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Importance of Express Delivery for eCommerce Business

Rashmi Sharma

Specialist Content Marketing @ Shiprocket

October 11, 2021

3 min read

Fast and safe delivery is an essential aspect of the e-commerce business. People can buy goods and services from any part of the world, and they can receive the parcel at their doorstep safely and securely on time.

Without an efficient delivery system, e-commerce businesses can never stabilize and grow. The express delivery in eCommerce improves the speed and quality of delivering products/services in equal measure. Simply put, retailers have realized the importance of express delivery to increase their sales figures.

So let’s understand how the express delivery service can drive you more sales while offering a seamless customer experience.

How Express Delivery Can Fast-track Your Sales Profits?

Increase Your Website Traffic 

According to invespcro, 61 percent of customers are willing to pay extra for “same-day” delivery. Naturally, by offering express delivery services like the one-day delivery service, eCommerce organizations can enjoy increased traffic on their platform or app. Take an example of the services provided by Amazon Fresh, Flipkart, Big Basket, and others.

Improves Brand Loyalty 

Brand loyalty is one thing that is directly associated with the delivery of products/services before time and that too, reliably and securely. With the help of a trusted delivery partner and logistics infrastructure in place, orders can be delivered at a rapid pace.

Customers tend to trust brands that offer express delivery services with the promise of same-day or next-day delivery. It is where your eCommerce store can capture a larger market share and enjoy a positive response from the customers that form the basis of a strong business foundation.

Products Will Arrive Safely

The security of products is the most critical aspect of express delivery service. The drivers have to undergo intensive training to ensure that all parcels are delivered safely and on time. And once the satisfied customers start coming back to your store, you can expect to have less inventory left in storage. It will save you time and on several preventable expenses. 

Lower Costs

Hiring a 3PL provider that specializes in express delivery services can translate to huge savings. The first one is by offering competitive shipping costs and by reducing the stress of handling logistics.

Express delivery services deliver all the products that are present in the stock or your online store. The items can be anything like grocery items, household goods, clothing, accessories, jewelry, sports bags, and many more can be easily transported through express delivery within a short period.

Happier Customers 

Indian consumers preferring online shopping over physical shops may rise to 64 percent in the next year. It is due to the concept of same-day deliveries because of the lockdown restrictions. When it comes to intercity shopping, “express delivery” is one of the most beneficial services for customers. It offers the convenience of getting your products on the same day or the next day. 

Key Takeaway

Consider investing in express delivery to your customer satisfaction and deliver your products in a shorter time. Not only will customer satisfaction ratings boost, but it also ensures that your products will be provided in good shape. It will make your customers happier and more likely to come back to your store for more transactions, which means more sales for your company.

At Shiprocket, we execute 2 Lakhs shipments daily and have experienced higher-order conversions for next-day delivery. Thereby, the customer retention rate is high and profit too.

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