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Become a Flipkart Seller: Steps, Eligibility, Benefits, & Charges

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

January 9, 2024

7 min read

Flipkart is one of the best eCommerce platforms for sellers. Its popularity has grown among sellers owing to its simple registration process, user-friendly interface and easy payment processing procedure among other things. Statistics reveal that there are more than 4 lakh sellers on Flipkart. According to the most recent regulatory filings, the eCommerce giant had a 9% increase in operating revenue in the fiscal year 2023, reaching INR 55,823 crore as opposed to INR 50,992 crore in the same period last year. 

Numerous new sellers register to the platform each month to expand their reach and boost sales. If you are planning to sell your products on this platform but are not sure how to get started then the information shared here should come in handy. We have covered how to register as a seller on Flipkart, how to list products on the site, the commercials involved and more.

how to become seller on flipkart

Steps to Start Your Business on Flipkart

To start your business on Flipkart, you must first register on the platform. Listing your products in the marketplace, managing logistics and ensuring order fulfilment are among the steps that follow. Let us take a look at the step-by-step procedure to start your journey as a seller on Flipkart:


The registration procedure is simple. At the time of registration, individual sellers, private limited companies, sole proprietorships, LLPs or partnership firms are required to submit their PAN card, ID proof, address proof and cancelled cheque of the registered account. They also need to share their bank account name, GST registration, email ID and contact number.

To register and sell products as a foundation or trust, you are required to provide relevant documents to state the statutory recognition of your institution.

List Your Goods

Flipkart has a self-service model that allows sellers to start listing even if they have just one product. You can view and manage your listed products on the Flipkart seller dashboard. After listing the products, you can start selling them on this popular platform. In addition to this, you can even promote your products through advertisements on Flipkart. It also shares the analytical reports depicting the performance of your products.

Change the Details

If at any point in time, you want to make changes to the price, features or description of the listed products, then you can do so on the dashboard.

Manage Logistics

Flipkart offers various courier partners to fulfill your shipment needs. It has a dedicated delivery team that delivers your orders to different parts of the country. They also provide the packaging service. Your products are packed with appropriate material at their centers and then sent for delivery.

Ensure Order Fulfilment

Here are the simple steps to sell your products on the platform and accomplish order fulfillment:

  • Accept the orders placed by the customers
  • Add the shipment label bill to the packaging and prepare the goods for shipment
  • Choose the ‘Ready to ship’ tab on the dashboard and dispatch the order
  • You can track the shipment in real time until it is delivered to the consumer

Payment Processing

Flipkart collects the payments for the sold goods and transfers them to the sellers within 7-15 business days. This period is calculated from the date of sale. The payment is done through bank transfer or UPI transfer. UPI limit per day is INR 1 lakh.

Who is Eligible to Sell on Flipkart?

Individuals, private limited companies as well as sole proprietorship firms aiming to sell new and authentic products are eligible to sell on Flipkart. Certain documents need to be submitted at the time of registration to become an eligible member. The list of papers needed for registration is shared in the next section.

List of Products One Can Put Up for Sale on Flipkart

You can sell any kind of product on Flipkart provided it is new and authentic. Flipkart does not allow the sale of second-hand goods. Some of the most selling products in Flipkart are listed below:

  • Wall decoration
  • Drapes and bed linen
  • Containers and bottles
  • Batteries for inverters
  • Fans and coolers
  • Hand blenders
  • Fashion apparel
  • Bike accessories

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Do Sellers Have to Pay Commission for Selling on Flipkart?

Yes, Flipkart charges a commission on the value of the product, on a percentage basis. The commission is charged on every sale. The platform also levies fees on payment modes such as COD and prepaid. 

In addition to this, it charges a fixed amount that varies based on the slab of your order values. The seller is required to pay the shipping charges. Thus, as a seller, you must include shipping charges in your product’s price to redeem the amount. You may also show the shipping charges separately.

What Awaits You as a Flipkart Seller? Advantages to Count

There are several advantages to selling your products on Flipkart. Here is a look at the top benefits of becoming a Flipkart seller:

  • Free Product Listing: You do not have to pay anything for listing your products on Flipkart. You can list your catalogue for free.
  • Professional Training: Even a novice can start selling online through Flipkart as it provides the necessary training. It trains its sellers to trade their products on the platform.
  • Set the Product Price: You have the freedom to set the price of your products. You can change the price at any point by logging on to your Flipkart dashboard.
  • Quick Payments: With Flipkart, you do not have to follow up on payments. The payments are dispersed timely. You can expect to receive the amount within 7-15 business days.
  • Hassle-Free Shipping: When you choose to sell your products on Flipkart, you are not required to manage the shipping process. It is taken care of by the Flipkart Logistics partner. They deliver your products to the customers. You can track the shipment in real-time.
  • Funding Associates: Flipkart also introduces you to funding associates who provide funds at reasonable rates. You can seek funds from them to add products to your inventory and expand your business.
  • Protection from Fraudulent Activities: The platform guards its sellers against fraudulent activities. It has specially set up a Seller Protection Fund for this purpose.
  • Easy Return Policy: Flipkart has an easy return policy. If a customer does not like a product, then he can return it. The simple return policy builds credibility among users. Flipkart doesn’t levy shipping charges on the seller if the product is returned. Moreover, it bears the cost of the product in case it gets damaged in transit.


Flipkart has emerged as one of the most popular platforms to sell products online. It offers several advantages to the sellers including free product listing, hassle-free shipping and quick and easy payments. Sellers can also avail funds at reasonable rates on Flipkart and choose the pricing of their products. Moreover, it trains the sellers to sell their products easily on this platform. Flipkart is a trusted name in the eCommerce industry. Thus, you can expand your reach by selling your products through this platform.

What if the product shipped through Flipkart is misplaced or damaged due to the courier company’s fault?

Flipkart has a seller protection programme in place to help the sellers in case a product gets damaged or misplaced due to the fault of the courier company. It also helps in case of fraudulent claims by customers.

If someone does not have a website, can he still sell on Flipkart?

Yes, even if someone does not have a website, he can still register on Flipkart and sell his products. There is no need to have a website to become a seller on Flipkart.

How to list products on Flipkart?

For this, you need to get brand approval from the brand regulation team at Flipkart. Next, choose the appropriate category for your product and key in its details such as size, model and colour among others. You can contact the Flipkart seller support team if you face difficulty at any step during the listing process.

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