Interstate Shipping – What Is It – All You Need To Know

Interstate Shipping

Interstate shipping refers to shipping a product from one state to the other. It is an essential aspect of e-commerce, which is why online businesses should think about it seriously. Proper logistics is one of the significant elements of an e-commerce business as the focus is to deliver the product within the promised time to the customer’s doorstep. As an online entrepreneur, you would need to have an idea of domestic shipping and how it works out.

In a vast nation like India, it sometimes gets a bit difficult to ship the products from one state to the other due to the geographical distance. Moreover, there are different tax rules and duties according to the states. It is vital that e-commerce companies are aware of these tax regulations and follow them well to avoid any legal hassles.

One of the main differences between interstate shipping and overseas shipping is that in the case of the former the shipment stays within the borders of the country. It just passes from one state to the state. Overseas shipping deals with shipping and logistics between different nations. In case of interstate shipping, businesses only need to conform to the rules and regulations of the origin and destination state.

With the introduction of the GST, interstate shipping has become more comfortable than before. Now, quite a lot of complex tax procedures have been done away with. However, there are some state-level taxes that businesses will need to pay. Furthermore, it is now possible to pay them online that has eased red-tapism to a great extent. You can find state wise government websites for surface shipments for B2C businesses in the table below.

State wise list of relevant links to find out the tax policies for interstate shipping (B2B and B2C surface shipping):

West Bengal
Andhra Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
Tamil Nadu
Madhya Pradesh
Jammu and Kashmir
Arunachal Pradesh

Once you have taken care of these, you need to have a proper logistics and shipping mechanism in place to offer seamless shipping. A lot of e-commerce businesses seek help from third-party shipping agencies to deliver the goods on time. While choosing the agency, you need to opt for the ones that have a good reputation and also proper interstate to carry out shipping from one state to the other.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is interstate shipping?

Interstate shipping is shipping products from one state to another.

What are the three types of shipping?

The three types of shipping are shipping via land, air, and sea.

How can I ship my interstate orders?

You can ship your interstate orders with Shiprocket.

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