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How Marketing Automation Has Transformed The eCommerce Industry


Malika Sanon

Senior Specialist @ Shiprocket

June 30, 2022

5 min read

The internet and digitization have changed the way we shop and run businesses, and live our lives to a great extent. Now, it is essential for companies to fast-track and bring online shopping to their fingertips as that’s exactly what the competitive brands have already done. 

More people have started choosing eCommerce to save time and live a convenient lifestyle. Marketers are under immense pressure to captivate larger audiences while racing against accelerated digital transformation. 

The marketing teams of various companies majorly have one goal: to increase ROI, so most businesses are leveraging new-age technologies to work more efficiently and engage with customers better.  

Marketing Automation

According to the latest statistics, “around 34% of marketers hope to improve customer engagement and customer experience through marketing automation. By automating mundane and time-consuming tasks, marketers can go beyond basic functionality – email marketing, landing pages, lead nurturing, etc. As a result, marketing automation allows marketers to focus on key areas that can fine-tune customer experience, reshaping the eCommerce industry.”

Below mentioned are the crucial roles of marketing automation-

Revenue Generation & More Leads 

One of marketers’ most important roles is to generate more leads and support the company to drive sales. By moving to marketing automation, marketing individuals can reduce their manual work by leveraging automation and focusing on strategizing to get more lead conversion which can eventually lead to sales. 

Marketers can automate email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and even ads to seek the customer’s attention. Automation smoothens and streamlines the emailing process, enabling brands/businesses to gain more leads. 

Improves Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

It is integral to interact with the customers at each and every step of the buying process. It also helps in brand building by creating brand resonance. Marketing automation helps to build brand awareness through social media and email marketing to educate customers about new products, initiatives, etc. By automating communication, marketers can engage their customers and respond to their inquiries in real-time. All this helps in encouraging the customer’s buying decision and once they’ve made the purchase, personalized follow-up through an automated email or call helps to build brand loyalty. Automation can help in creating a huge impact on the customers’ buying decisions – right from creating awareness to getting post-purchase feedback.

Improved Customer Insights

While automation helps to boost marketing productivity and profitability, it also provides marketers with valuable customer insights. Automation solutions offer real-time tracking and insights that are valuable for the success of marketing campaigns. It enables marketers to analyze customer behaviour and engagement. On the other hand, every marketer knows that personalization is the key to a customer’s heart and to enable this, marketers capitalize on marketing automation to send targeted and customized content to the customers and make data-backed decisions for future communication. As a result, every customer receives only the relevant and personalized message they are interested in, helping them feel more connected to the brand.

Helps Deliver An Omnichannel Experience

The omnichannel approach improves customer experience and provides more and more channels for customers to purchase products- be it on mobile, through a website or physically in stores. 

The availability of multiple purchasing channels leads to increased sales and traffic. According to a joint study by Google, Ipsos MediaCT, and Sterling Brands, “ 75% of consumers are more likely to visit a store if they come across local retail information on the web. By leveraging multiple channels, omnichannel retail increases revenue from online retail and drives significant traffic to stores, further increasing revenue.”

Also, more and more brands are now open to different shopping methods, especially since the pandemic. The changing consumer behaviour can be credited to the pandemic, and a critical lesson that brands have learned is -the need to provide the customer with an extraordinary customer experience

Omnichannel Experience

According to a study conducted by Harvard, “Omnichannel customers are also more likely to engage with a retailer’s channels, specifically their digital touchpoints. This includes using mobile applications, downloading coupons, and even engaging with price-checkers, self-serve kiosks, and other in-store digital touchpoints.”

Shiprocket is a complete customer experience platform for SMEs, D2C retailers and social sellers. Deliver across 29000+ pin codes and 220+ countries at 3X faster speed. You can now grow your eCommerce business and reduce costs.

Shopify can also be easily integrated with Shikprocket & here’s how-

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms. Here, we show you how to integrate Shiprocket with your Shopify account. You receive these three main synchronisations when you connect Shopify with your Shiprocket account.

Automatic Order Sync – Integrating Shopify with the Shiprocket panel allows you to automatically sync all the Pending Orders from the Shopify panel into the system. 

Automatic Status Sync – For the Shopify orders that are processed via the Shiprocket panel, the status will automatically be updated on the Shopify channel.

Catalog & Inventory Sync – All the active products on the Shopify panel, will automatically be fetched into the system, where you can manage your inventory.

 Auto Refund- Shopify sellers can also set up auto-refund which will be credited in the form of store credits. 

Abandon Cart Message Update Via Engage- WhatsApp message updates are sent to your customers about incomplete purchases and drive additional conversion rates of upto 5% using automated messages. 

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Sumana Sarmah

Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

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