1. Seller name, address and contact details 
  2. Name, address and contact details, EORI and VAT registration numbers of receiver
  3. Buyer details – name, address and contact details, VAT registration number 
  4. Place and date of issue, Invoice number, Country of origin, 
  5. Terms of delivery and payment – Incoterms, Number and type of packages
  6. Description of goods – Product Codes, Quantity of goods
  7. Product Pricings 

Shipper’s Letter Of Instruction 

The Shipper’s Letter of Instruction (SLI) is a document filed by the exporting side in a trade (here India), which is then issued to the freight partner that handles the transport of products henceforth on the exporter’s behalf. This document helps to convey transportation and documentation instructions to the logistic partner involved in the shipping. If you’re shipping to the UK, a SLI is recommended in documentation. 

Apart from these documents, other documents required are packing list, letter of credit (LOC), airway bill, and depending on the type of commodity shipped, there might be a need to submit or specific product-based paperwork, such as a drug license in case of pharmaceutical exports. 

VAT & Duty 

The duty de minimis while exporting to the UK is £ 135 on orders of any value. Moreover, a 20% VAT is levied on all imports into the land of football’s origin, including any imports from India. It is mandatory for low value goods to submit VAT while exporting to the UK. 

Prohibited, Restricted Items For Import Into UK

 While exporting into any foreign country, it is advisable to know all about the prohibited and restricted items as per country wise import regulations. For export to the UK, the following items are prohibited and restricted respectively: – 

Prohibited Items: Controlled drugs, offensive weapons, self-defence sprays, endangered animal and plant species, indecent/obscene materials in the form of books, magazines, films, and DVDs. 

Restricted Items: Firearms, ammunition, and explosives. 

Shipping And Delivery Route

India to United Kingdom deliveries have a comparatively faster delivery time than most countries. Most times, India to UK shipments get delivered within the time span of three to eight days, especially ones to the cities of London, Birmingham and Manchester. 

Furthermore, air freight mode of shipping is a more reliable option while shipping to the UK since it assures faster deliveries, secure shipping for larger loads, and insured shipments, all at affordable shipping rates. 

Why Is It The Best Time To Ship To The UK

Business-Friendly Demography

The UK is the 3rd largest eCommerce market in the world, after the US, which means there are very high chances of creating a dedicated base of customers for your business, that too, for a longer run. The maximum number of orders are being observed to have arrived from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Belfast and Southampton. 

The legal and administrative regulations in India and the UK are almost similar, which makes trading with India relatively simple. For example, restricted commodities like antiques, plants & plant products, precious metals, gemstones, and artworks may require a special import license to be brought into the UK. 


In any form of eCommerce transaction, payment is perhaps the most significant part. Luckily, for most export orders into the UK, all modes of prepaid payments are accepted, such as PayPal, credit card, and debit cards. 


All popular shipping companies in our country export with ease to the UK, including FedEx, Aramex, One World, DHL and UPS, with a dedicated Customs House Agent (CHA) to assist you with the exporting procedure from India. 

Summary: India And UK Export Outlook In 2022

India and UK trade relations date back to 75 years, and with the plan of India-UK Free Trade agreement in the loop, the relationship is predicted to continue for another 75, and more. If you’re someone interested in exports to the U.K., or it is your first time doing so, you can always approach in-country allies, such as the U.S. Commercial Service offices, trade missions, and chambers of commerce. Alternatively, you can also partner with an affordable yet all-inclusive shipping aggregator that provides you affordable air freight shipping to the United Kingdom at minimum documentation and maximum security for your shipments.


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